Casual Mobile Games Android – Top 10 Picks in May 2023

Are you trying to find games you can master with less experience and skills? The best games for you to try if you are looking for games to master easily are the casual mobile games Android. Casual games are easy to play with shorter sessions, requiring less experience and skill. You can try many casual games, but finding the best casual mobile games Android will be a challenging task for you. So, you can learn about the top casual games with this guide we have designed for you very quickly. 

Casual games might come in any game genre and gameplay; the only difference is the game seems simple with no complex rules, and you don’t have additional knowledge of playing the game. Since they are very casual for you, you can read this guide below and understand which are the best casual mobile games Android you can play and get adapted to the gameplay very quickly. With this guide, you can skip the time you will spend to search the top casual games; therefore, hop into the gameplay, and read about the top ten picks for casual mobile games Android

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is one of the best casual mobile games you can try. When you play the game, you will guide two specific characters to get through an adventurous journey. The game includes a beautiful story that makes the game awesome, and there are puzzles for you. When explaining the graphics, the game comes with high-quality graphics, encouraging players to play more. As the game is simple with an adventure, you can play this game if you love gameplay like this. 

The Battle Cats

Have you ever heard of battling using cats against weird enemies in space? If not, you must play The Battle Cats game, one of the top casual mobile games where you can experience casual gameplay with easy learning. Here you use cats to battle weird enemies in space. 

Though this is about fighting, it has just a few controls to control your cats easily during battles. As everything is simple here, you can quickly learn what to do. Leveling up your cats is easy, as you only need to clear the stages given in the game to get EXP required to level up the cats. What are you gonna do? Are your prepared to use your cats on ultimate missions? 


Tsuki’s Odyssey

Tsuki’s Odyssey

This is also another game where you can see simple casual gameplay. In this Tsuki’s Odyssey gameplay, you will enter an adventure with many awesome things to do, even though they are simple. Here you can decorate your house, fish near the river, and also you can even make friends in this game by being a little bit more socialized. If you love this fantastic and cute gameplay, you can start your passive adventure with this Tsuki’s Odyssey. 

Pocket World 3D

The next among the top casual mobile games Android is the Pocket World 3D, a fun and relaxing puzzle game. There are models in this game which are being designed based on the world-famous buildings. So, you need to collect the parts of the various modes and complete them. Besides giving you joy and fun with relaxation, you can train your mind and broaden your imagination with this Pocket World 3D gameplay. 

Worldbox – Sandbox God Sim

This is a simulation casual mobile game where you become the god, create life, and watch it grow faster. There are many creatures in this game that you can make a life by being the god here, such as wolves, sheep, orks, dwarves, etc. Besides them, many other magical creatures are available. As this is a sandbox game, there are no specific rules to follow. Since you play as the god here, you have different powers which you can use to destroy the whole world. 

Resonance of the Ocean

Resonance of the Ocean is a puzzle game where you will enjoy the simplest form of gameplay. As its name suggests, this game is unsuitable for mute because here, you will create instruments from the items on the shore to answer the echoes heard from the sea. Though the game might be short, it is a super example of a casual mobile game on Android. 


Hey food lovers, have you heard of bento lunch boxes which are very attractively made? If you love them, you can play this Inbento game, a food-themed puzzle game about players arranging lunches in bento boxes. There are over a hundred and twenty puzzles just to tease your brain. Would you be a player who loves to give it a try? 

Trading Legend

A game with a unique theme is Trading Legend, where you travel to a particular place and run your businesses. The game was designed using the traditional painting style of China. At the beginning of the game, you are just a citizen who does nothing. When you play this continually, you will be familiar with your neighbors here, and you will start your shop. Though you start with just a little shop, we know you will turn it into a business empire. You can try out this game if you love becoming a business person. 

Fishing Life

Fishing Life is perfect gameplay for those looking for some relaxation from their stresses and problems. Here you are going to fish whales while hearing the sound of the sea waves. Different kinds of fish are available here, such as whales, scary fishes, and cute ones. As you fish in the sea, you can enjoy the sun rising and sunset all the time, which gives you much relaxation in your mind. 

Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game

Are you also a cat mom or dad already? Then this Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game game is the best for you. Here you can find lots of cats, and each cat has its distinct characteristics, making them all unique. You can take care of cats as you love them, and also you can interact with them by dressing them up using various accessories and feeding them their favorite fish; there is more you can do here in Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game, one of the top casual mobile games Android


This is where our guide about casual mobile games Android ends, but you have learned which casual games you can try out. Therefore, now you can start your gameplay with the casual games mentioned above in this casual mobile games Android guide. All these games come with superb ratings, proving they are at the top of the casual games. You can start your journey in the casual games genre by choosing any of the games mentioned above.

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