An Ultimate Beginner Guide with Tips for Ace Racer Gameplay

Ace Racer is a mobile racing game exclusively designed for all racing lovers. With this game, you can simulate real racing vibes, and the game developers have added the best cars to give you a much better racing experience here. Most players are so curious about the Ace Racer codes to get exclusive bonus gifts, but you should be more concerned about learning new things related to the gameplay with some tips. So, enjoy this guide, which includes everything you should know about this gameplay. 

As you are looking for Ace Racer codes, you should look for some tips which you can learn from this guide. Because when you have the best tips, your gameplay progression will be accelerated faster, like you use nitro to boost your speed in this racing game. Without taking much time, let us hop into the guide and check what tips are helpful for you in Ace Racer gameplay. 

Use Nitro for Speed Boost

If you want to be a speed rider with the Ace Racer best car, nitro is your best option. When you have enough nitro filled, you can release the accumulated nitro at once, increasing the speed of the car. How do you accumulate nitro in this game? When you drift through the race track, your nitro gauge will be filled. 

So when you have the chance, make sure to perform drifts, as it helps you get more nitro that you can use to boost your speed. And also, after you gather enough nitro to release, you should use them at the most useful moments. Don’t waste nitro at useless times; when you see the moment that you should accelerate with more speed, that is the moment you should use all your nitro to boost your speed. 

Go for Practice Mode First in Ace Racer

Practice mode is one of the modes that you can try from the beginning of the Ace Racer game. Though there are many exciting game modes here, not all are unlocked for you, as everything will be unlocked with the progression you achieve. So, one of the game modes accessible from the beginning of the game is the practice mode. 

The practice is a long-term mode available for all the racers, and here in this mode, you can compete with different players worldwide on different tracks. And you can drift and perform speed boosts during the race to reach the top. When you use the practice mode, you can show off your skills while trying to become the first in the race. As this is a competitive game mode playing with another set of players, you can also make new friends. The practice mode matches are divided into two team matches and solo matches. 

In the team matches, two teams compete against each other, and the team members can work together to adopt different racing strategies. In these team matches, you will be matched with two other players randomly because there are three players for one team. 

The first, second, and third places of one team compete against the first, second, and third places of the other team. The leading team always gets a flag, and the winning team will have the most flags at the end of the race. In the solo mode, you can win by finishing the race in the top three rankings. So as you prefer, you can choose solo or team mode in practice mode. 

Ace Racer Career Mode Is Fun to Try

As mentioned in the topic, career mode is fun-filled and comes with lots of challenges. Here in this career mode, you can see three specific modes: gold race, timed race, and points race. In this career mode, you can try the Ace Racer best cars which are legendary cars with various max levels, to enjoy the thrill of racing at extreme speeds. As it is said that the career mode comes with three specific modes, let us see what they are separately by mode. 

  • Gold Race – Players should gather gold as much as possible in this racing mode. And also you can collect rings and diamonds other than gold. There is a time limit for this race, and before it runs out, you should gather gold, diamonds, and rings as much as you can to complete the challenge with more points. 
  • Timed Race – this is also known as a time trial, and in this race, the players need to complete a specific section of the track within the given time. The more time remaining, the higher the star rating. Therefore try your best to save more time. 
  • Points Race – this is also known as the score game, where the player’s goal is to obtain the highest possible score by selecting a car and speed ratio provided by the system and collecting points by beating various challenges. 

You can achieve more rewards in this mode by obtaining the highest possible star rating. Therefore, whatever the race you participate in here in this career mode, try your best to get the highest possible star rating to increase your rewards at the end of the game. 

Purchase Supply Chests

Supply chests give you various rewards, such as vehicles, parts, blueprints, and gold. When you go to the supply chest option, you can see the drop rates allocated for each reward obtained through these supply chests. This supply chest system works like the summoning system in other games. Ace Racer all cars you can get here have specific drop rates and for all other rewards. 

Here you can purchase one or ten supply chests at once using the gift cards. As this is a prize pool with many prizes other than the Ace Racer all cars available, you can purchase supply chests to get more rewards. The more chests you purchase at once, the probability of getting a better reward increases. So, take advantage of your chance to purchase supply chests in this game. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you can get a hold of one of the best cars mentioned in the Ace Racer tier list

Vehicle Upgrades

From the workshop, you can give your vehicle a better upgrade. Upgrading the cars increases their levels, making them much better and more useful during the races. Here you can use ultra-charge parts to upgrade your vehicles at the workshop. Besides the ultra-charge parts, you need gold to complete the process. When you level up your vehicle, your vehicle’s functioning will be much better, and you can unlock new features and statistics for your car. Therefore when you meet up with the required materials, you can give your car an upgrade. 

Daily Missions and Handbook Checklist

Daily missions would be a great source of resources for all the beginners who have just started playing the game. In the daily missions, you will see a set of missions to complete, and each mission gives you valuable resources as rewards for completing them. Other than the rewards for each mission you complete, you can get rewards for the activity points you gather by completing daily missions. 

Daily Missions and Handbook Checklist

The daily mission window is full of rewards, so as a beginner who dreams of having perfect gameplay, you should come here daily to check on the progression you have done completing daily missions. It will help you to get more rewards and also to get more progression. 

Besides the daily missions, the handbook is another way to get more rewards. The handbook provides you with a set of achievements you can complete, and you get prizes for each. When a player gets a new car, the handbook for that car will be unlocked, and you can see a set of achievements you should acquire using each car. 

Every handbook for each car has various pages, and you can complete achievements on one page to unlock the next page of the handbook. Completing these sets of achievements will let you claim more rewards. So when you start playing the game, come to the handbook to see the goals to be achieved using each car. 

Car Autocare

From the AutoCare section, you can modify your car, making it more stylish. The AutoCare option has many options, such as paint, decals, wraps, plates, rims, stances, and lights. You can adjust all of your car parts from all these options. Here you can adjust the paint from the paint option and choose various wraps for your character from the wraps option. Like this, you can modify your car through all the options available in AutoCare. When you modify your car using any options, you need tokens or gold to purchase what you need. 

Car Autocare


You only need some tips and tricks to become a better racer in this game with the best car out of Ace Racer all cars. And as you have read this guide completely, you have the tips and guidance you need to be a top racer. You need to start the gameplay and earn a top-tier car mentioned in the Ace Racer tier list. Then you can beat any opponent that challenges you in any game mode. 

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