Get Ready for the Combat with Century: Age of Ashes Tips – A Complete Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to Century: Age of Ashes! In this multiplayer game, you’ll engage in airborne skirmishes where the line between life and death is drawn with fire. The game features three playable classes, each with a distinct power and two additional abilities that you can select depending on your strategy, in this thrilling multiplayer game that offers fast-paced dragon combat in stunning aerial arenas. 

Century: Age of Ashes

With its unique gameplay mechanics and strategic elements, mastering the game requires a combination of skill, knowledge, and effective decision-making. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various aspects of the game, including class selection, game modes, battlefields, dragon movement, stamina control, power-ups, optimal damage dealing, and understanding class strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dive into the world of Century: Age of Ashes and discover some valuable tips and tricks to help you succeed in this exhilarating dragon combat game.

Understanding the Classes

Century: Age of Ashes offers three distinct dragon classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at Century: Age of Ashes all dragons and the unique abilities they bring to the game.

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Marauder

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Marauder

The Marauder is an excellent choice for Century: Age of Ashes beginners. This class excels at dealing damage while remaining resilient. One of the Marauder’s standout abilities is “Relentless Predator,” a passive skill that recharges your abilities and powers upon getting a kill. This allows you to quickly get back into the action. 

The Marauder’s power, “Hunter’s Mark,” marks enemies and enables you to track them. Additionally, it unleashes a flurry of fireballs, dealing extra damage. Use this power strategically against enemies you can confidently defeat to trigger your passive ability. The Marauder’s ultimate ability, “Hunter’s Fury,” marks every enemy on the map and intensifies your attacks. As soon as the rage activates, try to make the most of this rage to dominate the battlefield.

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Phantom

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Phantom

If you prefer a stealthy playstyle, the Phantom is the class for you. While having lower health than other classes, the Phantom makes up for it with surprise attacks and trap-setting capabilities. The passive ability, “Guard Shatter,” increases your damage against enemy shields. The Phantom’s power, “Mystic Shroud,” grants near invisibility, making it harder for distant enemies to spot you. 

However, beware of close-range encounters, as nearby foes can still detect you. When attacking from stealth, you deliver a more potent fireball, catching your enemies off guard. Use this advantage to your fullest. During the Phantom’s rage, you become invincible and deal increased damage. 

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Wind Guard

Century: Age of Ashes Class: Wind Guard

For those who enjoy supporting their teammates, the Wind Guard is an excellent choice. This class excels at healing and shielding allies while boosting their offensive capabilities. The passive ability, “Skelly and Resolve,” reduces the impact of negative effects like knockback and disorientation. The Wind Guard’s power, “Salvation Search,” allows you to rush towards a teammate, granting both of you a shield and a heal. 

This power can save teammates in dire situations and can also be used strategically to traverse the battlefield swiftly. The Wind Guard’s rage not only enhances your abilities but also makes your teammates go berserk, providing them with various bonuses. Utilize this rage selflessly and turn the tide of battle.

Tips for Playing Century: Age of Ashes All Dragons Class

To excel in Century: Age of Ashes, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of each class. Here are some tips and strategies for playing each class effectively:

Marauder Tips

  • Take advantage of the “Relentless Predator” passive ability to maintain a high level of activity in combat.
  • Combine “Hunter’s Mark” with a flurry of fireballs to deal significant damage.
  • Use offensive abilities like “Frost Bolts” to break down enemy shields before marking them.
  • Utilize defensive abilities like “Gust” to evade incoming attacks and regain stamina.

Phantom Tips

  • Make use of the “Guard Shatter” passive ability to deal increased damage to enemy shields.
  • Exploit the invisibility provided by “Mystic Shroud” to surprise enemies with powerful attacks.
  • Strategically place traps, such as the “Mine,” in high-traffic areas or near objectives.
  • Master the timing and precision of the “Blast” ability to disorient opponents and disrupt enemy Phantoms.

Wind Guard Tips

  • Leverage the “Skelly and Resolve” passive ability to minimize the impact of negative status effects.
  • Use “Salvation Search” to shield and heal teammates, both in emergencies and for strategic positioning.
  • Coordinate with teammates during your rage to unleash the full potential of berserker bonuses.
  • Choose abilities like “Smoke Trail” to provide cover for yourself and your teammates, and strategically deploy traps.

Understanding Movement Mechanics

Before you start playing the game, it’s important to grasp the core movement mechanics in Century: Age of Ashes. Your main tools for movement are the boost, brake, steering, and the map itself. The boost provides an extra burst of speed and remains active as long as your wings are tucked to your side. Remember that gravity plays a role in your movement, as you’ll move faster downwards then upwards. This applies to your boost as well. 

Understanding Movement Mechanics

By utilizing your boost in a slightly downward arc, you can maintain a higher speed for longer distances. The brake, on the other hand, slows you down and is typically used for quick direction changes or eliminating enemies near walls. Understanding these basic mechanics forms the foundation for mastering advanced movement techniques.

Mastering Drifting Technique

One of the most crucial movement techniques you need to learn in Century: Age of Ashes is drifting. Drifting allows you to execute sharp turns and maintain control while navigating the map. To perform drifting, start by tapping the brake and then immediately boost while holding the turning angle. 

Experiment with different brake inputs to vary your turn angle and speed. Find the timing and inputs that feel most comfortable for you. Drifting is a powerful technique that can give you a significant advantage during intense aerial combat.

Utilizing Walls for Sharp Turns

If you’ve found yourself colliding with walls during your Century: Age of Ashes gameplay, don’t be upset. Instead, you can turn these wall encounters into strategic advantages. By using walls effectively, you can execute even sharper turns, gaining an edge over your opponents. 

While it may result in a small percentage of health loss, this trade-off is often better than taking direct hits from enemy attacks. To achieve this, you need to combine a wall bump with the drifting technique we discussed above. If you manage to master this technique, the next time you hit a wall, you can claim it was a tactical decision rather than a mere accident.

Dodging Fireballs and Flame Breath

In large-scale battles, dodging incoming fireballs and evading flame-breath attacks are essential skills to develop. When fireballs are approaching, you can easily dodge them by utilizing the drifting technique. Perform a sharp turn towards the direction of the fireballs, rather than away from them, for maximum effectiveness. 

Alternatively, you can use nearby objects as cover to intercept fireballs, reducing the risk to yourself. For new players to the game, evading flame breath can be challenging. If you understand the ins and outs of the maps and combine wall bounce turns with other techniques mentioned in this guide, you can shake off your pursuer more easily. 

Dealing Damage in Century: Age of Ashes

If you want to show others you are a valuable member of your team, understanding the mechanics of fireballs and flame breath is essential. Let’s explore each of these damage-dealing tools in detail, along with effective strategies to make the most of them.

Fireball Mechanics and Strategies

Fireball Mechanics and Strategies

In Century: Age of Ashes, fireballs are your primary offensive tool. Each fireball inflicts 25 damage or one bar of health. You can hold a maximum of two fireball charges, but it’s worth noting that the recharge time for the second fireball is four times longer than the first, which only takes one second to recharge.

The speed of your fireballs depends on your own movement at the time of firing. When stationary, your fireballs will be slower, while boosting will result in faster projectiles. While it may seem logical to only fire fast fireballs, slowing down their speeds can make it more challenging for opponents to dodge them effectively.

Fast fireballs are easily dodged with simple turns, but they reach their target quickly. On the other hand, slow fireballs require wider turns to escape their trajectory, but they take longer to reach their target, making them easier to dodge using cover. To catch your enemies off-guard, consider firing a fast fireball followed by a slow one. This technique can lead to successful hits when opponents attempt to evade the faster projectile.

Flame Breath Mechanics and Strategies

Flame breath is your most consistent source of damage in your Century: Age of Ashes gameplay and poses the greatest challenge for opponents to escape. Holding down the flame breath key will unleash a stream of fire for a duration of 6 seconds. The flame breath applies damage every second, with an estimated DPS of approximately 20. Additionally, the flame breath sets enemies on fire briefly, inflicting additional damage over time.

You will see that the same amount of time it can be fired will require it to cool down. To maximize your damage output, it’s recommended to weave flame breath between fireball attacks whenever possible. This combination ensures a higher DPS rate and puts constant pressure on your opponents.

Maximizing Combat Efficiency

Apart from mastering the mechanics of fireballs and flame breath, there are additional strategies and movement techniques that can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness in Century: Age of Ashes. Let’s explore these tactics and how to make the most of your dragon’s capabilities.

Leveraging Movement Techniques

Leveraging Movement Techniques

One crucial aspect of combat in Century: Age of Ashes is your ability to track and engage evasive enemies. Boosting and tapping the brake key repeatedly allows you to perform quick spins. Also, these spins help you keep track of opponents who are flying in circles. 

Although this technique may make you somewhat exposed and harder to control, it consumes less stamina compared to your opponents, making it a viable option for dealing that extra bit of damage needed to secure an elimination.

Another useful movement technique involves adjusting the amount of braking you perform to match your opponent’s flight speed. By doing so, you can execute precise turns and maintain your target’s position in your line of sight. This technique can be employed both offensively and defensively, providing you with an advantage during combat situations.

Adapting to Opponent’s Abilities

Adapting to Opponent's Abilities

To truly excel in Century: Age of Ashes, it’s essential to build a deep understanding of when and where to use each tool in your arsenal. While this understanding is developed through experience, there are some general considerations to keep in mind. 

As mentioned in the movement section of this guide, fireballs are most effective when opponents are moving away from you. In contrast, flame breath becomes more advantageous when fireballs are less likely to hit the target.

Additionally, being aware of your opponent’s class can give you an edge in combat. For example, Marauders have access to Gust, which can absorb fireballs but is ineffective against flame breath. By applying relentless pressure with the flame breath, you can force opponents into making panicked moves or using cooldowns prematurely, allowing you to capitalize later with high-damage fireball attacks.

Shields: Your Extra Health

Shields: Your Extra Health

One of the fundamental aspects of Century: Age of Ashes is the importance of shields. Shields act as additional health and can be a lifesaver in critical situations. As you explore the game’s map, keep an eye out for blue shield power-ups. These power-ups provide you with shields, granting you extra durability during battles.

It’s crucial to note that shields hold different levels of significance for each Century: Age of Ashes dragons. For example, phantoms have less maximum health compared to other classes, making shields even more valuable for them. Make it a priority to acquire shields at the start of every round or when you respawn, ensuring you are well-prepared for combat.

Stamina Management: A Key to Survival

Managing your stamina effectively is very important to your survival in Century: Age of Ashes. Without stamina, you become a sitting duck, an easy target for your opponents. Pay close attention to your stamina bar and replenish it whenever necessary.

There are several sources from which you can regain stamina. Ground-level stamina pickups are available but should be your last resort as they expose you to attacks from above. Air columns scattered throughout the map provide a reliable source of stamina, granting you one or two stamina points when flown through. 

Additionally, wind tunnels offer even more stamina, usually ranging from two to four points depending on their length. Whenever you are close to an air column or wind tunnel, take advantage of them to maintain your stamina levels.

Remember, stamina is not only crucial for speed but also plays a vital role in dodging. Dodging is an essential skill that allows you to evade enemy attacks effectively. Practice different dodging techniques, such as braking, turning, and boosting away. Boosting slightly downwards or upwards can yield optimal results. Utilize the map’s obstacles to your advantage and employ air columns for quick dodges.

Harnessing the Power of Rage

Rage is a significant aspect of Century: Age of Ashes that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. If you did not know, the rage builds up as you take damage during gameplay. Keep an eye on your rage meter and make use of it when it becomes active. Each class’s rage ability offers distinct benefits. As a phantom, activating rage turns you invincible, providing temporary immunity to damage. 

The Marauder’s rage ability marks all enemies with hunter’s marks, allowing you to deal more damage. The wind guard gains an enhanced salvation surge during the rage, which turns allies berserk and provides additional shielding. Additionally, your fireball cooldown is reduced during this period. Capitalize on your rage moments to maximize your combat effectiveness.

How to Obtain Dragon Eggs

In the past, leveling up and completing weekly quests used to be the primary way of acquiring dragon eggs. However, with the introduction of the season system in June 2022, things have changed. Now, dragon eggs are only available for purchase in the shop. These eggs appear irregularly, and their prices range from 300 to 800 gems, depending on their rarity. While some eggs can be bought with coins, the rare and legendary dragons require gems. 


Century: Age of Ashes offers an exhilarating multiplayer dragon combat experience that rewards skill, strategy, and teamwork. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the skies and emerge victorious in the various game modes. Remember to choose the right class and abilities to suit your playstyle, explore the epic battlefields, master dragon movement, and stamina control, utilize power-ups strategically, optimize your damage output, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

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