Alpha Ace Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough

Alpha Ace is a first-person shooter, so it has a lot in common with other games in the same genre. There are parts that remind you of Valerant, and Counter-Strike, like games. Same as most modern online FPS games, Alpha Ace doesn’t have a storyline, but it does have a lot of other modes for you to play. In Alpha Ace, you and your team will get points for killing waves of enemies. 

Alpha Ace
Alpha Ace beginner's

There are different ways to get more points in the game, and some of them only work in certain game modes. Alpha Ace is more competitive than most other first-person shooters, which may make it harder for new players to get the hang of the basics and start having fun. In this Alpha Ace beginner’s guide we made for you; you’ll find everything you need to get started. Let’s start.

Alpha Ace: Help in Choosing the Right Weapon

In order to easily play any first-person shooter game, you first have to understand the game’s weapons and pick a weapon that is more suitable to your playstyle. In the Alpha Ace, you will find mainly five types of weapons. 

Alpha Ace: Help in Choosing the Right Weapon

Long-Range Weapons

Weapons with the scope are considered long-range weapons, and with them, you can eliminate your opponents from a distance, but they have a considerably low rate of fire, so if you want to stay alive longer, you have to position yourself in a cover and keep your distance from enemy players. 

Mid-Range Weapons

The next type is assault rifles; they have great damage but come with high recoil, so shooting through the sight will be considerably hard if your opponents are far away. They are best used in mid-range combat and are perfect weapons to use for defending bombs in demolition mode and retake. 

Close Range Weapons

If you want to get close to the enemies, you have two choices: either you can pick a shotgun, or you can choose an SMG type of weapon. Since a shotgun has a low rate of fire, if you are going to use it, you have to practice how to avoid getting hit until you can fire again, but shotguns have great damage, and you have the advantage of eliminating your enemies with one or two shots. 

But the best weapon to use for close combat is SMGs. Since they have good bullet spread, you really don’t have to worry about taking aim and you can easily shoot from the hip while moving. When you are rushing with SMGs, always rotate your movement to the left or right while firing. This will make you a hard target to hit, but you can keep the aim on your foes with ease.

So now you know what weapon type to use with different playstyles. The best thing you can do is pick one from early on and stick with it. This will help you to train your muzzle memory and make playing the game a breeze.  

Importance of Training Ground

If you have played many shooting games, you know that knowing how to handle the recoil and being able to aim quickly matters a lot if you want to get a high kill count. Since how recoil works is different from game to game, you have to train for it when you start playing a new game. 

Importance of Training Ground

Luckily Alpha Ace provides a training ground where you can go to test every gun in the game and allow you to even increase your accuracy with moving targets with its challenge option. Once you pick a weapon type, as we discussed earlier, you should go to the training ground and start practicing. 

In order to train for recoil, you should pick the two dummies, shoot one with your chosen gun until the full magazine is over, and then see where the starting point of shooting is and where the cluster of bullets appears. If you don’t see a bullet cluster on the body, adjust your starting position and shoot again. 

Through this exercise, you have to find where you should start shooting to get the cluster to appear on the dummy’s head. Then, when you are in a tough situation, you can just aim there and hold the trigger while moving to safety and get the kill. The starting position changes with distance, so you also have to charge the distance and practice it. 

Adjusting Sensitivity

Adjusting Sensitivity

The next thing that contributes to your success is how fast and accurately you can bring the weapon crosshair onto the position you want to shoot at. The first thing you can do to adjust this to your comfort level is going to game settings and changing your sensitivity. 

Before doing that, take the aim out of the target and see how many times you have to move the camera to bring it to the target position. If it is more than once, then you should increase your sensitivity; if your first swing takes the aim out of the target, then you have to lower your sensitivity. This way, you should change and adjust your aim to one move. 

Once you have done with all that, you can use the challenging mood to get used to the targeting. You can increase speed, turn on moving target options and practice for real scenarios. You should practice here at least once a day for a few days until you can aim and shoot with less stress. 

Understand Your Role in Each Mode

Alpha Ace provides many modes for its players, and the next thing that you need to understand while playing Alpha Ace is what you have to do in each mode of the game. 



In demolitions, as the assault team, your team’s job is to plant a bomb in one of the marked locations on the map and stop the defending team from defusing it. The player who gets the bomb to plant changes in every match. 

If you see you have it, you should not rush to the planting location; instead, move with your teammates and try to stay back. Then once you plant it, you have to split up and stop the other team from reaching the bomb. 

When you are playing as the defense team, if no one is taking initiative, you should communicate and give orders to cover the routes to bomb plant locations and ask them to let the team know where the other team is coming from. 

Once they do that you can surround the location and quickly eliminate them to win the match. The key to success in this mode is not engaging the enemy team alone and communicating with teammates. You should always attack as a team, or you will get killed faster. What we talked about here also applied to the retake mode. 

Titans Arcade

Titans Arcade

The next most difficult and fun mode in the game is Titans Arcade, where players who get a certain amount of kills can transform into a titan. Here you have two choices, either you can support one of your teammates to get the power or work toward getting it yourself, but no matter what you do, you have to avoid getting killed, or you will give the power to the other team. 

Sniper Team Clash

Sniper Team Clash

In order to play this, you have to have good communication with your team. So going into this with a group of friends is the best way to play this. The strategy you can use for this is using one or two team members to get close and flush the enemy team out of the cover. Other team members’ job is to kill the enemies that come out of the cover. You can take turns who do what and easily complete some of the game sniper achievements. 

Other modes of the Alpha Ace do not need much strategy; it only matters who gets the most kill count during the time period. But most of what we have discussed in the above three modes applied to them as well. In a team deathmatch type of game, your goal should be staying alive as much as you can because your death count raises the other team’s kill count. 


With this guide, we have provided you with the basics you should know as an Alpha Ace beginner. The success of a first-person shooter totally depends on your skill and how you play the game. Here we have shown you how to play it. Now it is up to you to practice and raise your skill in shooting. Now it is time for us to end this guide and thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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