Arcane Showdown: 07 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

RTS Fans. This one is for you all. Arcane Showdown is going to take down your all attention for its gameplay. Those who are seeking for a real-time fantasy game with real-time strategies here is a perfect choice. Arcane Showdown is the best for their beautiful arts and also for their great lore. Those who are seeking to reach the top for Citadel is the winner. Time to collect the strongest army for the PVP battles.

Arcane Showdown is a strategy game released by Big Huge games in February 25th 2020. Since that it is available in both Windows and Android platforms. This game has a unique feature on their mechanics and for their gameplay. You have to create a big army which is a collection of fantasia creatures. That created army is using for r the battles, and you have to these creatures’ powers as a victory point.

As a beginner and when you start the game, it will be best to know something on the game. That knowledge will surely help you to go through the gameplay. These tips will surely help you to use your fantasy army in a powerful way to defeat the enemy. So why we are waiting anymore? Let’s start up the big tips and tricks to make you successful in the game.


Getting caught is not that difficult in tug-o-wars. You will be caught to the enemy while you are controlling your battleground. But although you are controlling the battle, you have to remember to enchant as much as you can in the ongoing battle. Enchanting helps boost the mana rate. And also it provides protection for the structures and gaining the territory. So as a basis we can say that enchanting is great for you to take some more advantages against your enemies.

Healthy Mana Rate

To develop in a duel, you will need mana for each deck. So you have to be careful about maintaining a good mana rate that is helpful in the rates for your deck. A mana rate should be very supportive of a strategy for a deck. So always you have to maintain a good mana rate average for your deck’s mana cost. But it doesn’t say that having more mana is bad. If you got so much mana, it would always be good. Not any bad. You can view your deck in your deck collection. There you can see the average mana cost of the deck.

Choosing the Lane

There are so many battlegrounds in the Arcane Showdown, and all these battlegrounds got a set of lanes. Those lanes are providing so many advantages for attackers and the defenders. Some lanes have a little amount of Mana veins which are secure. Likewise, there are some other mana veins with a high amount. Those are in an exposed situation, and you can’t defend them by the statue.

Think that you have got a deck of weight in a duel of later stages. In these situations, you have to avoid these lanes with some hard trying to defend the mana veins. You have to do this procedure until you unlock the minions with great powers for yourself.

Arcane Showdown: 07 Tips and Tricks


Creating decks is not a simple procedure. It would be best for having a strategy on how to create that deck in your kind. All of the decks have to build in a strategy and according to a strategy. Think that you created a deck with high-cost mana on three minions in Tier three. So you have to note in your mind that you should not fight early or summon so many minions.

Always try to defend when the attack is going on for you. It is important. But while you are defending, you have to keep in mind that your task is to reach the tier three. Tier three is providing you with the big minions.


Minions don’t have a fixed duration. But spells do. Spells are consisting of fixed time duration and are helpful in the battles. Spells act as the best tool for turning the side of a battle into a win or lose. When you are casting a fireball or a tidal wave, you have to wait until the minions of enemies are grouped. Those minions are grouping to take a considerable amount of your mana spent.

If you are using a utility spell Haste, you have to wait until your minions are in a position to maximize the attacking speed. You have to wait until they increase their movement speed through a position.


Vision is the best weapon in the Arcane Showdown.  If you are spotting an attack before you enemies, it will surely give you the more space to prepare the defence strategy. You can gain the sight to see the strategies of your enemies by enchanting the beacons, large radius spells and so on.


There are many types of battlegrounds available in Arcane Showdown for PVP. Some of these battlegrounds are small in size and useful in some arrogant strategies. And some other battlegrounds are available in big size. They are very defensive, and they are based on more economical strategies. When you are playing the game Arcane Showdown, you must check the battleground layout first. By referring it, you have changed your decks and strategies matched with the battleground layout.

Arcane Showdown: 07 Tips and Tricks

Arcane Showdown is a truly fascinating game and no doubts, and it will make you stick with the game by its amazing strategies and the gameplay. Play once and experience the greatest gameplay with Arcane Showdown.

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