Among Us: 05 Tips to win as a Crewmate

Among us a popular name, you hear these days. Is there anyone who doesn’t play Among Us these days? Probably not. This game reached about 400,000 players in its past streaming. So many papers are daily adding to this list. So you will need proper guidance for the beginning of the game. So here we start.

Among us is a game available for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms by Innersoth. The development and publishing of this game have done with the same company, and the initial release date of this was June 15th, 2018. So Among us is surely a multiplayer online game that belongs to the social deduction. The game is taking a theme of space, and every player of this game is taking one or two roles with them. Most of these players are becoming crewmates, and the predetermined ones are the imposters.

Among Us: 05 Tips to win as a Crewmate

As we said Among us a is a multiplayer game, so it takes 4 to 10 people of groups to play. Depending on the game’s setting, three of them are imposters, and the crewmates are responsible for identity on who the imposters are. Crewmates have to vote for imposters. But this process is going on a situation where imposters are trying to kill the crewmate. They try to kill as much as crewmates they can and try to reduce the number of crewmates. So they can be strong enough not to be voted out.

As a crewmate, you have to avoid getting you killed and fill up the taskbar. You have to fill the taskbar and find the ones who are trying to kill your crewmates. This procedure is getting skilful with the practice. So all the crewmates have to be mistrustful, communicative, and knowledgeable from their characters.

05 Tips to win as a Crewmate

Leading the role of the crewmate with right instructions will not be much simple task to do. It needs more practice and knowledge. So here we give you 05 basic tips for leading the role as a crewmate and these tips will surely help you to can success in the game. If you are enjoying the game, why not giving it a try. So let’s begin.

Moving as a Group

The best and easiest way to hide and escape from an imposter is to staying together as a group. If you are moving with a group, imposters can’t kill you. But remember that if there are two imposters, things may change a little bit. Your group of crewmates depends on the number of imposters available in the game.

Among Us: 05 Tips to win as a Crewmate

The imposters are capable of killing multiple numbers at one glance in a situation of working as a group. So always remember that if there are two imposters your group of crewmates should be five in numbers. Likewise, you have to build your group according to the numbers of the imposters. And also you have to be careful in sudden attacking of imposters. They launch attacks to break your team.

Keep Eyes on Players who are Completing Tasks

If you see a player who is in a task spot, don’t rush into them. You may think that they are friendly and safe. But it maybe not. They can act like completing tasks. If these players are completing a task, the taskbar should have to fill up. So always they need time to complete a task. If these players are starting to reach first instead of completing the tasks, yeah those are imposters.

Using Emergency Meetings

An emergency meeting is aimed at finding the killer. The main purposes of these meetings are like that. But you can always use this emergency meeting as a strategy for the gameplay. You can either choose to stay as a group or to request the people to watch you complete a task. As a player, you can use these opportunities to build on the game.

Sometimes these emergency meetings are held like a way to do illegal activities of crewmates and where imposters behave like arguing for their innocence.

Your Visual Tasks

Don’t try to waste your visual tasks ever. Visual tasks are specially designed for crewmates. So crewmates are the only ones who can do the visual tasks. So these tasks are very special. If you see someone who is completing a visual task, it is always 100% sure that they are in the clear. Those completing tasks may be MedBay or Laboratory.

If you try to do visual tasks without others present, you may reduce your chance of winning. Sometimes these visual tasks are called to be overpowered. So these tasks are not meant to be throwing away. If you save them for later, you can use them to preview your innocence in an emergency meeting.

Try to Fix the Sabotage

You don’t have to wait for others to fix sabotage. If all the members of the crewmates are trying to fix sabotage, then you will be going to lose the game. We know. The risk is high. There is a possibility o, not anyone going to fix the sabotage. This possibility gets increased when there is less amount of players.

If you actually in need of skipping, please remember to do it at the beginning of the game. But always keep in mind that sabotage is very useful for setting up traps. So always try to move your path in groups.

Among us will not be a much thing to complete when you use the skills on point and at the right time. Be the detective you ever wanted to be. Live in these rules, and surely you can grow up in the game Among us for a better long way. So why not trying?

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