Best Tips and Tricks to Play Roblox King Legacy – A Newbie Guide

Roblox King Legacy is a top game inspired by a famous anime called One Piece. Here in this game, you will start questing on the first island you spawn, build your character with great stats and go through adventurous activities while battling against different enemies. As a newbie, you don’t even know how to power up your character here to face enemies you will meet in future gameplay, so make this guide your ultimate guidance throughout this gameplay and read it to learn the best tips and tricks that beginners need to know. 

Roblox King Legacy

Like in the anime, there are many fruits for you to find and obtain different powers going through different Roblox King Legacy maps. But which ones will be the Roblox King Legacy best fruits for you? If you want to know, read this guide; you will find more exciting things about the game. So get ready to have a blast in this game with more victories after reading this guide specially made for the newbies like you. 

Invest In Your Character’s Stats

During this gameplay, your character’s stats play a significant role. Therefore we decided to let you know about the character’s stats first. There are four types of character stats which you can invest in. 

According to how you invest in them, your character’s power and fighting style will be determined. So make sure to invest your stat points in the best stats and make your character according to the way you want your character to be. The four main stat categories are as follows. 

Invest In Your Character's Stats
  • Defense – this is one of the essential stats in this game that your character needs the most to survive here. Investing your stat points into this stat will enhance your character’s HP, giving it more chances to survive during the toughest battles. 
  • Power Fruit – when you invest your stat points into this stat, you will unlock new fruit abilities to your character and increment the damage your character deals to the enemies using Roblox King Legacy fruits
  • Sword – if you invest the stat points to this stat category, the damage dealt to the enemies by your character using swords will be increased. The more you invest the stat points into this category, you will unlock more sword-related abilities to your character. 
  • Melee – as you want to grow your character, remember to invest your stat points into this stat category so that the damage dealt to the enemies by your character using melee weapons can be increased. And the jumping skills for your character can also be improved when you invest in this stat. 


In the starter island, where you start the game from level zero, you must complete quests to level up faster. When you complete quests, they will grant you EXP needed to level up faster in the gameplay. The more you complete quests, the quicker you level up. Therefore complete quests in the starter island to earn good progression in the game while leveling up. 


The quests in this game cannot be found through any menu category but by interacting with NPCs. When you start the game, you should follow the direction shown to you by a yellow color icon to find the first NPC that gives you a quest to complete. When interacting with these NPCs, you will be given quests to complete. 

Accepting or declining them is up to you, even if they give you quests. Even though it is possible to decline the quests, we suggest you accept the quests, complete them, and level up faster to have a good progression in no time. When you complete quests interacting with NPCs shown by the game, it will make it easy for you to level up faster and achieve more accomplishments in the gameplay. 

Roblox King Legacy Best Fruits for Beginners

Speaking of the fruits in this game, they are one of the most iconic things. And because these fruits are essential, all beginners like you must know about them. When you understand these fruits well, it will be very helpful for you to get along in the gameplay. 

Roblox King Legacy Best Fruits for Beginners

Upon consumption of these fruits, your character will obtain various skills, and having these devil fruit skills are very important when taking part in PvP aspects of this game. Here you can obtain these fruits through the gacha system in the game, through the black market or searching everywhere to find them, but this searching method is not efficient as it will waste more of your time. 

The fruits which are good for the beginner players like you are Dark Fruit, Flame Fruit, Gravity Fruit, Ice Fruit, Magma Fruit etc. You can learn about the best fruits overall through the Roblox King Legacy fruits tier list, which includes the best ones. And these fruits come in three different categories, and according to the type of fruit you choose to consume, the abilities you get will be different. 

Roblox King Legacy Races

The races are a unique feature you can see in this famous Roblox game, and when speaking of the races, there are four types here: human, Fishman, sky and mink. Each of these races is different from each other, and they have specific features which make them unique. Each race has its unique abilities, which you can choose. 

You do not experience any appearance change if you choose the human race. If you choose the Fishman race, you will have a little fin on your character’s back. The sky race gives you a pair of wings at your back, and the mink race will change your appearance into an animal shape. Which one will you choose from the four races introduced in the game? 


Here we will conclude our guide about the best tips and tricks to play this King Legacy gameplay which you can play through the Roblox platform. As you know the best tips, now you can have great gameplay. More importantly, try to learn the active Roblox King Legacy codes because these Roblox King Legacy codes will give you the ability to unlock valuable rewards to your gameplay for free.

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