Call of Duty: 05 Tips to win the game

Call of Duty is a free shooting game developed by the TiMi studios for android and iOS. The original release of this game is October 1st, 2019, and Activision and Garena published this. Call of Duty is the most popular and massive mobile game in mobile games’ history. By the time in June 2020, it had around 250 million downloads from all over the world.

As we said, this game is free to play on mobile. Call of Duty has unique multiplayer maps. PVP team battles, sniper vs. sniper battles, and 100 player battle in a royale background. You have customized controls with the call of Duty, and you are in a 3D environment with the Call of Duty. There are various game modes and maps included here.

Call of Duty is rich with some competitive and pleasant playing style. Your loadout is changing as per your opinions. If you want to seek the win, you will have to use the skills and the strategies throughout the game. Enjoy the excitement with friends all over the world from a fantastic multiplayer shooter. Every second of this game gives you a thrilling and complex mode to stick with the game.

So as a player on Call of Duty, some points should have to consider your mind. Knowing about these simple tricks will help you succeed through the gameplay in very far mode. S how do you go to that target? Let’s find out.

Tips to win on Call of Duty

In the call f duty, the player is free to do many things in the game. In every battle royale, you are allowed to choose your class in character. When you begin to play the game it will be helpful to know about the gaming than the other players. Here, we present you some tips to gain the best on your gameplay through the call of Duty.

Call of Duty: 05 Tips to win the game

The Right Shooting Mode

There are two different modes available in the call of Duty for shooting. One is the simple mode, and the other one is the advanced mode. If you chose to play in the simple mode, your weapon would automatically fire when you aim at an enemy. This process will not use any scope. But in the advanced mode is the only model that advises players on the shooting settings.

If you are most likely to play on the simple mode, you must remember that you will need the advanced settings in the battle royale mode. When playing with simple controls, you can’t just observe the enemy whenever you want. The reason is the simple mode is going to shoot automatically. So your position is going to reveal. If you aim with a sniper rifle, then this situation will be a huge disadvantage to you. While you are loading your gun, you will shot by your opponent at this point.

Choose the Right Character Class

You have to choose your character class considering the battle royale match. There are six classes on the Call of Duty as follows.


Scout offers two boosts. They can see enemies’ footprints of enemies in a long direction. Another boost has the sensor dart to show all players in your area, and this class can see them.


Clown has a toy bomb that creates zombies for the enemies in the area. And also, this class is an anti-zombie. So it can decrease the zombies’ attention for 15 meters.


The mechanic is launching an EMP drone to have an EMP connection with enemies. The mechanic is also turning the enemies’ sight to see the vehicles in his area around 80 meters.


The ninja can engage in a close fight without weapons on any surface, and his footsteps are so quiet. So enemies can’t hear him coming from a distance.


The defender put a transformed flashing shield for any place he likes, and he is capable of reducing his damage to 20% percent. But these damages shouldn’t be from bullets.

Call of Duty: 05 Tips to win the game

The strategies of this game are based on the abilities you hold. So selecting the right type of class will be a definite advantage for your gameplay. Remember to plan the game’s approaching in squad mode and choose wisely n what you will choose as a class.

Using Drones

When you start the game, your character will have a UAV, Drone, and a missile to kill enemies. Use these weapons at the right time of the game when you are playing in a multiplayer mode. You are free to release your missile on enemies, giving you control for a screen. This missile is capable of killing so many enemies in a vast area.

On the other hand, the UAV is launching in the enemy’s general direction, and it will reach the enemy and kill them. The drone is giving you the position of the enemy. When you have all three weapons, make sure to use them at its appropriate time and place.

Upgrading the weapons

When you are playing in a multiplayer mode, you will have your weapon to use. Make sure to upgrade this weapon often. Upgrading happens through the experience with your weapon, and I allow you to equip your gun with several sights, magazines, and stocks. So upgrading your weapon from time to time will benefit you to deal with the enemies.

Using the Helicopter

In the battle royale mode of Call of Duty, you will grant a helicopter to fly. But be sure to fly this helicopter only when you play a solo, not n the times of playing squads. When you use this helicopter on squad modes, opponents can fire on it and crash the helicopter. But sometimes, using a helicopter can be an added benefit in situations to quick the zone is shrinking.

Call of Duty is a game full of controls, and it is mainly based on the tactics you used to fire and survive. So using the right tip in the right place will be a great inspiration for you to go through the game. Using the exact instructions and the methods in a suitable situation can lead you to a better way on your gameplay. So try Call of Duty with these 05 tips and guide to winning.

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