Age of Apes Best Fighters for the Best Gameplay

What will happen to the world if apes rule it? Are you curious about it? Then you surely must play this Age of Apes game where you will play in a world where apes are rulers. You have to build a city for your clan to live in, you have to train troops to fight against evil apes, and also you have to have the best fighters on your side to ensure your victory. Therefore, today’s guide’s concern is about the best fighters in this game. The Age of Apes best fighters are essential in battles to have a sudden boost of your strength. Therefore, let us get to know the top ones. 

Age of Apes best fighters

The Age of Apes fighters come in different tiers, rare, epic, and legendary; among all these rarities, the best fighters come in the legendary tier, which is not a secret. And the least powerful ones belong to the rare tier. But regardless of what tier of the character, you can see powerful fighters that perform well in the gameplay. So, that is why we are here to help you understand which characters are the best and their skills that make them unique from others. After knowing the Age of Apes best fighters, being the best clan will be done effortlessly. 


Rams is a legendary tier fighter, a must in this list of Age of Apes best fighters. This character is a perfect choice for map and garrison battles. No matter how to lower his power, his modified doors acting as a shield greatly reduces his battle loss probability. He is a better defender than an attacker. The skills of the Rams are as follows. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillInfallibleRams’s modified doors become his shield for four seconds resisting massive damage. 
Passive SkillEye for an EyeTroop attack increases by 20% for two seconds. 
Few Against ManyTroop defense increases by 0.6%, and normal attack damage reduction increases by 6%.  
Critical ComebackNormal attack damage and the health of the troops increase. 
Talent SkillMilitary MightIncreases the troop capacity by 3%. 
Iron FortressIncreases the damage reduction of troops under this fighter by 3%. 
Total DefenseTroops gain 3% increased counterattack damage. 



Maverick is one of the Age of Apes best fighters that belongs to the epic tier. And he is a pilot fighter and the top choice for free-to-play or low-spenders players. There are many skills for Maverick, and through these skills, you can have more benefits on the battlefield. Ensure you pair this Maverick with the best fighters like Oscar or Darcy to have the top results. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillDive & ShootIgnites his engine to fly over the battlefield to damage three enemy troops within the circular area. 
Passive SkillAttack FormationIncreases the attack power of pilots in this fighter’s troops. 
Uranium PropulsionIncreases the health and marching speed of the pilots under this fighter. 
Repairing ManeuversHeals lightly wounded units under his command.
Talent SkillPreparedIncreases defense of this character’s troops for ten seconds. 
Reckless PilotingTroops of this fighter gain increased marching speed and defense. 
Aerial ThreatIncreases the attack and defense of troops by 1%. 



This is also among the best fighters in the Age of Apes game, and this fighter, Oscar, is a legendary character. The mad rider is another name for this fighter. Close combat and long-range combat are not matters for Oscar as he has good combat and hunting skills. Compared to the other characters, beginner players will find this character easy to develop even at the beginner stage of the game. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillDragon’s BreathUnleashes his dragon Rex dealing damage to three enemy troops while spraying flames. 
Passive SkillBattle VestTroops under this fighter gains increased damage against neutral units. 
High Rate of FirePilots in Oscar’s troops gain increased attack and marching speed. 
Partner in CrimeHeals lightly wounded units to increase their skill damage from 20%. 
Talent SkillOn AlertPilots in this fighter’s troops gain increased defense and health for ten seconds by 10%. 
Legendary RiderIncreases the troops’ damage under this fighter for sixty seconds after each victory against neutral units. 
Exhaust PipeIncreases the normal attack damage of the troops. 



Maximus is a great Age of Apes fighter who belongs to the legendary tier of this game. This fighter is good at dealing damage to the cities and buildings and beating up any enemy unit, making Maximus a better damage dealer with great attacking skills. Even though this character is powerful, you can acquire him easily, even at the beginner phase of the game, when the requirements are met. 

Since this character has different skills, you can use each skill at various moments. When we talk about the appearance of this fighter, he wields a massive barbell and a massive shield which makes this character look aggressive and strong at the same time. The skills of this character are as follows. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillDevastating BlowStrikes and deals damage to three enemy troops within a circular area. 
Passive SkillThrill of BattleTroops under the command of Maximum have a 15% chance to gain increased damage when attacking cities. 
Revitalizing Presence20% chance of troops under this fighter gain increased attack and defense when troops are reduced to less than 50%. 
Siege CommanderTroops under this fighter gain increased attack and defense when the troop contains three or more different unit types. 
Talent SkillHold the AdvantageTroops of this fighter gain healing when activating an active skill.
Champion of the ArenaIncreased attack and defense for the troops under this fighter when attacking cities. 
Masked GladiatorIncreased attack and health for the troops under this fighter.


How can we forget Bazell, the beast in our guide about the Age of Apes best fighters to use in combat? This is a perfect character if you love playing defensive as this is a defender. Since this character has good defense skills, pair him up with a fighter like Fiona to have the perfect balance between attacking and defending. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillManiac ModeHe enters the berserk mode to heal himself while reducing the damage he takes. 
Passive SkillCounterattack RampageHitters of his troops gain increased attack. 
Thick SkinnedThe defense of the hitters under Bazell increased by 6%. 
Indomitable WillThe health of the hitters increases by 5%. 
Talent SkillCall to ArmsIncreases the attack and march speed of the hitters in his troops by 3%. 
Standing FirmWhen defending cities, his damage reduction increases by 1%. 
Self CuredBoosts healing powers by 3%. 

Duke Sean

Duke Sean

Duke Sean would be the final fighter we mention in our Age of Apes fighters guide. Duke Sean is known as a Rage Hunter with healing skills. This character is powerful with a troop focused more on shooters as he offers great boosts for the shooters. Compared to the other fighters, such as Louise Armstrong, he can maximize the combat power of the units. 

Type of SkillSkill NameSkill Effect
Active SkillSteel BiteSummons his robot dog to bite the enemy while dealing continuous damage to five enemy troops within the range for two seconds. 
Passive SkillWild FirepowerShooters under this fighter gain health increment.  
Shining DistractionThe defense of the shooters under this fighter increases.  
Brothers in ArmsIncreases the shooters’ attack under this fighter. And also, there is a 20% chance for the recovery of Rage.  
Talent SkillHerbal RemediesWhen only the shooters are in the troop under Duke Sean, their attack and damage dealing against hitters will increase. 
Calamity TroopsTroop capacity increases by 3% with increased attacks.  
Deadly TrapSkill damage of the troops increases by 6%. 

ConclusionUsing these Age of Apes best fighters, achieving victory will not be a dream for you anymore. Therefore, start playing the game now, achieve these Age of Apes best fighters, and pair them with the best match to have perfect and smooth gameplay over all the fights.

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