Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List of Characters January 2024

For the players who want to be an ultimate gamer from Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, here is a support.  Stay tuned with this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list guide to get to know each Bloodline Heroes of Lithas character, their abilities, weaknesses, and the best characters you should add to your account to do a blast on the battlefield. Because heroes play a fundamental role, you should thoroughly know before going to the battles. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is one of the best multiverse games, leading you to become the champion in this fantasy world with various cultures and races. You have to bring them together on your team and use them as your team’s strong warriors. So, you should identify them and find their specialties to face against the dark opponents. 

In this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list guide, we hope to focus on each side of the characters and keep in mind that you have to take a closer bond with these powerful hero characters by pursuing them as companions to reunite your bloodlines, create new, stronger champions, and raise a new generation of heirs to fight alongside you. So let’s go through these Bloodline hero characters and make your path more desirable. 

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List 

In this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list, you can see the five types of heroes, which list out the same as the tier list ranking criteria. So, you should clearly understand each tier ranking and select the best for your team. 

  • S tier list heroes: As these Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list characters have the highest power ratings, they can be considered the best characters in the Bloodline Heroes of Lithos. 
  • A tier list heroes: These A tier list heroes are more powerful than the previous B tier list hero characters because these characters are nonetheless capable of making their presence felt on the battlefield.
  • B tier list heroes: these tier list heroes are not considered to be poor, but might need to change soon for more better ones. These have some decent qualities. 
  • C tier list heroes: these C tier list Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list characters are somewhat weaker on the battlefield than above tier lists. Also, you may not get much support from these heroes to become a challenge to your opponents. 
  • D tier list heroes:   we suggest that there are the hero characters who you should stay away from at all costs, either due to their poor skills or stats, or perhaps even a mixture of the two.

S Tier List Heroes

Bloodline Hero CharacterRole of the Bloodline Hero Character Talent/weakness of Bloodline Hero Characters 
Mage Can buff himself, quicken his own mobility, cast AoE, and deal a significant amount of blast damage to a target opponent.

bounces off and hitsEvery opponent does lots of damage it causes the burn to explode uh her passive
LionstoneTank fighting against an enemy team using substantially higher strength 
DoombringerWarrior Survives longer on the battlefield and attacks the opponents also gets life steals too

A Tier List Heroes

Bloodline Hero CharacterTier ListTalent/weakness of Bloodline Hero Characters 
Archer Can do physical DPS from a distance
Warrior turn into dragon form and then pounce purple flames on every opponent y 

B Tier List Heroes

Bloodline Hero CharacterTier ListTalent/weakness of Bloodline Hero Characters 
Warrior Excels at combat on the front lines thanks to its excellent burst damage and resilience.
Assassin great for dealing with weak opponents in the back rows
Tank can silence opponents for a short period of time, stopping them from using their ultimate talents
Mage One of the best tech mechanics in the game 

C Tier List Heroes

Bloodline Hero CharacterHero Skill Talents /weakness of Bloodline Hero Characters 
GryphonWarrior does four hits and over the course of the four hits, its
LycanisAssassin Do a lot of burst damage 
AesonSupport light healing and shielding 
Karguk Tank Despite the apparent trend in the meta towards formations that are only attacking,
Healer can significantly increase the strength and attack power of your teammates and the amount of crowd control they can exert.
TravianEffortless skills and extremely low stats

D Tier List Heroes

Bloodline Hero CharacterRole of the Bloodline Hero Character Talents/weakness of Bloodline Hero Characters 
Tank march into war with nothing but a foam hammer in hand.

The Best Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List Hero Characters 

The Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list consists of various unique hero characters that help you accomplish the target and move forward in the game. Also, the game lets you find and select the best and most compelling character for your team. So we are here to help you collect the best Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list heroes through the above-tier lists. 

  • Fulgar: this S tier list with 0 tier list ranking bests in both PVP and PVE because of their superior AOE damage and capacity to deflect a single opponent’s extraordinary assault.
  • Doombringer: males and females in this S tier list are in the 0 ranking criteria, so this hero character is one of the best and usable due to its exceptionally damaging potential and constrained invulnerability. Also, male and female players are equally terrifying whenever they are on the battlefield and attack their opponents until death. 
  • Tidestorm: One of the most powerful hero characters in the game. Both males and females can significantly damage single targets on the battlefield. Also, they are excellent for taking out obstinate tanks or flimsy opposition DPS.
  • Karg: Due to their vulnerability, this A-tier list hero character takes its time getting going. The damage of their melee strikes. However, they can be considerably increased after turning into dragons, allowing them to destroy large groups of adversaries with their fire breath.

Totally, we suggest that if you choose even one of the S tier list Bloodline hero characters into your squad, you can quickly attack the opponents and become the champion in the city of life. So try to add more hero characters from the best ranking levels and enjoy the game. 

But keep in mind, they can pretty much do anything in this game, and they also have a tonne of power. But keep in mind that these S-tier list Bloodline hero characters are entirely under the control and management of you who are in the game, and if you do not play them with the best rules, they may not perform well in gameplay either.


You can download the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas game free from Google Play. These top characters have unique traits and skills that benefit your gaming environment, as stated in this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list guide. And for easier rerolls and for advanced gameplay options, don’t forget to go for LDPlayer, your best android emulator.

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