Anime Adventures Beginner’s Guide and Everything to Know

A game’s beginner guide is the best solution for the one willing to be the champion. So in this Anime Adventures beginner’s(Roblox) guide, we are ready to share with you all the things you should thoroughly know about the various Anime Adventures gameplays and how you can defeat the dark evils in each level. Because before you step into the gaming levels, you may know everything in the games to do a great battle against your opponents. Thus stay with this beginner guide and enhance your strength. 

There are different sections of Anime Adventures in the gaming arena. But do not worry. If you go through this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide, you can understand the practical tips, the characters, and every primary point you need to know while playing in the battles. You can quickly get to know each important tactic to clear your journey to victory. 

The Best Tips and Anime Adventures Beginner’s Guide

In this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide, we hope to discuss the best units, how to level up from the beginning, and numerous valuable tips you should know. So stay tuned with this beginner’s guide from the beginning to the end and become a champion. 

The Characters 

The Anime Adventures characters can be divided into multiple rarities. Here, you have rare characters, the trash, and the common ones, epic characters. Mainly there are legendary and mythic characters whom you need to add to your squad. All these are the current rarities of characters in the Anime Adventures gameplay. 

The Ways to Summon Your Characters 

Mainly in this Anime adventure, you need crystals to summon your characters. If you need to get crystals, you must start playing the game. Then you can summon your characters effortlessly. To summon your characters, you need 50 robots to summon each hero’s characters.

As well as, remember that if you have the VIP game pass, you need 40 robots to summon your characters. You can also spend your crystals on a boomer shop which is nothing more than a traveling merchant shop where you can buy items. 

These items can range from star fruits, materials for crafting evolution items, luck potions, more gacha stuff you do not want to get into, and evolution items. As we suppose in this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide, the evolution items are the best stuff to buy some characters. 

Also, the mythic characters can be evolved in the battles. If you need to evolve a character, go to the evolution building and go over there to evolve your character. But remember that you do not need money to spend on each character. 

So you have to play the game and craft items, and you can craft these items for specific characters only. For example, ultra-steel blades are obviously for Levy, and to craft that item, you need a lot of star fruits from different types. It would be best if you also had some gold which can be made by selling random units you do not want for the battles. And after you get the requirement of the character, you have to unequip it over here and talk with the evolution circle. 

The Gaming Modes 

You can find story and infinity modes, which you can play in the Anime Adventures. 

  • The story Mode: when it comes to the story mode, you need to go to empty rooms, and you can select the current world that you are on and you can choose one world. After you select the world, you can choose one act to play. And then, after you finish all the six acts of each chapter, you will unlock the infinite mode. 
  • The Infinity Mode: this is also a fundamental model you can use for as long as you want. Also, you can survive and be covered with gems for some of your characters; the best way to farm for gems is by playing infinity modes and reaching the highest waves you can get in the battle. Also, remember after you unlock the infinity mode, you can unlock a lot of valuable material while doing your battles. 

The Ways to Evolve Your Stuff 

To evolve, your stuff is going all the way to the right side and just talking to Beerus, or you could go into a time machine and get gems like that. But honestly, the best way to farm this game is just going into Infinite mode, farming up, forming up, and buying yourself anything that comes in the shop.

If you guys are having trouble getting units such as legendary and legendary units, the Traveling Merchant Shop also drops potions. A potion is a regular luck potion that could also boost your chances of getting a legendary or mythical a lot more, and it may take 300 gems to buy from this shop.

You can also use Mythical Star to evolve your particular units because you need two for evolution when trying to get units. Also, you could always talk to this shop owner, Bulma, and she could have something good on her. So in this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide, we highly recommend you always farm this area and check it out. 

Not only evolves, but you can also get traits on your units. You can follow a few steps, and you can have a chance of getting yourself A Shard. Also, it is a Mythic star Remnant, and you need five of these for mythical, and you need one for this for legendaries. Then you have a chance of getting that from summons, or you could go back to Bulma, and sometimes she has it in her shop for 400 gems. 

The Focus of the Story Mode 

If you mainly focus on the story mode, you will unlock essential material to do your battles more confidently and defeat your opponents. So we recommend in this Anime Adventure beginner’s guide that you make your attention more in story mode and become a grand champion. You can get new infinite modes and the attack on Titan infinite mode, which gives you many more gems than the one on Name.  

Also, we would like to mention to you guys that when you place units down their seconds, there is a delay to their attack because they also have attack animations and how this game works. Further, a unit does not land the attack until they land the animation. 

Do Not Spend Small Amount of Gems

In this Anime adventure, you do not want to spend a small number of gems in the battles. Because for instance, if the Birdies on the band run on the battlefield, you should need to get one of them into your account. But we suggest you wait for a moment in this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide; it will come back on the roster eventually.

If you try to save your gems, you can use them for better targets. Also, it is better to do large sums of a summons than just doing ones whenever you get gems. So do not waste your gems on tiny things and wait for the best. 

Finish the Daily Quests

The daily Quests in the Anime Adventures give you three-quarters of a summon. So that helps a lot; if you are wondering how to check out how to craft stuff, you go to the right side of the map and talk to Beeruh, who tells you everything. 

Some of these stars need two to look at this restraining necklace for Broly. Here, you need two of them, and there is also the ultra-blade for Levy. They are super important for enhancing yourself; we asked you from this Anime Adventures beginner’s guide to check the shop for Bulma continuously; also, guys, do not be scared to use your gems. 

Because when you use your gems, you summon for a unit, you could sell that unit for gold, and you need gold for evolving stuff. Also, remember that some units are different than others. So if you want or try to get the best version of the unit, but \honestly, there is not that much to tell you guys; the game is super simple, and it is pretty straightforward on how to get gems and everything.


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