Arcane Fate Guide with Tips for All the New Players

Welcome to Arcane Fate, a multi-temporal idle adventure game in which you will play the role of the Protector of time and space, battling the Chaos Serpent and traveling through a variety of planets. You can enjoy a wide variety of playstyles in this game, including idle training, AFK leveling, summoning Guardians, researching magic, and more. Through this guide, we will show you the basics and tips you should know as an Arcane Fate beginner to easily get things started.

Arcane Fate

The game offers completely 3D settings, from the universe and stars to the ocean floor, giving an experience that is both visually spectacular and immersive. You have the ability to personalize your character and select from a wide range of talents and abilities in order to craft the ideal fighter for you. 

You will have the opportunity to acquire unique items, improve your character’s powers, and even call upon mighty Guardians to assist you on your journeys as the game progresses. The possibilities in Arcane Fate are virtually limitless due to the game’s extensive array of attainable skill combinations and strategic choices. Let’s begin.

How to Progress in Arcane Fate?

As you start playing Arcane Fate, you will realize there are a lot of things in the game that are there to restrict your progress. The main problem you will face is leveling your character. In Arcane Fate, if you can’t level up faster, you will not be able to do the campaign of the game. If you are confused about how the leveling system works in Arcane Fate, this is the basics of it.

How to Progress in Arcane Fate

The Arcane Fate is not going with the traditional quest Exp or allowing players to use one kind of resource to get character Exp as much as they want to level up their character. Instead, you will gain Exp automatically every 8 seconds regardless of whether you play or not, and then you have to ascend your character when you reach 100% Exp. 

If you are worried about what happens if you are not there to ascend your character when the 100% limit is rich, you don’t have to; because you can still generate Exp until it reaches 10000%. So you can log in to the game every few hours and raise your character level. 

How to Speed up the Leveling Process?

How to Speed up the Leveling Process

Then if you want to speed up the process, there are a few items like Soul Mixture, Wise Mixture, Enlightening Mixture, and inspiration scrolls you can use, but potions have a limit. You can use them, but the amount you can use increases with your levels. 

But using the inspiration scrolls is different because the amount you can use them does not change, and it has a time limit, so when you are using them, always use the inspiration scroll that gives the highest Exp first. 

The last way of speeding up your process is requesting help from the guild; when you request help from the guild, if everyone helps, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to reach 100% significantly. So when you are choosing a guild, always try to pick one that is active when you can play the game. 

Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

In the game, you can be a Novice, an Apprentice, a Magician, or a Mystic. If you are at the Apprentice level and another player beats you, you can ask for a mentor on the same server. Students can get a lot of experience points and help from mentors. When a student gets to magician level 1, they can graduate and become a teacher for other students. If you help a student, you’ll also get something in return.

How to Increase Your Combat Power?

The Arcane Fate gets really hard as you move forward. Since you will be fighting a lot of monsters at once all the time, if you do not work on raising your combat power, you will not be able to achieve all the goals of some quests and instances. So the next thing you have to know to play the game easily is ways you can raise your combat power. 

How to Increase Your Combat Power

Craft Your Gear Through Alchemy Lab

Your equipment is the first thing you should start working on to raise your combat power. But you will not receive any gear from the main quest or any other mode of the Arcane Fate. Instead, you will receive the material you can use in the alchemy lab to craft the Gear. Crating Gear is a simple daily process; all you have to do is select a blueprint and choose the resources from your bag. 

There are five grades of Gear: Wight (lowest), Green, Blue, Purple(second best), and Orange (best grade). At the beginning of your alchemy career, you will not make the best Gear, but as you make more and more Gear, you will be able to raise your skill and increase the chance of making Gear above Purple. 

Same as the gear grades; the material you can use for crafting has few grades. You can get higher-grade materials by hunting in higher levels of the campaign through the mystery shop, completing tower challenges, and the planar portal.   When you use materials above the Purple grade to craft Gear, you will accumulate luck points, and when your luck is full, you are guaranteed to create a gear above the Purple grade, but it resets after that. 

Upgrading Equipment

You can increase the bonus you get from your equipment by upgrading them, but until you craft epic or higher-level Gear, you should not worry about this. When you do, you can upgrade them in three ways. First, you can increase your main gear stats by boosting them; in every ten levels, you will have to use Dragon stone to do the limit brake. 

Once you do the limit brake for the Gear, you can use the enchantment function to increase the basic damage of the Gear. Then in order to Hone your Gear, you have to be at the level above Apprentice. When you hone your equipment, you can Increase the Base Attributes, increase the limit of boosting, and add a unique Hone effect to the Gear.

Acquire New Titles

The title you use also affects your progress; there are titles that give bonuses like crit, accuracy, hit, and attack, but if you want to increase your leveling speed, the title you have to use is World protector. This title increases your meditation bonus by 2%. You can get that by completing the main campaign. 

When you are crafting Gear, if you want to increase your chance of making legendary equipment, you have to use the Philosopher’s Heart. Getting this title is a little bit harder than others. First, you have to reach the eighth level in Artistic; then, you will be granted the title Philosopher’s Heart. You should not keep one title forever; remember to change them according to what you do. 

Things to Know About the Skills

The Arcane Fate has a few different skills, and once you unlock them, you can use any of them. To unlock a higher-level skill, you must first unlock and improve the one above it. You have to know what the abilities do and how to use them when you choose them. Here, we’ll show you what you need to know about them.

Things to Know About the Skills

The shield ability creates a protective barrier around you and reduces the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks. This can be particularly useful if you have low health or are focused on defensive strategies.

The fire, lightning, and water abilities all deal damage to enemies and may also apply a mark to the target. If an enemy has a mark of a particular element (fire, lightning, or water) on them, using a corresponding ability (fire, lightning, or water) will cause the mark to detonate, dealing additional damage. 

These abilities can be effective if you choose skills dealing elemental damage. The debuff ability is used to lower the attributes of enemies, such as their attack power, defense, or speed. The buff ability is the opposite of debuff and is used to increase your attributes or your allies.

The control ability allows the user to restrict the movements of enemies, hindering their ability to attack or defend themselves. This can be useful for disabling powerful enemies or in PvP combat to quickly win a battle.

The marked ability allows you to apply a mark to enemies, which can be detonated later on for additional damage. This can be effective for characters who specialize in setting up and executing combo attacks or for taking advantage of enemies that are vulnerable to marks.


Through this Arcane Fate beginner guide, we have shown the most basic things you need to know for successful gameplay. We hope they prove useful in your journey to become the best Arcane Fate player. Now it is time for us to end this guide. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day. 

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