Blade Legends: Scions of Fate Beginner Guide – Best Tips & Tricks

Mastering Blade Legends: Scions of Fate as a beginner can be an exciting gaming journey. As a newbie to the game, you will embark on superior gameplay filled with quests, magic, and battles. This beginner guide is designed to equip you with the advanced knowledge to start your adventure. This role-playing game immerses you in a world of battles and mighty warriors. So, you can go through this comprehensive guide with the best tips and tricks to set you on the path to success.

Blade Legends: Scions of Fate

After you understand this game by reading this guide, use these tips from the beginning and practice more to be a true pro. Lack of general knowledge of Blade Legends: Scions of Fate will slow down your success. Use the right tip at the right time to make the process easier. You will learn how to use your skills, how you can team up with players to enhance your skills, and can discover new methods to receive more rewards and upgrade your resources.

In addition, this beginner guide covers different aspects of the game, such as character customization, combat techniques, how to join a guild, how to use game options and many more. Let’s begin the journey.

Understand the Basics

Since you are a beginner to Blade Legends: Scions of Fate, understanding the basics is very crucial. You can start by selecting your character and class, each with unique abilities. You have the chance to do more customizations in your character by using the given game options. In addition, quests can be identified as a key to the game progression, which offers you rewards, bonuses, and points, so make sure to complete quests without missing them.

Understand the Basics

Furthermore, Engaging in fighting by using your skills strategically will allow you to win; for that, you need to upgrade your equipment. And the special thing is after you reach level 250, you will receive more upgrades and enable different options in the gameplay. As well as you should gather resources to do different types of upgrades. And if you lack sources, you can use the “missing source” button to find more. It will be better if you are familiar with your gameplay options.

Choose the Right Class

If you want to be a legend of Blade Legends: Scions of Fate, you should first customize your characters and select the right class. So this guide will show you how to select your class for a successful experience. The game offers different types of characters with various classes, and each character comes with different skills, abilities, and play styles. Before you make your choice, have a look at the available classes which suit you most and which shows high performance.

What type do you like most? Melee combats, Magic, or Ranged attacks. Your playstyle preference will be great for your class choice. As different classes play a variety of roles in battles like damage dealing, tanking, and supporting, make your choice to face any situation in a battle. Furthermore, some classes may focus on dealing damages, and some may focus on crowd control, so while you select the right class, identifying their skills are essential.

Combat Techniques

Blade Legends: Scions of Fate will offer you an immersive combat experience in which you can excel with successful strategies. Beginners should pay attention to combat tips that can be used to enhance their gameplay. It will be easier if you familiarize yourself with the game’s combat system and understand the mechanics, including basic attacks, combos, and special skills. Try out different combinations to identify new effective strategies.

Combat Techniques

As you are offered multiple classes in the gameplay, you can choose the right character class which suits your combat approach. As well as one of the most crucial things is proper time usage in enemy attacks. You can practice your timing to increase damage output while minimizing the receiving damage. Another tip to have success in combat is enhancing your equipment daily, such as armor and weapons, to give tough battles in Blade Legends: Scions of Fate.

Join a Guild

As a newbie, you must have a good understanding of the importance of joining a guild. By joining a guild, you can enhance your gaming experience, as teamwork is a very special thing to learn new skills. You can share knowledge through guilds and can gain a chance to excel in the game. You can choose PvP, PvE, or a combination by focusing on your preferred style. In addition, leaders have been designed to help and organize gaming events in Blade Legends: Scions of Fate.

Beginners should know that it will be more beneficial to join a guild. It will help to get access to a supportive community where you can share tricks, make more friends, etc. So always try to get the help of guild members while you are stuck in the game. Guilds open events such as boss battles, PvP tournaments, and dungeon raids, so take part in them to improve your skills.

Gear and Equipment

It is more important to have a deep understanding of the gear and equipment of Blade Legends: Scions of Fate as it enhances players’ effectiveness and abilities. When you are familiar with the game, you can see a good range of armor and weapons, and gear, and each consists of unique abilities. You can identify different types of weapons like magic staves, bows, and swords, allowing all players to select their items according to their preferred combat style. In addition, use amor to have good defense from attacks of foes.

Gear and Equipment

Players will be able to do gear upgrades by using resources, and it will allow them to increase their overall power. Gear synergy is another important aspect, and you can combine gear to gain more advanced results. Stay in touch with game communities to update with new gear options and all.


This is a beginner guide to  Blade Legends: Scions of Fate to enhance your knowledge about new tricks and tips to enhance the gameplay. It is very important to make your path successful by using new combat techniques, upgrading gear and resources, joining guilds, practicing more, etc., from the beginning. Also, try to enhance your knowledge by staying in touch with game developer communities and mastering all tips to be a pro.

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