Arcane Odyssey Roblox Guide, Tips and Everything Needed for Beginners

Have you heard of the Arcane Odyssey Roblox, story-focused gameplay that comes as an MMORPG? Since all of you are waiting to know more about this game as beginners here, this is the right guide for you to read until the end. This will include everything about this game, including the beginner guidelines and tips for newbie players like you to have fun here. So, are you ready to have fun in this world of magic happening in the Arcane universe? Then, reading this guide is a must for you. 

Arcane Odyssey Roblox

The game is exciting as you journey through war seas, meeting various enemies while exploring the world. As this world of magic is very tough to survive, what will happen to you? Will you survive in this magic world choosing the Arcane Odyssey best magic, or will you die like every other? You must deal with many powerful kingdoms and psychopaths to achieve what you think is good. So, there will be many fights against other players. So, learning some tips and strategies before playing it is essential. 

You can fight against every other player here to rule all the seas alone or team up with friends to rule the seas as a clan. Besides ruling seas, you can capture islands and build castles making your name reign worldwide. To achieve what you need, you can become a master in the magic path as a born mage or throw your magic away to sharpen your fighting skills. Choosing the right path for you is in your hands. Since the Arcane Odyssey game seems pretty cool, let us get into the guide, which makes you more interested and skillful. 

Choose a Magic

The first step beginner players should take before starting the game is choosing magic. There are many types of magic given to you, and among all the magic types, you can select the Arcane Odyssey best magic that you think is the best for your character. All magic types have equal powers, but they interact differently. 

Choose a Magic

Each magic’s effects are different; once you finish creating your character, you cannot change the type of magic. And this is a significant reason why you should choose magic wisely. Let us see the Arcane Odyssey magic you can choose from and their significant effect. Choosing the best magic in the Arcane Odyssey tier list will help you to get along in the gameplay.  


Deals medium damage over five seconds to decrease the target’s health. 

Traps the target in a hard shell of ash. 

After being applied three times, the next hit will deal 30% more damage.

Acts as a catalyst to buff the damage of other magics. 

Deals medium damage over time for ten seconds. 

Deals high damage over time for three seconds.

Deals medium damage over time for twenty seconds. 

Causes the target to bleed if an attack deals at least 5% of its max HP. 

Deals medium damage over time for ten seconds. 

Deals medium damage over time for five seconds. 

Deals high damage over time for five seconds. 

Prevents the target from moving temporarily. 

Impedes vision for five seconds. 

Impedes vision for 1.5 seconds and can be stacked. 

Causes color blindness for five seconds. 

Creates snow piles to disturb the vision of the target. 

Soaks target for a specific time to make it vulnerable to magic. 

Freezes, freezing targets upon hit. 

Freezes the target upon hit, triggering the frozen stun effect.  

Makes the target bleed when an attack deals 5% or more of the target’s max HP. 

Follow the Quests

As you are new to the game, the only thing you should do is follow the quests given by the game. The game gives you a set of quests, and once you follow them, you can have a better progression in the game. You need to follow the given quests from the beginning to the end. And this is an essential task to complete when you are still a beginner in the game. 

Follow the Quests

For example, if the game instructs you to explore your surroundings, you should follow it. Following the quests will help you to understand the Arcane Odyssey Roblox better. Therefore make sure to follow the quests and complete them in this game. 

Gather Fruits and Food Items

When you see fruits, remember to collect them hurriedly because you need to eat fruits and other foods to gain hunger. If your hunger becomes zero, then you will die starving. Therefore, gather and consume fruits to keep up your hunger score and let your character survive in the gameplay. Never ignore fruits, and make your hunger score always up with them.

Gather Fruits and Food Items

Besides gathering fruits while exploring the map area, you can go to the food merchants you will meet in several places on the map to buy food. And also, you can sell your excessive food items to the food merchant to earn in-game currency. 

Arcane Odyssey Fights

Fights with pirates or other enemies are a common thing here. Regardless of the enemy you face, you need to be more careful attacking them. You should handle your weapons well to kill your enemies smoothly without risking your life on them. And also, you should not always strike enemies but defend yourself by dodging the enemy attacks perfectly. The enemies can be easily killed once you drain their health quickly. The better your strategies to kill your enemies using the best weapons, you can have perfect fights accepting only victory. 

Arcane Odyssey Fights

Do you know what will happen when you kill enemies? You will increase your experience points by gathering more experience points by killing the enemies. Enough experience points can improve your character’s level in this Arcane Odyssey Roblox game. What will happen when your character levels up here? The characters’ maximum health will increase, and the character will obtain new abilities. 

At the beginning of the game, you will only kill NPCs given in the game. But when you reach level 50 here, you can kill other players in the game to climb up the leaderboards and add their renown or fame for yourself. 

Open Chests to Gather Resources

In the Arcane Odyssey game, you will see chests lying on various spots on the ground. When you see chests, instead of ignoring them, open these chests. You will only know what is inside these chests once you open them. Therefore, put away your predictions about these chests. Just open them and gather what is inside these chests. 

Open Chests to Gather Resources

Some of these chests will include galleons, cannonballs, various types of weapons, etc.; all the resources you will obtain through these chests will be very beneficial for the rest of the gameplay. Therefore, make sure to open these chests and gather what they have to offer you. 

Equip the Best Armor and Gear

Gear and armor are the most remarkable things you must equip for your character. Various types of armor and gear are available to find through different means. When you collect them, they will be stored in your inventory, and you can equip your character with them through the inventory. 

Equip the Best Armor and Gear

There are different gear pieces, so that each type will give your character various statistics. Therefore, if you want to provide your character with different stats while making it more powerful, you must equip your character with the best armor, gear, and other accessories that provide the best statistics. 


So, these are the guidelines or tips that the beginner players like you should learn before playing this Arcane Odyssey game. Therefore, as you have the best guidance for the game, make sure to play the game well. Even if you are a new player playing this game for the first time, these guidelines will make you a pro player as you enter the game with good knowledge of what to do there. And also, when choosing magic, select magic ranked higher in the Arcane Odyssey tier list.

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