Age of Legends: Origin Guide, Tips and Tricks – Getting Started as an Adventurer

Age of Legends: Origin is a classic role-playing game where you are summoned to the land of miracles to defeat the monster bosses such as Daemon and their minions. The land of miracles is full of monsters; wherever you go, you will meet monsters to defeat. No need to worry about the battles because you can proceed with the auto-combat option letting the AI handle your character completely. But to be victorious, some essential things should be done by you, so to know what they are and the best tips, read this Age of Legends: Origin beginner guide. 

Age of Legends: Origin

With this beginner guide, you will understand the best tips which you need to know to start your gameplay as an adventurer. The quests are the first helpers you meet in your gameplay to level up. While completing quests, you will level up faster, acquiring many other features to your Age of Legends: Origin gameplay. Since you are doubtful whether you can be successful as an adventurer in the land of miracles, let us take you into a more confident state, improving your play style with this Age of Legends: Origin beginner guide. 

Warrior, Assassin, or Mage

Warrior, assassin, and mage are the three choices of heroes of different classes, and you can choose one of them. The warrior is a character that uses a sword to deal with enemies, and it has the best HP and defense attributes. The warrior has three specific skills: sword of destiny, wave chop, and split and splash. 

Warrior, Assassin, or Mage

The assassin is another character with the best attacking skills and crit rate, which are advantages in battles. This is a fast character that loves to assassinate enemies very quickly. The assassin’s skills are whirling hit, phantom assault, and volley. 

The last character choice is a mage that uses magical spells to attack enemies. And the mage has the perfect hit rate for enemies with better defense and attack skills. The skills of a mage are ice floe, icicle trap, and tornado. 

Each character choice comes with male and female versions so that you can freely choose any of them for your gameplay. Every character has the same set of attributes but with different values. So when choosing a character, analyze all their attributes and skills, and then you can decide who will be your perfect character choice in this Age of Legends: Origin game. 

And then you have to choose a weapon and a cosmetic or an armor for the character you choose. After choosing the perfect costume and artifact, which is a weapon, you can give your character a name and enter the gameplay. 

Auto Questing

Every Age of Legends: Origin beginner player has to go through a phase where quests are the only possible things to complete within the game. Whenever you complete quests given in the game, you can level up faster and then advance your gameplay. So make sure to complete quests. When completing quests, you must go through different destinations to battle against different enemies. 

If you think it is hard to find the route to different destinations to complete quests, tap on the auto option shown in the bottom right side of the gameplay screen to turn on the auto quest option. 

Auto Questing

When turned on, the character will complete all the quests automatically, reaching different destinations and locations without your aid once you tap on the quests to complete. When this auto option is turned on, your character will battle on its own using different skills without any aid from yours during the battles. 

Kill Monster Bosses for Advanced Rewards

Whenever you enter a boss battle and defeat a monster boss you battle against, you can get more advanced and the best rewards for your gameplay. Completing quests gives you rewards too, but the rewards you can obtain by killing bosses are multiple times advanced and much better. Therefore try to enter boss battles and defeat them for the top-tier rewards. The monster bosses you meet in this game are daemon boss, nightmare boss, solo boss, boss isle, and time boss. 

Kill Monster Bosses for Advanced Rewards

Each monster has versions of different levels. For example, the daemon boss has three versions of three levels: level eleven, level twenty, and level thirty. But we suggest you first battle with the lowest-level version of each boss enemy once you unlock them. The higher the monster boss version you challenge, the higher the rewards you can earn by defeating them. 

In the beginner phase, only the Daemon boss is unlocked for you to defeat. Still, when you continually play the Age of Legends: Origin game, you can unlock other bosses to challenge their different versions and get the best rewards. 

Enhance Gears to Increase Attributes

In this Age of Legends: Origin game, your character will be leveled up automatically by gathering EXp through different means, such as completing quests, killing monsters, etc. You should engage in more in-game activities to level up your character fast. Besides leveling up, you can enhance gears equipped in your character to provide additional battle strength. You can tap on the gear you need to enhance and then tap on the forge. 

Enhance Gears to Increase Attributes

You will move into the gear enhancement option automatically, and then you can auto-enhance the gears using the enhancement stones gathered in your gameplay. Every time you enhance gears, your character’s battle power will be increased. So upgrade the gear pieces when you have enough enhancement stones in your gameplay. 

Upgrade the Skills

According to the character class you choose, you will get a set of skills, and when you have enough gold, you can upgrade the skills. Every time you upgrade a skill level using gold, the effect provided by the relevant skill will be increased. Since skills are essential in battling with enemies and monster bosses, make sure to upgrade your character’s skills to provide better skill effects during the gameplay. 

The skills are the ones that do greater damage to the enemies during the battles. Upgrading them will increase the power of your characters massively. So use gold and upgrade your skills and strengthen your character. 


These are the best tips and tricks you can use when playing this Age of Legends: Origin game. As we all know, this is about clearing the boss enemies and their minions while completing an adventurous journey in the land of miracles; you must understand that things will not be too easy for you. You are going to face endless challenges through this gameplay. So use these tips and tricks when you play the game by storing all of them in your mind. 

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