Citampi Stories Jobs Guide for Taking a High Paid Job

In this Citampi Stories guide, you’ll learn how to get a good job, get stylish attire, polish your talents, and make more money. Here we cover various topics like how to apply for employment, what is required for jobs, and much more. You will benefit much from landing the top, high-paying positions.

The player assumes the character of an unemployed boy and parents are having problems during the Citampi Stories. The player only has ten weeks to pay back the loan; if it becomes impossible, the player will be forced to wed the hideous-looking female.

Getting a fantastic job in  Citampi Stories pays well, and that’s something you’ll have to aim for because the game’s primary goal is to get as much money to cover your parent’s loan to the loan shark. However, Citampi Stories are about more than landing jobs. Let’s look at where to hunt for the top jobs that pay, as well as what you must do to get one.

Check The Job Vacancy Board

Just on the Job Vacancy board within the center of the town, look at the available jobs and the requirements for applying. The orange jobs mean you need to level up in some way or find the appropriate outfits first. The green jobs would let you know whether you are for now qualified to fill the role.

Click on the map pointer symbol on the lower-left edge of the screen to swiftly navigate to a vacancy board in a specific location. Next, select “Job Vacancy” or “Bulletin Board.” Your character will automatically move to the nearby notice board. Your character can be moved effortlessly from one location to another by using the map pointer.

Begins With Job Offers With NoConditions

Unless you’re a new player, you’ll note that there aren’t many jobs listed on the bulletin board—probably just one or two. They don’t need any special training, qualifications, or attire.

Area 01

  • School Guard 
  • Street Peddler

Area 03

  • NetCafe Operator

Area 04

  • Janitor
  • Umbrella Rental 

So our recommendation is to accept the first job you can get so you’ll have a consistent source of money, and then pick what career you want to pursue next. Then return to the storeroom to complete chores to raise your stats to acquire the employment you desire.

As you proceed in the Citampi Stories gameplay, you’ll find more effective ways to increase your numbers, but when you first start, you’ll primarily need to use the warehouse.

Give Importance To Your Work Schedule

Even when your character satisfies all the requirements, some openings on the bulletin board won’t be highlighted in green. This happens because of the job schedules.

Before paying close attention to the office hours listed for each occupation on the vacancy board, view the game’s time at the top of the screen. To learn the timings of each icon on the notice board, tap on it.

Energy Levels In Citampi Stories

Every action, whether for work, the gym, exercise, fishing, etc., requires energy. Eating food will restore the player’s energy. Every hour in-game, 10% of your subject’s energy will be lost when they labor. Every second, you can watch the energy bar dwindling. 

Your character in Citampi Stories may continue working until the work periods are finished, or his energy meter reaches 10%.

Going back home and sleeping on the bed is the most acceptable approach to regain your full, unrestricted vitality.

Go to small mart as well as 7 seven to purchase foodstuffs. To give the avatar on the screen the food item to eat, drag it from the bottom inventory. Alternately, go over to the storeroom, rest, regain energy, and then move on to the following day.

Keep a Look at the Necessary Knowledge, Attire, and Skill

There are various conditions for high-paying employment — in other words, and a job gives that your persona can gain upwards of 10 RP per hour, like higher skill levels, specific attire, and work experience.

You must fulfill all qualifications for this position before the opening will appear on the bulletin board in green. By touching on any job posting, you may view the required knowledge, attire, and experience for that position.

Your persona contains four statistics: intelligence, luck, strength, and communication. The three primary attributes that need to be upgraded are communications, strength, and intelligence when you desire a high-paying profession.

Engage daily with most of the NPCs through communication. Should use a mirror in the storeroom to establish contact. To develop Strength, you should Visit the gymnasium in area 3 & lift weights to earn points for strength. Work out in the storage area. Learn inside the storeroom to improve intelligence, and collect intelligence scores by using a computer at Net Cafe. 

Gain additional Intelligence Skill Points in the Internet Café

In your home, adding furnishings will result in lower skill points. You must visit certain locations if you require more than 10 points at once. 

Go directly to the “Net cafe” in area 3. If you’re having trouble finding this location, simply tap “area 3” after tapping the map pointer symbol in the lower-left edge of the screen. Once your character has reached area 3, click the pointer icon once more and select “Net Cafe.” Auto-movement of your persona will take them there.

Buy Additional Clothing 

Citampi Stories places a lot of emphasis on clothing because specific outfits are required for several occupations in the game. The Urban Streetwear store in Area 2 sells attire for work. Be sure to arrive during business hours & bring enough RP to cover your needs.

The majority of well-paying occupations demand professional attire. For instance, you must dress your character as a “Workshop Jumper” to gain the Serviceman job in region 2. Visit Tatang’s shop in Area if your stock is complete or you have to boost a few more cash. There, you can purchase him any of it you don’t want. Additionally, he’ll have goods for sale to you. 

Tatang’s store is located in Area 1, a little to the south-east of the storehouse.


Citampi Stories is a beautiful game with Cute characters, adventures, the chance to meet new people, and the need to work to support oneself. In this anime-style pixel art game, discover the extraordinary and beautiful tale of your character. Here we present simple tips you must know before you start your story. And for more colorful gameplay for this beautiful simulating game, we can recommend you for the LDPlayer, the best android emulator as well.

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