Black Clover Mobile Guide and Best Tips for Beginners

Black Clover Mobile is an exciting game that immerses players in a world of magic and adventure. To excel in this game, it’s crucial to optimize your character and make the most out of your abilities. In this guide, we will explore various tips and strategies that will help beginners navigate the game successfully. From character optimization to gear selection, we’ll cover all the essential aspects that will give you a competitive edge.

Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover Mobile offers an expansive and immersive gaming experience. To progress effectively, it’s crucial to understand the key mechanics and strategies that will enhance your gameplay. In this guide, we’ll provide valuable tips and insights for beginners to ensure a solid foundation for success.

How to Maximize Damage in Black Clover Mobile

In the world of Black Clover Mobile, character optimization is the most important thing you should do to progress in the game. Each character possesses unique abilities and plays a specific role within your team. Whether you focus on damage-dealing characters, buffers, supports, or healers, knowing how to maximize their potential will give you a significant advantage.

Leveling up and Affinity Farming

One fundamental aspect of Black Clover Mobile character optimization is leveling up your characters. This not only increases their base stats but also unlocks additional features and abilities. Affinity farming is another essential aspect that helps you acquire dupes necessary for character progression. 

By farming specific stages in the game world, you can increase not only your character’s Affinity but also their friendship level. This becomes particularly crucial when choosing dupes for your most important characters, especially those you intend to use in PvP and gear farming.

Talents and Skill Development

To truly maximize your character’s potential, you must pay close attention to their talents. Talents provide significant boosts to various aspects of your character’s performance. For damage-dealing characters, focus on unlocking talents that enhance their damage output, such as increased attack or critical damage. 

Experiment with different talents based on each character’s unique needs and playstyle. Additionally, skill development is crucial, as higher skill levels often result in increasing the multipliers for your character’s abilities. Prioritize upgrading skills that provide the most substantial benefits and match your character’s role in battle.

Gear Farming and Optimization

Gear Farming and Optimization

Gear plays an important role in optimizing your Black Clover Mobile character’s performance. Understanding what each character requires is essential for gear selection. For example, melee-type characters will benefit from gear with high attack stats, while magic-based characters may benefit more from gear with high magic stats. 

When farming gear, focus on acquiring sets that offer the main stat your character needs, such as attack or magic. Regular and golden gear sets can have a chance to provide further enhancements. Be strategic in choosing the right gear for each character type to maximize their damage potential.

Smart Resource Allocation

Managing your resources well is very important in Black Clover Mobile, especially early on in the game. When investing your resources, focus on a character that will help you right away and fit with the way you like to play. Use your resources carefully, like when you level up skills or buy dupes. 

Think about what dupes mean for each character and whether they will make a big difference in how they perform if you use dupes to increase their power or see if you have to max them up to get a significant advantage from them. 

Since getting dupes is not a very easy task in Black Clover Mobile, it is wise to invest in characters that can benefit you with little investment. Allocating your resources in a strategic way lets you make sure that your most important characters have the tools they need to do well in fights while saving resources for future upgrades.

Understanding Type Advantage in Battles

Understanding Type Advantage in Battles

To achieve optimal damage output, it is essential to understand the concept of type advantage in battles. Each character type has strengths and weaknesses against specific enemy types. Utilize this knowledge when assembling your team for battles. 

Match your character types to the enemy types to gain a significant advantage. Swapping gears between characters can also help optimize your team for specific battles. By leveraging type advantage, you can maximize damage while minimizing vulnerability.

Understanding Black Clover Mobile Talents

Talents are a crucial aspect of character progression in Black Clover Mobile. Each character possesses unique talents that can be unlocked and customized to suit your playstyle. These talents are represented by three talent wheels, each associated with a different role: offense, defense, and support. By strategically allocating talents, you can amplify your character’s strengths and bolster their performance on the battlefield.

Offensive Talents to Unleash Devastating Damage

Let’s start with offensive talents, which are geared toward maximizing your character’s damage-dealing potential. These talents mostly provide a wide range of bonuses, such as increased damage to bosses, heightened attack power, amplified magic attack, and enhanced critical damage. By investing in offensive talents, you can ensure that your character becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of obliterating enemies with ease.

Defensive Talents to Fortify Your Defenses

When it comes to survivability in Black Clover Mobile, defensive talents are your go-to choice. These talents provide bonuses that increase your character’s defense, critical resistance, HP, and block debuffs. By investing in defensive talents, you can turn your character into an unyielding fortress, capable of withstanding powerful enemy attacks and shrugging off debuffs. It’s a great way to increase the duration your character can stay in battles.

Supportive Talents to Enhance Your Allies

Supportive talents are designed to enhance your character’s supportive capabilities and provide valuable utility on the battlefield. These talents can improve your character’s block chance, increase their special point generation, enhance accuracy penetration, and even reduce skill cooldowns. By investing in supportive talents, you can ensure that your character becomes a valuable asset to your team, offering essential support and turning the tides of battle in your favor.

Customizing Talents

In Black Clover Mobile, to fully optimize your characters, you need to customize their talents to suit their specific roles. The talent wheel allows you to select and activate two talents simultaneously based on your character’s role. 

Whether you’re an offensive powerhouse, a resilient defender, or a supportive ally, you can choose the talents that align with your character’s strengths and playstyle. By strategically allocating talents, you can create a synergistic combination that maximizes your character’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Unlocking Talents

Unlocking talents is a gradual process that requires leveling up your characters and investing in their progression. As your characters grow stronger, you will unlock access to new talents. The talent wheel represents your character’s progression, with each unlocked talent providing additional bonuses. Furthermore, by filling out the entire talent wheel, you unlock the central hexagon, where you can place an augment stone to grant your character even more bonus stats. This further augments their capabilities and makes them truly OP.

Optimizing Talents for Maximum Effectiveness

When deciding on the ideal talents for your characters, it’s crucial to consider their highest offensive or defensive stats. By identifying their primary attribute, whether it be a magic attack or regular attack, you can select the corresponding talent to maximize their damage output. 

It’s essential not to spread talents across multiple attributes because this will lead to building a character that is weak in many forms. Focusing on their highest offensive or defensive stat ensures that you amplify their strengths and achieve optimal performance.

Strategies for Various Roles

While the general principles outlined above apply to most characters, there are specific small differences to consider for different roles and specific cases. For instance, characters like Brandish, who heavily rely on critical hits, benefit greatly from talents that increase critical damage. 

Characters with unique skills or play styles may require specific talent combinations to unleash their true potential. Experimentation is the key to discovering the most effective talent configurations for your characters.

Unlocking Talents: Challenges and Rewards

To unlock and strengthen your talents, you must take on various challenges and farm-specific materials. Regular challenges provide opportunities to farm XP, gear, and the coveted talon flower seeds. These seeds come in different colors, representing offensive, defensive, and supportive talents. 

As you progress in difficulty and challenge stages, you can unlock higher-tier talon flower seeds, granting you access to more potent talents. You should farm these challenges, and gather the necessary materials, to unlock the true potential of your characters.

Black Clover Mobile Shop

During the beta phase of Black Clover Mobile, the in-game shop proved to be an incredible resource for players. Although the specifics might change upon the game’s official release, understanding the potential benefits is crucial. The shop provided an opportunity to obtain a vast amount of resources, though not entirely for free.

Black Clover Mobile Shop

To level up units, you need a lot of exp potions, and farming them is a time-consuming process; the shop offered SSR and UR Mage exp potions. These potions can be acquired by trading in duplicate units, specifically rare and SR duplicates. This method of obtaining potions was incredibly valuable and efficient, considering the amount received per trade-in.

Moreover, the shop provided additional rewards such as gears, PvP tickets, gear upgrade stones, skill pages, and disassembly tickets. These rewards will be very useful for progressing and optimizing your units. Although certain items may change or be removed, it is still recommended to take full advantage of the shop’s benefits.

What to Do With Gateway of Destiny

The Gateway of Destiny feature gives you an opportunity to obtain seasonal units for free. By selecting either seasonal Yuno or seasonal Asta, you can secure a powerful unit to strengthen your team’s power from the start. This initial selection is crucial for shaping your team composition and strategy.

What to Do With Gateway of Destiny

However, it is worth noting that seasonal Mimosa, an SR healer, will also be obtainable for free through pre-registration rewards. Considering this, it is advisable to choose either seasonal Yuno or seasonal Asta as your Gateway of Destiny unit. By doing so, you ensure a well-rounded team comprising an offensive unit, a support unit, and a healer.

Additionally, the Gateway of Destiny allows for flexibility. If luck is on your side and you manage to summon the unit you initially chose, you can change your selection to obtain a different seasonal unit. This flexibility enables you to adapt your team composition based on the units acquired through the first few summonses.

The Bond System: Enhancing Unit Power

As we mentioned earlier in this Black Clover Mobile beginner guide, the Bond System presents a promising method for enhancing unit power. In the beta, the system allowed players to increase unit affinity by simply playing the game. Taking units into events, story mode, and other content gradually raised their affinity levels.

Maximizing unit affinity is key to unlocking various rewards and unlocking the full potential of your units. By playing the game and taking your units through different activities, you can easily raise their affinity levels, enhancing their overall effectiveness.

Even though it is said to change how you can increase the Affinity in the Black Clover Mobile global release, it is highly recommended to focus on learning how to increase each unit’s Affinity to benefit from potential rewards and power boosts.


By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, beginners can navigate the world of Black Clover Mobile with confidence. From character optimization to gear selection and resource management, each aspect plays a crucial role in achieving success. Remember to tailor your approach to suit your playstyle and experiment with different combinations to unlock the full potential of your characters. With dedication and strategic planning, you’ll forge a formidable team and rise to prominence in the realm of Black Clover Mobile.

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