Code Geass Lost Stories – Beginner’s Guide And Tips: Start Your Journey Here

Welcome new members to the Code Geass Lost Stories game. It is the complete guide to some best tricks and tips to play. Hurry up to play a new Code Gease lost Story with a new revolution. Code Geass Lost Story is an exciting game based on the hit anime series Code Geass. It has been well-received by fans of the series for its great story, intense battles, and great gameplay.

Code Geass Lost Stories

There are some tips you can follow and some tips you should be in touch with to improve your knowledge. If you’re starting your Code Geass: Lost Story journey, this beginner’s guide will give you essential tips to help you complete the game.

Learn the Game Mechanics

Code Geass Lost Story combines many game elements, including strategy, gameplay, and combat. Knowing these mechanics is essential to enjoy the game. Take the time to look for clues and learn the basics of movement, action, and skills.

Assemble Your Team

You will want to create a tire list from the Code Geass series to fight alongside you in Code Geass Lost Story. Each character has a unique ability and role in battle. Try different combinations to find a suit that suits your game. Consider the offense and defense balance, and include characters that heal or support.

Code Geass Lost Stories Tier List

This is a description of the way of working your tier list. It will help you know how to use them when playing Code Geass Lost Stories.\

Code Geass Lost Stories Tier List

S Tier: The beat characters in the game are in this category. Always focus on prioritizing to unlock them because it increases their power. One character helps you run you through the entire game with ease, and a whole party of S tier characters will make you the best player in the game.

A Tier: If you cannot get your hands on S tires, choosing A tiers to fill the gap will be the next best choice. These characters also have some excellent skills but could be better. You can use them when you need them.

B tier: These characters are going into the lousy character category. B tires are kind of similar to B tires characters with minor improvement. These are known as the second worst characters. But in some game modes, they are Ok to use0.

C Tier – these are the common characters. Don’t use these characters. These are the worst characters in this game. You will suffer balance issues, and it’s better to avoid the usage of these characters. Code Geass Lost Stories now has more than seven characters.


SCornelia, Kallen Kozuki, Suzaku Kururugi
AJeremiah, Gilbert Gilford, CC, Euphemia
BViletta Nu, Shirley
CLelouch Lamperouge

Code Geass Lost Stories – Tips to Level up

Code Geass Lost Stories is an exciting mobile game set in the Code Geass universe. Here are some beginner tips to help you level up and get started:

  • Leveling Up 
    • Continuously level your character by participating in battles and completing missions. Higher levels increase their stats and unlock new abilities.
  • Improve Skills 
    • Use skill points gained from combat to improve a character’s skills. Focus on improving your skills before more challenging battles.
  • Equipment Upgrades 
    • Upgrade your characters with powerful weapons, armor, and accessories to increase their strength. Refine and tune equipment to improve its characteristics.
  • Formation Strategy 
    • Experiment with different groups to create a cohesive set of characters. Some characters may have additional abilities that contribute to the team’s performance.
  • Bond System
    • Strengthen the relationship between characters by completing unique missions or battles together. More money can unlock bonuses and abilities.
  • Evolution And Ascension
    • With character progress, they can be evolved or ascended, which unlocks higher or more powerful forms. 
  • Participate In Events
    • Attending Code Geass events is an excellent way for all beginners to enhance their skills and learn from experienced developers. These events provide the platform to showcase your skills, connect with like-minded people, and you can get positive feedback. 

Improve Your Behavior

Level up your characters to increase their core value, unlock new abilities, and improve their performance. Also, equip your character with weapons and equipment using in-game tools to give extra bonuses.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Code Geass Battles in Lost Stories require strategic planning. Use each character’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a positive strategy. Some characters are good at close combat, while others are better at attacking or supporting characters. Know the enemy’s weaknesses and adjust your team accordingly.

Geass Ability

The Geass Ability is an extraordinary power some characters in Code Geass Lost Stories possess. These resources can turn the tide of battle and provide a significant advantage. Experiment with different Geass abilities and learn how to use them effectively. Time is of the essence, so make sure you open them on time.

Complete Daily Quests and Quests:

Code Geass Lost Stories has many daily missions and quests that reward you with valuable resources, experience, and currency. Have your character complete regular quests to level up faster and gain valuable items for the character.

Participate In Events:

Participate In Events:

Games regularly feature special events with unique rewards and particular challenges. Participating in these events is a great way to earn rare items, unlock new characters, and join the gaming community. Follow event announcements and be sure to attend if possible.

Join A Guild

Guild is a community of players from Code Geass Lost Stories. Joining a guild allows you to interact with other players, share your ideas, and participate in special guild events. Additionally, guilds often offer bonuses and rewards that can boost your progress. Feel free to join the guild and enjoy the game’s features.

Manage Your Resources:

Effective resource management is essential to Code Geass Lost stories. Track your in-game results, energy, and other resources to ensure success. Prioritize your spending, and focus on changing habits and priorities. Don’t buy on impulses that can hinder your long-term success.

Stay Tuned For Updates:

Game developers often release updates and patches to improve the game and deliver new content. Stay current with these updates by following the game’s social media or visiting the community forum. Keep your game fresh and exciting with new features and events.

Code Geass lost stories combine strategy, gameplay, and great storytelling. With these tips in mind, you are ready to step into the world of Code Geass and create your own unique story. Enjoy the game, and your strategy will make you win!


All in all, Code Geass Lost Stories is a mobile game that offers a unique experience in the Code Geass universe. As a new player, focusing on completing important story missions and leveling up your character is essential. Take benefit of the game’s auto-battle feature to get resources quickly. Participate in events and daily quests to earn extra rewards. Building a well-balanced team and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different types of characters is essential to fighting

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