Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome Beginner’s Guide and Tips – Everything You Need to Know

If you are in love with games that give you love, romance, adventure, and thrill at the same time, you should try this Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome game where you can have all the feelings within one place. This gameplay runs through a story, and you will meet various characters in this story. The choices you make through this story affect how your story will flow. For more insights into the game, read this Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips and tricks guide with the best guidelines. 

 Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips

Since this gameplay flows as a story with many dialogues to read, some can think this is such a plain game with nothing. But that is not the truth because the story is so interesting to engage in when you unlock more episodes. Therefore, instead of judging the gameplay, start playing it with the Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips and tricks provided in this guide, and then you will understand how interesting it is to play this game with a great story flowing through. The more you know about the game, the better you will interact with the story. 

Speaking of the characters you meet here, they are all unique and well-designed. Being allies or foes with them is totally up to your choices. Every character has a personality that depicts himself. Therefore, you should understand how to deal with them in a friendly manner to build a better relationship with them. These are some of the Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips you can follow in this game. But while reading this guide, you will find more interesting facts about this Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome gameplay. So, get started with your gameplay with this guide. 

An Interesting Story with Many Characters

The game is different from other games you played before because playing this game is like reading a beautiful story. And the best part about this story is it is about vampires. If you love vampire stories, you should go through this story. The story comes with lots of episodes. And not only the episodes, you will meet many characters throughout this story, such as Elric, King Xavier, Gideon Thorne, etc. 

An Interesting Story with Many Characters

With these characters you encounter, you can have a beautiful flow of the story here. The more episodes you read, the more interesting the gameplay becomes. Therefore, manage to hold your breath when you read the story, as many exciting things are going to happen. 

Mini Games to Play

Besides going through the main story of the gameplay, you can engage in minigames. These minigames are a great way to stir up the things in the game in a unique way. And also, every time you win a minigame, you will obtain a certain number of points, which can be multiplied in this game by watching an advertisement. 

What do you have to do in this minigame? There are three running rows with various icons, and you need to tap the screen when the icons are in the running three rows. If you can match three of the same icons in all three rows by stopping the running rows and tapping the screen, you will obtain points in this game. 

Choices to Make in Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome

Choices matter the most in this gameplay; therefore, being cautious about your choices is one of the best Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips and tricks you can follow. According to the choices you make, the way of the flow of the story will change. Therefore, you need to be careful about what choices you make. 

Choices to Make in Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome

During the story of this gameplay, you will meet various characters, and your relationship with these characters will be determined by the choices you make when you interact with other characters in this story. Therefore, when interacting with other characters in this game, you should choose the best choice to build up better relationships. 

You Need Tickets for New Episodes

The story in this game will not end just by an episode; you must go through many episodes to finish the story. Once you finish an episode, you can go to the next episode. To start the next episode, you need tickets. 

You Need Tickets for New Episodes

These tickets are the keys to unlocking new episodes in this game. At the beginning of the game, you are given three tickets for free, but once you do not have enough tickets, you can buy them using real-world currencies through the in-game shop. So, once you complete an episode, unlock new episodes using tickets. 

Same Episode with Different Choices

One of the best Bloodlust Rebellion: Otome tips you can follow in this game to enjoy the story here is going through the same episode with various choices. You already know that the gameplay runs with your choices, and according to your choices, the story will be different. So you can go through the same episode and have different endings with different choices. 

Same Episode with Different Choices

Because of this, once you finish going through an episode, there is no need to start engaging in a new episode. You can restart the same episode, make different choices than the choices you made previously and enjoy a different outcome at the end of the same episode. 


Through this wonderful story, you will meet various characters. The choices you make are what decide how you will build up your relationship with these characters. As you have read this guide, you must know that this is not just a game; it is a novelistic story that can be controlled mainly by the choices you make. You can have an amazing story flow with the perfect choices you make. Make various choices and have various endings in each episode to enjoy the gameplay much more. And also, remember to use these tips mentioned above to have a cool gaming experience.

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