Alchemy Stars

The central theme of Alchemy Stars is chasing the Light of the Thrilling, the latest adventure. There will be revolutionary line strategies of RPG. That will push this game from a new genre to a new dimension. You will find these magnificent stories with fantasy adventure, and you can look at a riveting world with magical elements and technological developments. There will be a light beam of Aurora, which has streaks throughout the stratosphere. You can go after this glowing, radiant light to the limits of the sky and even over that. You will see the outer boundaries of the universe there.

alchemy star gameplay

Alchemy Stars Game Features

  • You will see the Aurorians and Caelestities like Astra, who has lived from the initial stages.
  • It has passed more than hundreds of years of peace. That has been disturbed by an unexpected invasion by dark creatures. They are known as Eclipsites. The central controller of them is an unknown source of shadows.
  • Although Caelestites have all the powers, they will disrupt by Eclipsites. As the only survivor, you will face endless barriers when you begin this long journey of life. That has more underground roots.
  • After 17 years, you will find an Aurorean. That will come back to the surface and spread the shining lights.
  • As there is an irreversible reality, you have to be friendly with Aurorians. They will be your backbone. You can command the Colossus. He is a relic from an ancient civilization, and there will be sacred towns and intricate desserts. You can look the light in the loyal bond of your friends. All of them have different personalities. At the correct time, you can lead the morning and make your own story. That will become the dazzling light of the future world.
  • There are unique arts and graphics in the game. A talented pool of team members in the game has illustrated all the Aurorean characters with details. There will be battle animations where you can watch their origin and the life story.
  • You will find world-class voiceover talents in the game when you dive into this fantasy world. That will take the characters into life with the support of Aurora.
  • You will see unique characters with fantastic personality features.
  • The vice of the game, and you have to find a more gentle member of the Illumina Federation. He is more intelligent and enthusiastic throughout the game. You will discover Carleen, who is the Lumo Gardens Caption. Shee has born into a wealthy family and has a good idea about justice. There will be Istvan, who is the leader of Umbraton. Loyality is of the utmost importance for him with decisive decisions. You will Kleken as the infamous trickster of Umbraton with the ability to be without batting an eye. There will be Sinsa, who is an energetic leader in the Rediesel Wrench. As he has a free life, he has many Comrades. You will see Bethlehem as the ruler of Northland. He can manage any issue with grace.
  • You can experience an innovative game with the original turn-based battles. There will be elemental attributes with the optimal planning of attacks, and you can choose auto battling. That mode is available for you, the casual gamers also.

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