Age of Evolution Beginner’s Guide and Gameplay Tips

age of evolution Beginner's Guide and Gameplay Tips

Excited to go back to the ancient ages, which were in the world before this information age? If it is a yes, then you have arrived at the perfect gameplay guide in which we discuss the Age of Evolution, one of the best games that suit you. Though you are an astronaut who went to space to explore it, a mysterious force made you go back to the ancient age. So many challenges will come when you are in the ancient age instead of the modern age, but with this guide, you can learn the best gameplay tips you should use here. 

Age of Evolution

Thanks to this game, you will time travel to the ancient era from the modern age, and you can help the civilization to evolve from one age to another successfully using your knowledge about modern civilization. But with the tips and tricks you will find while reading this guide, you can make your Age of Evolution gameplay much smoother than ever before. So hop into this guide and see what awesome tips we brought. 

Build System in Age of Evolution

In this Age of Evolution game, you should construct buildings and facilities for your civilization. With the building system, you can add buildings for your civilization, making it prosperous in every aspect. As your main goal is to help the civilization you are forced to enter, you should build it by adding different facility buildings using the build system in the game. 

Build System in Age of Evolution

You can add economic and military buildings to improve your civilization and some accessories to make it look beautiful. Developing your civilization with the build system costs you resources and time. But regardless of how costly they become, you should add various buildings and build your civilization. 

After you build various constructions in your civilization, you need to upgrade the level of each building to increase its efficiency. There is a rate of functioning for each building, but when you upgrade them, you can increase their functioning. 

Alliance to Improve Your Military Strength

One of the best methods to increase your military strength by connecting with more allies is joining an alliance. An alliance is like a clan in the other games, so you can experience more benefits once you join an alliance in this Age of Evolution game. Joining an alliance lets you get to know the players who play this game and become allies, and also, you can learn the top tricks and tips they use during the gameplay. Joining this will let you can participate in exclusive events only available for the alliance members. 

Alliance to Improve Your Military Strength

These events include the aerospace base, the battle for Wonders, the operation trap, the gold rush, and the alien verse invasion. Each of these alliance events has different rules to follow and different missions to achieve. And also, you can get various rewards by participating in the alliance. In the beginner phase of the game, the alliance is not an option available for you, but once you unlock it, you can enter the alliance and get to know more players for your help. Joining an alliance with a higher reputation and power will be much of a help for you. 

Arena to Participate in

This is happy news for all PvP content lovers. Yes, this Age of Evolution game offers an arena where you can participate in Player versus Player battles. These battles are hard and competitive as you will play against another real player. So you need to be very cautious about each battle you take part in and use the best tactics in your sleeves to surprise your opponent with what you got. 

The arena lets you take part in five challenges per day, and all these chances have no entry fee as they are free. But if you want to participate in the arena battles, you need entry tickets even if you have no free chances. The arena is seasonal, meaning there are seasons in the arena that are time limited. 

At the end of the seasons, you get rewards according to the ranking in the arena. Therefore with that in mind, try to get more rewards by upgrading your ranking in the arena in the Age of Evolution game by earning more victories during the arena battles. 

Collect Resources in Age of Evolution

Here in this game, you need some resources for everything you do. Therefore resources become a significant part of this game. The basic resources you need for almost everything are food, stone, iron, and wood. You can gather resources in many ways, and using all these methods, you should collect resources as much as you can. 

Collect Resources in Age of Evolution

For what things do you need resources? You need resources to construct buildings and train troops, and there are more things you can do when you have enough resources. Since the resources are essential, collect more than enough resources. If you do not have enough resources, it will be hard on you to progress in the gameplay. 

Out of all the methods to gather resources, one of the best ways is by going through wild resource sites. These wild resource sites have plenty of resources; therefore, gathering as many resources as you need will be easy. 

But when gathering resources from the wild sites, you need to be cautious about the other players’ attacks, as there is a risk of your troops getting attacked by them. If you lose the battle, you will lose all the resources you have already collected, so it is better to be more cautious and get prepared for any kind of enemy attack at any moment. 

Besides collecting resources from the wild, you can get resources from the buildings in your city that produce resources. With resource production buildings, you can earn resources for your gameplay easily. With all these methods, you should collect resources and increase your resource collection. 


Though the tips and tricks guide is finished from now on, you can use all these tips and tricks for your Age of Evolution gameplay. While using these tips, you can have good gameplay and quickly evolve from one age to another successfully. So using this help, we wish you to earn a good progression in your gameplay with many victories and prizes.

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