Cookie Run Kingdom

You can create your dream Cookie Kingdom and get the lost land from the evils. They have lingered in the shadows, and you as a player is getting fresh cash from the oven. There will be Cookie Run: OvenBreak which has come from the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom gameplay

You can create a delicious kingdom while fighting against the evil dessert monsters. To play the game, you have to form teams with friends in the Guild Battles. Then you can fight with the other Guild Members to attack new rivals. Then you can battle with solid enemies to get rewards like Soul stones and other items of guild level up. There will be some guild treasures also.

Cookie Run Kingdom Game Features

  • As an RPG game story, you can make teams with the GingerBrave. There will be some good Cookie friends. You can arrange the team with new players. When you battle in the beautiful fantasy world, you can explore the past story of the Kingdom and attack the darkness who disturb to build your Kingdom. You will have a creative game here.
  • Here, you will face the challenges of rebuilding the overgrown ruins and the customizations. There will be buildings with significant decorations. You can build the town with fewer efforts. There you can get resources from the Kingdom and other tools of craft special. There will be delicious treats also. You can arrange your Kingdom beautifully with a Cookie Hero RPG.
  • There will be a fight with an epic battle RPG simulator. There you can unlock new levels and look for the secrets in the Cookie universe. You will encounter battles against the PVP RPG leaderboard also. you can head on to the identical skills and explore a perfect balance of power among them
  • So, you can download the game Cookie the Run Kingdom can start building your own Kingdom.
  •  There will be a town which you can customize and decorate to the perfect.
  • To arrange the Cookie Empire, you can use the magic laboratory for the Wizard Cookie. There will be a classy juice bar for the Sparkling cookies.
  • You can create the Kingdom by gathering resources from buildings. That will support you to expand the Kingdom and repair the destroyed buildings, which will help for the leveling up.
  • You can battle for the victory of the game. As an individual RPG game, you can arrange the best Cookie team to fight online with the best team of the Guild Battle System.
  • There will be a fighting simulator which has based on the unique talents to defeat the Cake Monsters. That will have based on a strategical way.
  • You can command the squad and explode their skills using few steps.
  • The team will face challenges in the PVP RPG game to get up on the leaderboard.
  • You can enjoy epic combat animations, and it will lead you to victory.
  • You can team with the friendly cookies to get into the ultimate Kingdom builder and unlock the latest cookie characters with the support of the Cookie cutters.
  • You will see daily quests in the game which support getting power boosts for the cookies. You can grab rarer cookie toppings to develop the extraordinary powers of your cookie.
  • When you unlock the secrets in the cookie run universe, you can go more than 200 story levels. To discover the untold story of the Kingdom from the past, you can use it.
  • There are several areas to unlock and adventures for the players. They can use wishes to fulfill it.
  • You will find amazing animations in the game with several game layers, which is impressive to enjoy.
  • You will need permissions of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to download the game.
  • To adjust the permission, you need to change it through setting and move to privacy. There you will see Permission Manager, and through that, you can select the required permission. Finally, you can set it as Allow or Deny.
  • You will need the minimum specifications with the AOS RAM of 3GB or higher than that to play the game. For Apple devices, the OS needs to be 13 or above 2GB RAM or above that.

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