Age of Apes Guide for All New Players with Best Tips and Tricks

Age of Apes Guide for All New Players

The era of humans has ended, and now this is the era of apes. This is what you will experience in this Age of Apes gameplay. As the player, who are you here? You will be the captain who leads your clan to accomplish the goals they want to achieve. Building a better place for your apes clans to live and ensuring that the city is secure enough are some of your responsibilities as a captain. Wanna know more about the game in detail? Then, take your time to read this Age of Apes guide for all the new players like you including the best tips and tricks. 

The beginning of the game seems simple, but the more you continue to go deeper, the more you will find the game exciting and challenging. As this game is build-and-battle strategy, you must understand this Age of Apes gameplay to succeed in playing it without being stuck in one position, not knowing what to do. So, this is the best opportunity to learn about this Age of Apes game and make sure you will take max benefits from this opportunity. Therefore, hop into the guide and read everything to make yourself better at this game. 

Ensure the Fighters Are Strong Enough

Fighters are important in the game as they help you win battles easily. No matter how tactical you are in wars or battles, sometimes your tactics will not be enough to make you win the war, and that is when the fighters come in handy for you. The fighters come with different rarities, and having the Age of Apes best fighters will benefit you in every aspect. 

Keeping your fighters in enough strength is an essential task because of their influence on your gameplay to improve it. One method of strengthening your Age of Apes best fighters is increasing the level of the fighters through using the EXP. When using EXP, it will upgrade the level of the fighter making all of its statistics boosted up. 

Another method of strengthening the Age of Apes best fighter is unlocking skills and upgrading them through collecting medals. When upgrading skills, the effects of skills will upgrade; therefore, the fighter becomes powerful. The other method of boosting the strength of your fighters is by increasing the star tier of the fighters. Upgrading the fighter star level will increase the power and unlock new skills for your fighter. Using all these methods, ensure your fighters are strong enough to beat down any enemy troop easily. 

Build a Better Place for Apes

As the captain, you need to build a better place to live for your apes’ troops. But how can you build a better place for your apes? All you have to do is tap on the build option shown on the game’s main screen and create new buildings in your city that the apes live in. When the city is rich in all necessary infrastructure facilities, it will make the apes comfortable living there. So, you must build the required buildings when it is the right time to do so. 

Here you can build shooters’ camps, wall breakers’ camps, hitters’ camps, etc., to train different kinds of troops. When you have all kinds of troops, your apes’ army will be much stronger, and you can make max use of your fighters, assigning them to command the troops they are comfortable with. 

You can build medical stations where you can use them to heal the wounded troops. You can build research labs to invent the latest technology for more magnificent explosions. And also there are many decorations that you can use to make your apes’ town more beautiful. 

Each building you place in your town will give you benefits and resources to make the Age of Apes gameplay much better. Therefore, upgrade the building using the resources required to increase its output or effects. 

Upgrade the City Hall

City hall is like the headquarters of the city, and upgrading it is one of the most crucial things you must do. Here, the level of the city hall is very important to proceed in this game. For example, as we said above, you can place various kinds of buildings through the build option. But not all the buildings are open for you to place in your city because some facilities require a specific city hall level to be unlocked. 

This is how the upgrading of city hall becomes an important task here. When you upgrade the city hall, your overall power of the city increases, you can unlock new features, and also you will unlock buildings. 

Check on Colin’s Explorations

Colin’s explorations are another important thing you should go and check. In Colin’s explorations, you can see quests shown in icons with different colors, green, red, blue, purple, and yellow. Each color represents a difficulty level of the quests. Remember, the more difficult the quests are, the higher the quality of the rewards you obtain. 

Colin updates quests for you regularly, and you can come to this section through the Explore feature shown on the game’s main screen. In these quests, you will have to perform attacks, explorations, or battles against enemies. As long as these quests allow you to earn rewards, it is good to complete them. 

Join a Gang in the Age of Apes

As we help you to have good gameplay through this Age of Apes guide, the next thing we recommend for you to do is join a gang. What is a gang in this gameplay? A gang is like a clan that you can see in other role-playing games. Joining a gang will allow you to enjoy many benefits in the game. But the Gang option will only be unlocked once you complete several chapters in this gameplay. 

The gangs are awesome because you can get help accelerating your construction, research, and healing of the wounded army troops. You can exchange the necessary resources if you lack any resources to complete a task in the game. But not just the resources; you can send and receive troops to make your battles easier. 

The game allows you to join or create a gang, and you can choose the best method. When joining a gang, consider the level of the gang where you can think that the gang is strong enough and has a good reputation. Once you join a gang, you can rally with the gang members, receive gifts, and complete gang missions to help the gang level up easily. You can help the members in need here too. 

Overview of Age of Apes Gameplay Wars

You will see the land you own at the beginning of the game is very small, but you can go through clearing the fog and expanding the land when you continue playing this game. When you continue playing the game, clearing chapters and expanding the land you own, you will encounter enemy troops camping in various areas. If you encounter enemy troops, the game will allow you to battle against them and possess the land plot for you. Let us read an explanation about the wars in this game. 

Before challenging the enemy troops, you can see the number of phases in the war and the rewards you can obtain after completing all the phases in the battle. The moment you enter the battle will be when you can see the objective of the fight. Here, the objective of the war is to take over all the buildings shown in the location. If you can take over all the buildings, it will decide that you are the winner of the war, and all the enemies are already defeated. 

You must draw paths between each building to take over the buildings shown on the game screen. It will be done as follows. Here you can see the buildings you own and the buildings enemies own. You can draw paths from your building to enemies’ buildings to take over them. 

Once you draw routes connecting each building while gradually taking over them will help you win the battles here. And also, you can use your fighters to buff your buildings or destroy the buildings of enemies according to what they are specialized in. Also, if necessary, you can increase the speed of the wars too.  

Recruit Fighters

As we said earlier, when you have better fighters, you will effortlessly conquer the whole Age of Apes gameplay. But how do you earn fighters here? Build a tavern in your city and go to its recruitment option that shows you two banners to recruit fighters. In the Basic Banquet, you will only have the chance to recruit epic fighter medals and rare fighters. But in the Deluxe Banquet, you can earn epic and legendary fighters with epic and legendary fighter medals. 

In the Basic Banquet, you can recruit one free character and two characters using two Basic Banquet Vouchers. In the Deluxe Banquet, you can have a free chance after several days or recruit fighters through Deluxe Banquet Vouchers. So, recruit more and more and expand your fighters’ collection. 


With what we have included, the victory of the gameplay with a good progression is easy for you. So, get ready to go to a world where apes become rulers and help the apes to accomplish their ambitions as a captain. Once you do so, make sure to follow the guidelines given in this Age of Apes guide.

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