AFK 2: Journey Tips, Guide and Tricks – A Complete Walkthrough

AFK 2: Journey

A journey in a 3D fantasy world with endless battles, numerous heroes, and strategies in use! Yes, we were talking about the AFK 2: Journey Android game, a role-playing game with many unique features. The game is enjoyable, especially if you love open-world games with different maps to conquer. Since you wanted to enjoy the game much better than just being a beginner, we made this guide especially for you, including all the tips and tricks you should know. 

Throughout the gameplay, you must deal with different enemies and enemy bosses. If you only have the top strategies, you can win over them successfully. Since you are a beginner, we bet you don’t have any tips. But now that you have decided to read this guide, you will know the best tips you should know to use during the gameplay. Are you ready for smooth gameplay in AFK 2: Journey Android gameplay? Start reading this guide right now. 

Noble Tavern to Recruit Heroes

You will get heroes for your gameplay through the gacha mechanism called the noble tavern. The heroes play a significant role, and you need to get more heroes with higher tiers for your gameplay to make everything awesome here. So you should go to the noble tavern and recruit the heroes you need. You can recruit one or ten heroes at once according to the number of gacha-summoning currencies you already have. 

In this recruitment system, not only can you get heroes, but also you can get the materials that you need to ascend heroes. Let us see the gacha rates for the heroes in this noble tavern gacha recruitment system. 

As you can see, the best heroes, the epic ones, are harder to get, while the elite ones are easy to obtain. Although this seems unfair, don’t get discouraged; recruit more and get more heroes in the highest rarity. 

Ascend Your Heroes

When you have duplicates or copies of the same heroes you have collected in the game, you can use them to upgrade your characters through ascension. When you ascend a hero, it increases the power, skills, team’s overall power, and level of your heroes in a wide range. So it is good to ascend your heroes for a greater power boost within your characters. 

One of the top things that happen with the ascension process is the rarity of your hero increases. With the rarity, everything related to the hero will be increased massively. According to the hero’s rarity, the number of duplicates needed to ascend the hero will be decided. The greater the rarity, the more materials it requires. Since this is a perfect tip for your gameplay, take maximum use of you. 

Arena in AFK 2: Journey Android Gameplay

If you were worried that there would be no game mode that lets you show off your skills challenging other players, now you have to stop it as there is an arena for you. When you enter Everlight, you can see the arena section. The arena is a PvP section where you can challenge the players and show them who the boss is here. 

With all the victories you get from the arena, you can increase your PvP arena ranking, and then you can earn rewards according to your arena ranking. Here you will participate in battles against players from all over the world; therefore, create a top squad before starting the battle. 

Every time you enter the arena, three random players will pop us, and then you can choose one of them to battle. Or you can refresh the opponents, and the game allows you to refresh the opponents five times per day. 

In order to take part in the arena, you have to spend tickets, and you need to challenge the players and defeat them to increase your tier in the arena rankings. According to the tier you are in, you can get rewards. So try to challenge the opponents with lesser battle power than you are and defeat them to increase your ranking. 

How to Forge Gears in AFK 2: Journey Gameplay

Gear is another main factor that you can use to empower your characters in this gameplay. Even if you have the best characters stated in the AFK 2: Journey tier list, you still need to think of powering up your characters, and one way for that is by equipping gear items. Unlike in other games, here you don’t have to equip the gear items for each hero separately. In this game, the gear items are class-wise, adding special effects for all the characters in a specific hero class. 

The gear items come in various tiers: basic, intermediate, expert, elite, and advanced. The highest gear rarity is expert, and the lowest gear rarity is basic. The higher the gear rarity, the higher the attributes and effects it provides for your characters. 

Speaking of the gear items, we can’t neglect the forging process, which is essential to upgrade the gear items. When forging, you need shards and gold, which can be easily obtained by participating in quests, campaigns, etc. 

When you forge gear items, all their attributes will be increased, making the gear more powerful. So don’t ever neglect to forge gear and make them powerful. Even if you have the top-tier heroes mentioned in the AFK 2: Journey tier list, you should follow this method to add more power for your heroes. 


With the help of the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide, you can have successful gameplay in this game. Though you now know more things that make you successful, you need one more thing that gives you extra rewards: the AFK 2: Journey codes. The AFK 2: Journey codes will provide you with exclusive rewards for free. So don’t forget to get updated on the codes and have great gameplay with all the tips and tricks mentioned here.

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