Ant Legion: For The Swarm Guide and Tips for All New Players

Welcome to Ant Legion: For The Swarm, the city-builder game that takes you on a unique journey into the world of ants. As a player, your mission is to gather resources, defend your colony against enemies, and advance it to the highest level possible as quickly as possible. Ant Legion: For The Swarm offers a new experience compared to other city builders as your colony expands into the earth. To help you get started, we present our comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about the game.

Ant Legion: For The Swarm

Here we will provide you with the basics of the game, as well as tips and strategies to help you progress quickly and efficiently. In Ant Legion: For The Swarm, you will discover the secrets of these tiny creatures and learn about their habitat. You will build your empire from scratch by expanding your main nest and establishing colonies, connecting chambers through a complex network of tunnels, and fostering the strongest ants in your Legion.

To survive and thrive, you will need to battle for resources, collect water and food for your citizens, and protect your nest against predators. You can also form alliances with friendly swarms, ensuring survival through cooperation. Join us as we explore all the mechanics of the game to dominate someone’s backyard, one ant at a time. With the right knowledge and strategies, your swarm might just come out on top.

Ant Legion: For the Swarm: Growing Strategy

The gameplay starts with the queen escaping the dangers of the outside world and building her first breeding nest, and her nest is the HQ of your colony. How much you can level up your buildings, how far you can do the research, and the level of your ants depend on their level, so once you level up all the buildings, if you want to move to the next level, you have to level your queen. 

Time Management

At the very beginning of the Ant Legion, you will not have to think about the building time, but as you progress, you will see that building time gets longer per level, and you will only have access to one building queue. If you want to progress faster, the first thing you will have to do is save all the gems you get through completing the quest and achievement and buying the second building queue. This will allow you to upgrade two buildings at once and speed up your growth. 

Time Management

Out of all of your buildings, the queen layer takes the most amount of time to upgrade. In order to level up the queen layer to the next level, you need to have a certain building level up first. As soon as you reach the next level, you have to find what are the pre-required buildings that you need to upgrade and work on them. 

Then you should work on the building that takes the longest time first and start working on your queen layer with one queue, and while it is upgrading, start working on the buildings that take less time to upgrade. Through this method, you will not have to waste the time of your other queue until your queen layer level up. 

Commander Skills and Research to Invest in Ant Legion

If you want to catch up with your friends, the next thing you have to do is choose the right skills and research to invest correctly. Your commander skill has three talent sections called Economy talent, combat talent, and balance talent. If you want fast progress, you should forget about the defense and fully invest your talent point in the economy talent tree. This section allows you to gather resources faster, reduce building time, and aid you in evolving faster. 

Commander Skills and Research to Invest in Ant Legion

Once you have taken all the possible talents from this tree, you can invest in the balanced talent tree. Same as the economy tree, talent in this section helps you to heal units faster, regain stamina, increase rally speed, and more things that contribute to your economy. And same as these talents, you have to invest in your development section and Economy sections of the research building first, and once you have run out of them, you can think about the combat and defense sections.

Using this strategy may feel like making your defense lower to increase production. Since there is no level cap for attacking other players until you reach the top, there always will be someone to beat your village and take everything you have. But if you have a high-functioning economy, you can shake off the losses and continue progress without worrying about other players. 

Best Ant to Choose for Your Combat

There are mainly five kinds of ants in the Ant Legion: Melee ant, Heast Ant, Ranged Ant, Mover’s ant, and special ants that act as leaders. Melee ants have the highest HP and defense, but they lack the DPS; the range, and will deal the greatest damage, but they will die very fast due to their lack of defensive capabilities. The haste ants have the capability to move faster, deal decent damage and have good numbers on the defensive side. 

Best Ant to Choose for Your Combat

The selection of which type to use comes down to the combat you will be participating in. The melee ants are highly effective against the range ants, and range ants can be used to counter the haste ants, but if you want to get rid of melee, the haste ants are the best to use. The last category, the special ant, comes with extra buffs that boost a certain type of unit in the battle, so their selection also should be dependent on what they will provide rather than their combat power. 

Improve Your Combat Performance in the Ant Legion

When it comes to combat, having a strong and specialized army is essential. But what else can you do to improve your chances of victory? In this section, we’ll dive into some of the key factors that can help you perform better in combat. 

Build Your Ranks in Ant Legion and Specialize

Your army is the foundation of your combat success, so it’s important to invest in it wisely. Make sure to recruit a diverse range of soldiers, including different tiers and specializations. For example, you might want to include some ranged attackers, some heavy hitters, and some support troops in your ranks. Once you’ve built your army, invest in their training and development to maximize their combat potential. You can level them up by completing quests and battles and using Ant Feed to enhance their skills.

Utilize Cells, Totems, Genes, and Gear

In addition to your army, you can also gain an edge in combat by utilizing cells, totems, genes, and gear. These items can provide various bonuses, such as increasing your army’s attack power or reducing damage taken. However, you’ll need to unlock the Evolution Cave and upgrade it to access these items. Upgrading your Evolution Cave requires specific materials, which you can obtain through various means.

Utilize Cells, Totems, Genes, and Gear

To access genes and gear in Ant Legion, you’ll need to upgrade your Evolution Cave to Level 7. Once you’ve done so, you can equip your army with powerful genes that grant combat-related bonuses, such as increased attack speed or critical hit chance. You can also equip gear items that enhance your army’s stats, such as increased health or defense.

To earn cells and totems, you’ll need to reach Lv.15 and Lv.25, respectively. Cells provide bonuses to specific types of soldiers, such as increasing the attack power of ranged attackers. Totems, on the other hand, provide more general bonuses, such as increasing your army’s movement speed or resource production. Once you’ve earned these items, you can equip them in your army to give them an extra edge in combat.

Obtain Materials and Rewards

To upgrade your gear and genes, you’ll need to obtain specific materials. You can earn these materials by completing challenges within the Dark Cavern, claiming rewards earned for challenging predators and predator nests or finishing other relevant activities. Keep in mind that these activities will consume stamina and AP, so use them wisely.

Obtain Materials and Rewards

Build a Mantis Cave

Another way to obtain materials for upgrading your cells in Ant Legion is by building a Mantis Cave. Once your queen reaches Lv.15, you can build a Mantis Cave in your colony. Mantis Meat can be collected from the Mantis Cave without expending your marching queues and can be exchanged for materials required to upgrade and evolve your cells. The higher the level of your Mantis Cave, the better quality and quantity of materials you can obtain.

Claim Daily Activity Chests

Once your Evolution Cave reaches Lv.25, you can obtain totem-related materials from daily activity chests. To claim these chests, you’ll need to earn 120 and 150 activity points each day. You can earn activity points by completing various tasks and activities, such as gathering resources or participating in battles. Make sure to claim your daily activity chests to get the materials you need to upgrade your totems.

Join Daily Events

In addition to upgrading your army’s equipment, you can also hone your combat skills through Ant Legion daily events. These events can provide you with awesome rewards and help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. If you want to further increase your advantage, consider joining various events or purchasing relevant packs.

Join Daily Events


By following these strategies and staying committed to improving your army’s performance, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield in Ant Legion. We hope the information we provided is useful and end this Ant Legion beginner guide; thanks for reading. 

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