Awaken Chaos Era Beginner’s Guide for a Best Start

Welcome to the Awaken Chaos Era, where you Enter the fantastical continent of Awaken, which is on the verge of extinction due to strife. Gather your troops and participate in the ongoing conflict between light and darkness! To achieve greatness in the Awaken universe, here lie the Awaken Chaos Era Beginner tips for a Best Start.

To fight the enemy, you will need to assemble a group of heroes. With the storyline, there are ten adventure chapters with three different difficulty levels named Normal, Hard, and Mythic, ten dungeons to farm equipment and hero skills, and two difficult dungeons to test your team’s synergy. So here we are going to look at Awaken Chaos Era beginner tips one by one.

Putting A Team Together With Heroes Who Have Different Elemental Traits

The first thing you should worry about is putting together a team. Here are your Awaken Chaos Era beginner tips to conquer the game.

You can play without restriction with an unrestrained account until you uncover the index if you are entirely new to the process and unsure who does what. You can view everybody’s skills and abilities in the index.

Beyond picking the best or most legendary units from your roster of heroes, there are other things to consider.

When assembling teams for Awaken: Chaos Era’s numerous tasks, elemental affinity is a crucial component to take into account. A benefit allows the hero to inflict the force or forces with such an unfavored element with 50% greater damage. On the other hand, owning a disadvantaged element reduces damage by 50%.

The distinction between light and dark element forces is that they have no advantages over units with standard components. We advise in Awaken Chaos Era beginner guide when you create a significant team, pick heroes with units representing various elements, taking into account elemental attributes.

If all of your heroes have the same elemental traits, you run the risk of being completely outmatched by opponents that possess the favorable element.

Recognizing The Currencies 

The game Awaken: Chaos Era uses various currencies to complete specific missions. To speed up and improve the efficiency of overall advancement, players should become acclimated to who they are or what they are doing. 

You will be introduced to three different currencies as a new player, and these introductions will focus on the game’s central plot. In Awaken Chaos Era beginner guide, we give you a brief idea about the Currencies that exist in the game. 

  • The primary form of payment for playing the game is energy. The majority of PvE content needs the energy to play and finish.
  • The premium currency used to summon heroes and buy energy refills is diamond. Diamonds can be acquired through daily/weekly missions, developer prizes received in the mail, endless trials, the Arena, and events.
  • Players will constantly use gold as their primary form of payment and in significant amounts throughout the game. Players may use currency to rank their units, improve equipment, and master their skills.

Select The Proper Gear Configuration For Each Hero 

The next thing we are going to focus on in Awaken: Chaos Era beginner guide is gear. With so many characters in Awaken: Chaos Era, it becomes doubtful that any two players will have the same team setup. However, if it does, it could also be claimed that their comparable characters will differ. 

The gear sets you consider for each character in Awaken: Chaos Era will primarily determine what might set your favorite heroes apart.

Considering a proper gear selection for heroes depending on individual powers and limitations is crucial. For bonus stats to be enabled, sets might need two and perhaps even four about the same gear combination types to be worn.

Additionally, gear can be improved to increase the stat bonuses it offers. Additional stat boosts could be unlocked through enhancement. Although enhancements can be made up to level 15, the set bonuses will remain the same. Gears feature star grades in addition to rarity grades, which are represented by the color of the gear’s icon.


Here’s another tip regarding gears from our Awaken: Chaos Era beginner guide. Spending money on gear charms or trading gears to improve your favorite gears are best to tread carefully. Spending money on at least 4-star gears of epic or legendary rarity is advised.

In Awaken: Chaos Era, rarity grades are the primary way to group characters, and generally speaking, the greater the rarity grade, the greater the hero.

There are six rarity grades: elite, common, epic, rare, and legendary. Generally, investing in units from the first two rarity grades is not a good idea. 

Every chance to slant luck a little bit more than that in your favor is a good idea because you can anticipate that higher heroes would have a reduced likelihood of getting from the gacha draws.

Rerolling entails wiping all of the events of your quest and beginning over from scratch. The point is that you should reset if you are dissatisfied with units you got from the original gacha pulls rather than continue with your progress.

Having a Brand, Gangelo, Blackhorn, or Mytheasia version is great. There are also outstanding epic-grade heroes, but choosing a combination that includes a legendary unit is advisable because legendary heroes are more challenging to find.

A desirable legendary has a 1 in 100 probability of appearing; this means that if it is a light or dark element, the likelihood was 1 in 1000. Selecting a few legendary characters to play with is a must if you want to avoid wasting weeks.

How To Spend XP Jelly 

The next on our Awaken: Chaos Era beginner guide is the most appropriate way to spend your XP Jelly. For mythic and hard difficulties, use your exp jelly reserves as it will increase your experience. 

To make the stage more accessible for you to complete, try to utilize your exp Jelly on non-stage bosses. Use this to unlock Adventure Hard difficulty because it will let you quickly gather enough XP Jelly to gain the first hero with six stars.

Fodder heroes (Common, Rare) may be leveled up from 1 to 4 stars with XP Jelly. To upgrade Common Light Hero(foody) from 1 star to 5 stars, use XP Jelly.

Foody needs half as much experience to level up. The use of Foody is advised to elevate 5-star heroes to 6-star heroes. Long-term, this will considerably reduce the cost of your XP Jelly. 

You can get Foody by completing quests or buying it from the bartender shop.


Awaken: Chaos Era is the time to join the fight and channel your inner hero as the eternal conflict between light and darkness. Here lies the Awaken Chaos Era Beginner Guide you need to achieve the best progress in a short time. I hope you find the answers to your burning questions from our Awaken Chaos Era Beginner Guide for the best start. The players looking for the best optimizations done to the game have LDPlayer 9, and you will have all your advancements through it done to the Awaken: Chaos Era in there. Especially for the rerolling.

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