Azur Lane Atago Guide

Azur Lane is the bullet styles hell game for the mobiles, and it has a massive character roster on warships which has been personified from world war 2. This has been built from the two franchises called Kancolle and the Touhou, and today our viewpoint goes to Azur Lane Atago.

Azur Lane

Who is this Atago, and what is the purpose it holds on the game? It is a character from the game Azur Lane, and there are many things to be revealed on it here. So let’s move into the guide of Azur Lane Atago from here.

Who is Azur Lane Atago?

Same as all the characters of the Azur Lane franchise, it is a character. Otago is identified as a Heavy Cruiser who came from the Sakura Empire, and she is a part of the Takao class. In the fics of XP4, Atago made its debut from the Coalition on XP4 heroes to the Azur Lane game.

Azur Lane Atago

Azur Lane Atago – Introduction

Atago is a tall female who holds a slender figure, and she has a black waist lengthy black hair. She owns brown eyes, and you can see a mold under Atago’s eye. She is wearing a white-colored military uniform, and there are yellow buttons and high collars with it. White gloves and white heels are adding some more into her uniform.

This character is a type of clear oneee- san, and she is actually not an eldest. Some of Takao’s lines are seeps to imply that Atago is acting as an elder sister. She is also trying so hard to become a commander aggressively in the Queen’s orders.

Based on the Takao, this character is so afraid of ghosts, and the Queen’s orders reveal that Atago is not so good with scariest things as she cannot handle them. She will be unconscious when the Shiranui is tricking her and when Queen Elizabeth sees a horror movie.

This character is a member of the Heroes Coalitions, and she will be a part of the fleet of Azur Lane. Otago is also attending the academy of Vanguard as a student.

Otago is classified as a Heavy Cruiser, and her class is Takao. She is a super rarity character who belongs to the Sakura Empire faction.

Azur Lane Atago  Introduction

Azur Lane Atago – Abilities

Otago holds the skills for boosting HE damage, and she is burning in chance and doing the burn damage. The skill that boosts the HE damage is known as Arsonist, and it is an achievement within the Warships world. And also, it is a reference that proves her highest chance for setting the enemies on fire in the game.

As we said earlier, Azur Lane Atago is acting as an elder sister to all the three sisters, although she is not the eldest one. It may be because she was commissioned first than others. Her skills can be listed as follows.

  • Arsonist – this skill increases the damage that the ship is dealing with with the HE by 15%. It can ignite the enemies by 12%, and it is burning the damage dealing with the enemies by 50%.
  • Double Torpedo – when the ship is firing the Torpedoes, there will be a 30% of chance of launching a Torpedoes second wave.
  • All put Assault I – activating all-out assaults I (III) and Takao class’s main gun will be fired for once in every six times.

Statistics of Azur Lane Atago

  • HP – 738 to 3818
  • Firepower – 50 to 236
  • Anti-Air – 33 to 155
  • Armor – medium
  • Torpedo – 45 to 213
  • Luck – 48
  • Reload – 64 to 152
  • Evasion – 13 to 33
  • Oil – 4 to 12
  • Speed – 31


So that’s all for the Azur Lane Atago guide here and make sure to armor her with complete skills for the gameplay. You will get the best and most useful results from her with her powerful skills and if you want to try some significantly advanced features more than regular gameplay, try LDPlayer. It will give you some major impact and powerful gameplay more than you think.

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