ClashRow Beginner’s Guide with Best Tips – Make Your Way to Become a Master

A game where you can play, trade and earn at the same time! Yes, you guessed it right, exactly we are talking about ClashRow, one of the most popular simulation games where you can have the best gaming experience in your leisure time while trading and earning money. Many game modes are available to ensure you won’t get bored. Since you are new to the game, you won’t know much about it, but with this guide, you can know precisely what this game is and what tips you can use during the ClashRow gameplay. 


So, here in this guide, we have prepared important tips and guidelines a beginner should know. Once you read it, you will be victorious in all the battles, and also you will become more tactical, knowing what exactly you should do to protect your base while winning the battles. Therefore start reading this ClashRow beginner guide now and ensure your victories. 

Summon Minions to Make Things Easier

In this ClashRow game, one of the fundamental aspects of taking part in battles is minions. Every minion is different from each other, and they have different rarities, which measure how powerful they are. The minions in the highest rarity category are the strongest, while others are slightly less strong. 

Since minions are needed to participate in the battles here, you should summon them as they are your combatants. Summoning minions need minion summoning tickets that can be earned as rewards or purchased through the in-game shop. The summoning rates for the minions in the summoning banner are, 

  • Legendary – 1%
  • Rare – 5%
  • Advanced – 38%
  • Common – 56%

These are the rates for each rarity of minions. Among them, legendary minions are the best and common minions are not strong enough to be inserted in a deck to use in the battles. It is hard to get the legendary minions from the summoning system, but try your best by summoning ten minions at once. Even if it costs you ten minion-summoning tickets, it is much better than summoning minions individually. 

Minion Management

As minions are essential, here we will check the minion management system in this game. To use the minions you have summoned, go to the minion management option from the main gameplay screen and add the minions to your deck. Here you can prepare up to two decks adding different minions. 

Minion Management

At the beginning of the game, you will only unlock three slots to add three minions to your deck. But you can add up to nine minions to your deck to be used in the battles. Each minion comes with various attributes, such as an attack and health status, and each minion has basic skills to be used during the battles. 

Here you can level up the minions you have added to the decks to make them even more powerful. The more powerful the minions are, the more victorious you will be. Therefore you should upgrade the minions using minion enhancement stones which can be found through completing quests or taking part in battles. Managing minions is one of the most important duties you must remember while playing this ClashRow game. 

Manage Your Heroes

Heroes also play a significant role in this game, especially during battles. These heroes have skills which are helpful during battles, and because of that, we thought to let you know more about these heroes. 

Manage Your Heroes

First, to acquire the hero you want, you should purchase a hero from the NFT market. After acquiring a hero from the NFT market, you can manage it perfectly to get the best out of it. You should level up your heroes well using the material called Crotolites. When you level up the heroes, it increases the ability of the heroes, such as their attack power, defense power, HP etc. 

And then, you can level up the heroes’ skills by going to the hero management. Leveling up skills require SP or Master SP. When leveling up the heroes’ skills, you can randomly increase the skill effect of the skills within a specified range. 

You can also promote the heroes using selected hero pieces to get additional passive skills for your heroes while increasing their hero maximum level as the promotion effects. Using all these methods, you can build a stronger squad of heroes. Therefore, when purchasing heroes, you must remember to follow these guidelines in this ClashRow beginner guide and manage your heroes well. 

Battle Modes

Besides the minions you need to take care of more, the next thing essential in this game is battles. The ClashRow game lets you take part in different battle modes. Depending on the mode you take part in, battles can either be PvP or PvE. Here you can sometimes be an attacker to destroy all the enemies’ buildings using the minions and heroes assigned in the decks. 

Battle Modes

And if you ever become a defender, you must protect your buildings by blocking the enemy attacks for minimum damage. Since we have explained the base goals of the battles, let us go and find more details about the battle modes in this game. 

  • Adventure – the adventure mode is PvE content in this game where you gradually conquer the ClashRow world. Every stage in this adventure mode has prepared more rewards to claim by participating in them. Though this is PvE content, it will be tough to see victory without the best strategies. 
Battle Modes
  • Defense Training – this is another game mode available in this game. You can unlock this mode after upgrading your town hall to level six. Here you will check if your defensive buildings are doing good as stated or if you need to strengthen them more by defeating all the incoming enemies. When the difficulty of the training becomes higher, the rewards will become much greater. 
  • Lost Temple – this is a raid-type game mode where you will enter dungeons for different rewards. You can take part in this mode a limited number of times per day, and when participating, you can choose a difficulty level as you need. There are four difficulty levels starting from easy and ending with extreme. When challenging a boss raid dungeon, you should choose a suitable difficulty level. 
  • Leagues – this is the PvP content in this game which is limited for a specific time range. After the time is over, the players receive rewards depending on their tier at the end of the league. When you take part in these leagues, you should be careful enough to find and battle against easy players to make your tier upgraded. 

Build Your Base

Building your base and defending it from the enemies who try to attack it is the final essential duty you should fulfill when playing this ClashRow game. The buildings in this game play a significant role in almost everything related to the game. For example, for managing minions, protecting the base from enemy attacks, obtaining resources you need and many other things, you need buildings to be built on the base. 

Build Your Base

Therefore building your base can be noted as a very important task you should do here. Buildings are of four types: resource, defense, support and advanced defense. In all these buildings, you can have specific benefits. For example, when placing defensive buildings, you can increase the defense of your base without letting any enemy attack to destroy your base. So, make sure you build your base, including more defensive structures. 


This is all you need to know when playing ClashRow, one of the best strategy games. This super attractive game comes with the P2E concept, so you can earn while playing. Lots of game modes will never let you get bored here, so start playing this ClashRow game right now while having good use of these tips and guidelines.

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