Aether Gazer Tier List and Reroll Guide – August 2023 for All the Heroes

Aether Gazer Tier List

The most anticipated game Aether Gazer has finally launched, and it comes with many characters ready to blast your way through. This futuristic ARPG has everything that you need it to have as a game, and there are a lot of combat mechanics that you have to deal with in this world. So, if you really want to make it up for the best combat turn, paying attention to the Aether Gazer tier list is a must.

Aether Gazer tier list

All the Aether Gazer beginners, you better be aware that this is not your typical game with easy combats because you must put your all to make it up for top-tier performance. So you must go through the Aether Gazer reroll steps as well as the top tier heroes from the Aether Gazer tier list because that is how you begin to succeed in this game. So let’s see what we have in your character roster first and then move on to the reroll steps.

Aether Gazer Tier List – All Heroes

First of all, please note that the heroes from our Aether Gazer characters list will be divided by their strength levels, and it comes with a total of four ranks for it.

  • Tier S – the most powerful
  • Tier A – the best
  • Tier B – average
  • Tier C – the moderate yet lower average skilled heroes

So according to those strength levels, the tier list can be classified as follows.

RankHero Name  
STsukuyomiTyrArctic Abyss Poseidon
ANuadhaApolloBuzenbo Tengu
 KagutsuchiTsukuyomi Sakubo 
 HodurLeviathanTidal Song Poseidon
CVerthandiSurefire Zenkibo Tengu 

Aether Gazer Reroll Steps

Now, let’s look into the Aether Gazer reroll steps.

  • Launch the game and start with a guest login.
  • Finish the tutorial
  • If there is any reward you earned now, take them all.
  • Take the free pulls and reroll for a top hero. If you have earned the desired hero now, continue playing. But if not, repeat the Aether Gazer reroll steps.

Doing this reroll can be efficiently done if you are using an emulator to play the game, and the recommended emulator for the best results here is LDPlayer 9.


So this is all for the Aether Gazer characters list with its specific reroll steps, and if you want to make it up for the best gameplay, try to go for an S-ranked hero.

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