Citampi Stories Tips and Tricks for a Best Gameplay

Citampi Stories Tips and Tricks for a Best Gameplay

Have you heard about simulation games that allow the players to feel real-life events through a game? We have prepared a game that comes as a life simulation game whose name is, you already know, right? Citampi Stories. The game also contains role-playing gaming elements with anime-style gameplay. As this simulates life events, players need some tricks and tips to play this efficiently without failing. 

Citampi Stories game simulates the life of a young man who is burdened with paying the loan of his parents they left for him. His life is so hard that he has many jobs to complete to earn money to pay the loan installments. Rather than doing jobs, players can make friendships, date girls, and have a complete family with cute babies. Do you like to experience a life full of hardships but with so much fun? But before that, players must know how to complete the above tasks. That’s the reason we prepared these tips to help you in the gameplay. 

After reading the guide, we assure the players that they will know everything about the game and how to pay the loan without being broke. Now, it’s time to dive into Citampi Stories’ tips and tricks. 

Earn In-Game Money

As you know, the most significant objective of this game is to pay the loan left by the character’s parents. But, players need in-game currency (RP) to clear the loan, and players need to pay the loan amount weekly. So, how to earn RP that is needed to complete the game’s primary goal? Below is the list of methods to earn money in Citampi Stories. 

Doing a Job

Jobs can be found according to the skills you possess in Citampi Stories. When starting the game, the players have no required skills to find a job. Some jobs don’t need any special requirements. Players can find jobs through the job boards in every city area and if someone is struggling to find a job board, use the map to auto travel there instantly. 

The jobs with a green block are the jobs that suit your status and if you start work with such work opportunities, tap on the vacancy and then tap on work. By doing these jobs, players surely can earn lots of RP to pay the debt amount every week at the due date. 

Before going to work, check the hours; some jobs start at 6 in the morning, and some start at 7 in the morning. If the players need to work in a job with a high salary, they must improve their skills properly. We will discuss upgrading your character later in this guide. 

Completing Quests

The best way to get many valuable items that can be sold to earn money is by completing quests given by the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). In quests, players will have to work for a specific job to complete, such as finding a lost object from garbage bins. After completing the job, you can only collect your reward from the NPC assigned the mission for you. 

These rewards can be sold to gain RP to pay the loan. So we recommend selling the quest completing rewards to merchant Tatang to earn more money. 

Picking Garbage and Selling the Valuables

When you pick up garbage in city streets, you will find different trashy and broken items. But depending on your luck, there’s a possibility of finding a valuable item. So, if you find something valuable while picking garbage, it’s better to sell it to Tatang, the merchant. By doing so, players can earn enough RP not to be broke even after paying the loan’s weekly due amount in this game. 

Upgrade the Character

Upgrading your character in the Citampi Stories means improving the skills such as strength, communication, luck, and intelligence. There are different ways to improve each skill, and let’s look at them. 

  • Strength: points to increase this skill can be gained through going to the gym to lift weights and engage in exercises in the store room (where you live).
  • Communication: players can use the mirror in the store room to practice speeches and collect communication points. Players can also chat with their NPC friends to increase this skill. 
  • Luck points: players can go fishing and pick up garbage to increase these points. 
  • Intelligence: to increase this skill, the player needs to study in the store room, and also, the player can go to the net cafe to collect intelligence points faster. 

Refill the Energy Bar

When the character performs a quest, works in a job, or engages in activities to upgrade the skills, the energy will be reduced more and more until it becomes 10 percent. 

So, players must regain the energy lost after doing these things in Citampi Stories. To regain the lost energy, players must feed their characters with food that energizes them. Where can I buy food? Good question, you can buy food from the Seven shops or SmallMart. And also, players can use food gained from completing quests to increase their energy level. 

Have Appropriate Clothes

If the players need jobs with high salaries in Citampi Stories, having higher skills is not enough, but you need suitable clothes too. Many high-paying jobs need certain clothes, such as, if you apply for the Lunch Guy job, the player must have a flannel shirt. 

If you do not have the required clothes for those jobs, buying them in the Urban Streetwear shop is the best option. But it will cost you some RP, so make sure you have enough money to pay and visit the shop only when it’s open. 

Improve Relationships With NPCs

There are many female and male Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in Citampi Stories. As we said earlier, having a daily chat with NPCs will improve your communication skills in the game, and there are many ways to build better relationships with them.


  • Completing quests to help them: doing the quests to help the NPCs can improve the connection with the NPCs. 
  • Daily conversations: through Citamper App, players can keep in touch with the NPCs daily, and players can also see the friendship stats with all the interacted NPCs. 
  • Giving gifts: players must choose the best gifts by analyzing the NPCs’ preferences to build a stronger relationship. 

Build a Family

Here, as we said before, the game allows the players to experience all the main stages in real life so that the players can build a cute family with a cute wife here. But, marriage has a proper process, and let’s see how you can perform a marriage. 

First, the player needs to choose a female NPC character and collect five hearts from her while increasing the relationship by doing the above mentioned activities. After that, you must buy a house for both of you and ask her on a date to propose to her. Before proposing, the player should buy a wedding ring, and after that, all you have to do is propose to her and get married. Know what? You can have babies with your wife if you need to. 

Play Citampi Stories With LDPlayer For a Better Gameplay

The ultimate benefit of playing the game with the best android emulator: LDPlayer is that players can easily control the movements of their characters in this game easier using the mouse and keyboard than the touch controls. 

The Keyboard Mapping feature in LDPlayer allows setting different keys to do specific tasks in this game, like, setting keys to move your character. 

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Now you have the necessary tips to improve every section of the game; all you need to do is play the game with better self-confidence through LDPlayer, which gives you the latest features to improve the gaming experience.

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