Call of Dragons Guide and Tips for the Best Fantasy Adventure

Embark on a journey of conquest and glory in Call of Dragons, the latest city-building war game from the creators of Rise of the Kingdom. With familiar mechanics and fresh new gameplay, this game is sure to offer an unforgettable experience. Get ready to explore a vast and magical kingdom filled with breathtaking landscapes and intricate animations.

Call of Dragons

Choose your faction, recruit legendary heroes, and embark on faction-based quests that will test your strategy and determination. The maps and graphics in Call of Dragons are nothing short of spectacular, with stunning world map graphics that will leave you in awe. As you build and expand your city, you’ll wage battles against rival factions and fight for the ultimate prize: control of the kingdom.

With the Call of Dragons release date just around the corner, now is the time to prepare. This guide will introduce you to the basics of the game and give you a head start as you prepare for battle. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventure, strategy, and epic battles. The time has come to answer the call of the dragons.

Choosing a Faction in Call of Dragons

Faction in Call of Dragons

The first thing you will have to do when you start the Call of Dragons gameplay is to choose a faction. When you are choosing a faction, there are a few key things to consider. Each faction has its own perks, set of the quest, and special units, and it also decides how your base buildings are going to look. The buildings of each faction have different names, but their research, training time, and upgrade time are the same. Even though there are many things to think about, how successful you will be depends on the special units, parks and heroes. 



If you choose the Springwardens, you get Gwanwyn as your starting hero, forest eagle as your special unit, and your marches get a 5% boost, and you will heal your troops 5% faster. If you select this faction when you are playing the game, you will be able to get to places faster than other players, and when your troops get injured, you will only have to wait less time than others to do the attacks. The starting hero Gwanwayn is good at leading marksmen, and she has a precision that enhances normal attacks. 



Choosing the Wilderburg will get you 3% legion physical attacks; destruction engineering will get a 10% boost. Their special unit is a flying archer, and you will get Bakhar as your first hero. So if you choose this faction, your armies will do an extra 3% damage, and they will also do a 10% increase in damage to buildings than the other faction units. The Bakhar has access to an infinity tree which means when this hero is in the battleground, your infantry units are going to do better, and he can use his rage skills to do heavy damage. 

League of Orders

League of Orders

The last faction you can pick is the League of Orders. If you choose this faction, your armies will have 4% more Magic defense, 10% gathering speed boost, the Celestials special flying unit that uses Magic, and you will get Waldyr as your starting hero. When you are fighting, your armies will take less damage from magic attacks, you will gather more resources faster, and their special unit is actually good. The starting hero Waldyr is good at leading magic units, PVP, and rage skills that excel in their power. 

What You Should Pick

Considering all of these things, you can clearly see in the early game you will benefit from choosing League of Order as your starting faction. When you choose this faction, you will be able to collect more resources faster, do research faster and boost your overall progress; magic damage reduction, heroes’ PVP, and Magic skill trees will help you more than the other two heroes. But as you progress, this should be changed to fit your play style; for example, when you are always sending out troops and want to roll again faster, then you should go with the Springwardens. Just like that, you should make a habit of changing factions according to your needs. 

Doing the Research

In any strategy war game, research plays a big role in your progress. Once you start playing the game, what you should do is rush the game until you unlock your research building. This may look like bad advice, but you must know that research takes time, and the faster you can start doing it, the better. Same as most games, the Call of Dragons research building has two skill trees for you to work on. 

Doing the Research

Through the military skills tree, you will be able to increase your troops marching speed, unlock higher-tier troops, and increase damage. Then you can increase your production, build speed, carrying capacity and more that help you grow your city faster through the economy tree. As soon as you unlock this, you should always keep upgrading to increase your progression speed. You can simultaneously work on two skills from the two-three; if you had to choose between the two skill trees, you should prioritize the economy tree. 

Call of Dragons Heroes

Even though you initially get one hero, as you progress, you will be able to acquire many heroes. There are many heroes with several abilities, and the heroes you choose depend on the way you play the game. Just like in most RPG games, these heroes belong to one class, and you have to choose them according to how you play. 

Call of Dragons Heroes

Since you have the ability to use artifacts and control who attacks first, you can make different units to perform specific tasks in battle. For example, when you unlock two slots in your formation, you can combine a melee hero with ground units to charge and tank and then use other slots with magic or archer heroes and deal damage from a safe distance.

How to Acquire and Use Them Correctly

You can acquire heroes using keys in the arena. In the arena, there are two summoning sections where you can summon heroes and artifacts through these banners, and you will receive one epic gear for every five summons. You will acquire heroes in a few grades, such as common, epic, and legendary. 

Once you summon a hero, you have to level them up, raise their star level, increase their spell power, and equip them with artifacts. By going through your hero’s individual descriptions, you will be able to level them up, and in the talent section, you will see the skills you can upgrade.

You can level up your hero’s skills several times, and when you raise the star level, you will unlock new skills. If you level up all the skills of a hero, you will get a bone skill on top of other skills. Regardless of whether you fully level up a hero, you will receive shards for that hero. In the goblin market, you can scrap those extra shards to acquire hero coins, which you can then exchange for items such as artifacts, tokens, and other things.

Artifacts of Call of Dragons

After the heroes, the most important aspect you should know about is artifacts. As mentioned earlier, you can acquire them through the arena, and you can deploy an artifact equal to the number of your heroes. During the battle, you will see your heroes on your right side, and the artifacts you deploy with them will be shown directly to them. 

Artifacts of Call of Dragons

You have to click on them to activate them, and they provide very beneficial effects that will help you tremendously. Some artifacts increase your legend’s power, some provide a shield, and some have cloaking abilities. Just like the heroes, you can level up these artifacts, and you can also raise their star level. Until you have a few artifacts and test them out, we strongly suggest that you refrain from leveling them to avoid resource waste.

When Will Call of Dragons Be Released?

The Call of Dragons will be out on the market on March 28 of this year. Even though we’ve seen a near-final product in the CBTs, work is still being done on the game, which indicates that this date may be adjusted to better suit the requirements of the development team. But let us keep our chins up and anticipate the best.


The upcoming video game, Call of Dragons, is a city-building strategy game that won’t be available until March 28, 2023. It is now time to bring this guide to a close; it has served its purpose of providing you with some fundamental information and assisting you in making decisions about how to proceed in Call of Dragons.

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