An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Pixel Piece Roblox

If you are an anime lover, you have heard of the One Piece anime, a popular series of anime worldwide. And the game today we speak of, which the name is Pixel Piece, is a Roblox game developed and inspired by the One Piece anime. The game looks super awesome as it comes with pixelated graphics. You have many islands to travel through here, but first, you need to level up enough to acquire these islands. In this beginner guide, we are here to help you level up faster while achieving the best accomplishments. 

Pixel Piece

On each island, there are many quests you have to complete, and completing each quest is a key point to level up faster here. Besides the normal quests, there are boss quests you can complete. But they are much more challenging for you when you are a beginner. So here in this guide, we will explain a lot more astonishing facts about this Roblox Pixel Piece game that every beginner must know. 

Accept Normal Quests

The first thing you should do in this game is accept quests. You can see many NPCs in this game, some of which will give you quests. After navigating to the relevant NPCs, you should accept the quests. When accepting quests, you need to accept the level one quest first because they are the easiest and most convenient for beginners like you. You must accept and complete the quests until you reach level ten. Most beginner phase quests in the beginner island let you kill bandits. 

Accept Normal Quests

The more you kill bandits to complete quests, the quicker you level up. So until you reach level ten, you need to accept the quests. Even after that, you should complete quests to achieve higher levels. Completing these quests will be a great source of more EXP to level up in the game. So accept more normal quests and level up faster while earning gold in Roblox Pixel Piece gameplay. 

Boss Quests

Boss quests are the quests which are harder than the normal quests. And you need to accept these boss quests only when you reach level ten or higher. The boss quests let you fight against bosses and defeat them. When you defeat a boss, you prove that you are still not a noob but have improved to be a pro. 

Defeating bosses is not an easy task you can do in your gameplay. But once you level up in this game to level ten, you can try these quests. Most of the time, bosses take a long time to spawn. Therefore, even if you accept the boss quests, don’t wait until the bosses spawn. Instead, you should continue with the normal quests to level up faster. 

Buy Weapons

In this Roblox Pixel Piece, what you will need to do when you level up here is buy weapons. It is essential because the more you level up, the more powerful the enemies you meet. Having the strongest weapons to deal with enemies will help you to get rid of them easily and quickly. 

Buy Weapons

Therefore you should buy weapons by going to the shop in the game to get yourself the stuff you need. When you have the best weapons, it is always easy to kill the enemies. So you better buy weapons with higher statistics without being stuck with the same weapons for all the levels and game phases. 

Travel through Islands

In your first fifteen levels, you will complete the game on the island you spawn at the beginning of the game. Once you reach level fifteen, you can travel to another island. When traveling to another island, you should complete quests on the island you are on. Traveling through islands needs you to reach certain levels and needs certain items such as boats. After successfully gaining all of them, you can travel through islands to farm yourself in different game phases. 

Once you travel from one island to another, you should set your spawn location to the current island you are right now and doing it will prevent you from getting spawned on the beginner island. So setting the spawn location must be the first thing you should do after traveling from one island to another. 

Travel through Islands

Every island gives you different quests to complete and different enemies and bosses to eliminate. Therefore, you need to complete all of them to level up faster on each island and go to the other islands for the best gameplay. The islands you will travel to in this game are Roblox Pixel Piece Island, Shells Town, Orange Town, Vaill Island, Syrup Village, Shark Park etc. Each island is different, and you better go through all these islands while leveling up in this game. 

More Gold for Better Roblox Pixel Piece Gameplay

Whether you want to buy a weapon or a boat, you need more gold, so the only way to earn more is by completing quests. When you complete quests, you can obtain more gold. When you have enough gold, you can get anything you want from the in-game shop. As we said above, you must buy the weapons for better gameplay. 

More Gold for Better Roblox Pixel Piece Gameplay

And also you need boats to travel fast to other islands. Therefore the best way to earn more gold in Roblox Pixel Piece gameplay is by farming through the early-stage quests and killing more enemies. 


Roblox Pixel Piece beginner guide with tips is over now. Although the guide is over, you can start the gameplay better with what we have provided you here. Now that you know the best tips and tricks, use them and travel through all the islands to be the champion here. Get yourself in the state of the champion with the help we have given you in this guide.

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