Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Guide with Tips for All Beginners

Welcome players to another new guide about an awesome game, the Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon. In this game, you must continue through many tasks besides participating in battles. Some tasks you can perform here are challenging bosses, adjusting the battle lineup every time you summon heroes, and strengthening the heroes through different means. Though these tasks seem simple, they are essential to upgrade your gameplay, and this Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon guide will help you understand each aspect properly. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon

Initially, you may feel like the game is confusing, but when you play it much longer, you will get used to it. But to make everything clear and sorted out for you even before you enter the gameplay, we have created this guide just for you. So, here are some beginner aspects to look at and the tips to follow when playing Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon today. 

Challenge Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Bosses

From the first moment you enter the game, you can see a battle option; when tapping on it, you can see three battles to select. Out of all the three options, the toughest to win is boss battles, where you can start by tapping the Challenge Boss option. The boss challenge is very easy to win at the beginner phase of the game, which makes you defeat a boss within just a few seconds. 

Challenge Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Bosses

But you will feel the toughness well when you go further into these boss challenges. In the boss battles, the characters or heroes assigned to the battles will battle on their own, and you only can cast their special skills out when the special skills are ready. 

When casting the special skills of the heroes in the battles, you should select the best time to use them instead of using them when they are ready. Once you defeat a boss, you can obtain more rewards, so always try to challenge and defeat the bosses. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Battle Lineup

When you challenge the bosses or battle against foes, the first thing to focus on is the battle lineup. In the lineup, you will assign the heroes to join the battles and position them in the team. When positioning the heroes, you first understand the role of the hero and what it is capable of, along with the hero’s specialities. In that way, you can adjust the lineup of the battle squad in a way that each hero will be able to unleash their full capacity. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Battle Lineup

Choose the most powerful heroes for the lineup to have the best battle results. When the heroes are powerful in the battle squad, they will never disappoint you in the battle against any tough opponent, as your team will win. 

Level up Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Heroes and Provide Equipment

Heroes are here to bring glory to you by defeating all the foes you encounter. Therefore, paying more attention to the heroes is always essential as you need to strengthen them to take full advantage of them. One of the ways to strengthen the heroes is by leveling them up. 

Go to the Hero from the main game screen, where you will see all the heroes in your roster. Tap on one of the heroes shown there to level up, and then you will move into the personal menu of the relevant hero. 

Level up Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Heroes and Provide Equipment

You can upgrade the hero’s level through the upgrade option; when you do so, it will cost you a certain amount of resources for the level-up process. Once you reach the maximum level cap of a character, you can advance the hero level again, advancing all of its statistics while unlocking new skills for the hero. 

When you provide your heroes with the equipment they are compatible with, the power of the relevant hero increases, making it stronger. This is also another method that you can use to strengthen the heroes. When you go to the Hero menu and choose a relevant hero, you will see the Wear option that you can tap to equip your heroes with suitable equipment pieces automatically. Providing different equipment pieces always increases the characters’ combat power. 

So remember to upgrade the power of your characters through these methods. When you strengthen the characters following the methods mentioned above, always choose the heroes assigned in the battle lineup first because you should not waste the resources for other characters not even set in the battle lineup. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Summoning System

Once you enter the Main City, you can see the Hero Summon option, in which you can summon new heroes to your gameplay. Right now, there are three summons here: common summon, advanced summon, and friendship summon. In common summon, you will summon lower-tier heroes, but in the advanced summon you will have the chance to obtain higher-tier heroes. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Summoning System

Here you can summon one hero at a time or ten heroes at a time, and the cost of summoning ten heroes will always be higher than summoning one hero without a doubt. To obtain a higher-tier hero easily, summoning ten heroes at once is a perfect way to speed up getting a higher-tier hero. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Guilds

A guild is like a mini clan that you can join, and there are a certain number of members in a guild. Once you become a member of a guild, you can make the harder things easier with the help of the other guild members. There are lots of benefits you can obtain from joining a guild. Some of the benefits of joining a guild are that you can request character shards to assemble heroes, take part in guild events for the best prizes, and boost the heroes’ skills using guild skills. 

When you are in a better guild which is always active in the game, you can obtain gameplay advice from the other members when you encounter tough situations. Since guild joining is a perfect trick to improve your gameplay, you should never take this for granted, but when choosing a guild to join, check every detail related to them and only look for the highly active guilds. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Forge System 

As we said, you can power up your heroes by equipping them with the best equipment pieces, and the equipment can be obtained as a reward for completing different chapters or defeating bosses. Besides these methods, you can fuse equipment for your heroes through the Artifacts option. When you enter, you will see different kinds of forging, such as gear forge, weapon forge, rune forge etc. 

Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon Forge System 

Whatever you want, you can forge, and each forge category shows you numerous pieces of equipment that you can forge. When you forge items, it will cost you gold and other necessary resources. Although it seems costly, forging would be a good option for you to acquire what your heroes need to be more powerful. 


The Brave Soul Frozen Dungeon game guide with the top tricks will end here. Even if it is, you can still use these tips and beginner guidelines we have provided you to smooth the gameplay and confirm your victory in any battle. So, why are you still here? Just play this game, storing all the above information in your memory to be pulled out when necessary.

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