Counter Side Global Game Modes Guide – A Guide to Start

Counter Side Global game is a 2D Strategic Role Playing Game with an urban fantasy story developed by Stuiobside; it has launched a global version too. The Counter Side Global Game Modes can be played on Android, IOS, and PC platforms. It’s a free-to-play game until you compete in a ranked arena with some enough combats. Here, we are going to give you a full description of Counter Side Global Game Modes. We will provide you with info about 6 Counter Side Global Game Modes.

Counter Side Global Game Modes

Once you install it, you can’t stop becoming addicted to the game because of the colorful characters, fighting strategies, and art styles. Here, the player plays the role of CEO and fights against the monstrous creatures which have put the earth and the whole human beings in real danger.

Here are some lists of all Counter Side Global Game Modes.

The Story Mode of Counter Side Global Game

As the 1st task of this game, every player is trying to finish the main story. In the previous versions, the story mode was considerably challenging since most stages needed solving a puzzle to win. But now, things are pretty simple since they have replaced those flying ships with some enemy groups you need to kill, just like other gacha games.

This change has reduced your time on the story mode on this COUNTER SIDE. So you have the chance to progress so speedily in this mode. And the best thing here is that you only need to enter a stage, and the Auto battling Mode will clear the stage. How convenient.

Counter Side Global Game Modes

As you go forward in the story mode of Counter Side Global, you need more teams to win. The very first time, one team with one ship is enough. But when you go further, you will need two and then three teams, and finally, you will need four teams with ships.

Raids in Counter Side Global Game Mode

Raids are a new type of mode. Raids are somewhat longer than the other stages. You have to pass around 15 levels to access two branches. If the employees finish a given mission, you have the chance to spawn a dive or a raid boss.

Bosses are a part of the raid mode. Each boss has its unique way of battle. All you need is to know the objective of the boss and their unique ways of battling. The raid boss needs you to use a team with 24 employees, and you have to kill the raid boss with the assembled team in the given time limit. The raids with low levels are very easy to battle, while those with high levels require us to get aid from friends or company.

Sharing it with your gaming friends is the best if you spawn a raid. So when you share it, whether you participate or not, you can have the best rewards once they kill it.

The Hardest in Counter Side Global Game Mode; Dives

Dives can also be accessed when your employees finish the given missions. These are like content; you fight a series of battles with many kinds of enemies until you find the boss and beat him. The players highly praise this because it gives us rewards like eternium(the game’s stamina), credits, quartz, and imaginary cores. Dives are on the world map of the Counter Side Global Game.

The early dive floors are accessible. But the more you go. Further, the more complex the dive is. According to players, the 46 to 50 levels of the dive are the hardest to win in the game.

You have to face way too high-leveled enemies here, and if you want to surpass, you have to fight to die hard.

Guild Coops

It’s similar to raid but a super hard version of it. You have to find artifacts to kill worms. But to find artifacts, you must carefully clear Arenas with a team of 8 employees. One reckless move will make you regret it because there are limited weekly attempts. h

You have to cooperate with your company first to get much better results in this mode. You can’t fight here using auto mode because worms have much HP, around 70kk for the last stage of the boss, but you can find and add specialized employees to these modes to your teams to make the fight much more effortless.

Danger Close

This is also a version of Counter Side boss rush mode, and this Counter Side Global game mode is very popular among other games. Here the player has two bosses to defeat that last for two weeks. The score will depend on how quickly you kill them. You will get three tries for a day, fight with everyone on your server, and the rewards will be rewarded according to the final score.

You can have eight employees on your team. In Total, there are eight dangerous close bosses in Counter Side Global Game mode. And when you fight, you cannot use the same employees or ships to fight every boss. Using unique employees and ships to approach every boss here would be best.

Challenge Mode

It’s a Counter Side Global game mode similar to a campaign. But it has lots of restrictions. Here, you should own an entry ticket to get into a stage. It has a time limit; if you quit before the time becomes zero, you can regain that used ticket. You can have up to 10 tickets, and you will receive one ticket daily.

Let me tell you another secret. The key to a quick win in this Counter Side Global Game is employees in the team. Your main thing to do here should be to strengthen them.

Here are some methods to improve your employees

  • Salary negotiation
  • Limit break
  • Skill training
  • Gear

As I told before, some missions reward us, and those missions are like,

  • Daily missions
  • Weekly missions
  • Achievements
  • Small Firm

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That is the end of the game modes for Counter Side and try to achieve more progress in the game. We hope you enjoy this, it won’t make you regret it later.

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