Aether Gazer Guide, Tips, and Every New Thing to Know as a Beginner

Are you ready to enter a world of sci-fi and fantasy where you can unleash your inner power and fight against the forces of darkness? If so, then you might want to check out Aether Gazer, a new action role-playing game that is coming soon to global servers. In this game, you can control different characters with unique abilities and customize them with sigils and modifiers. 

Aether Gazer

You can also team up with other players or challenge them in various game modes. Whether you are a fan of anime-style graphics, fast-paced combat, or immersive storylines, Aether Gazer has something for everyone. 

The game comprises emblems keys, character skills, a ton of equipment, ten game modes, and a lot of in-game stores that may confuse new players. So before you dive into the game, you might want to read this beginner’s guide that will give you some tips and tricks on how to start your journey with administrators.

Aether Gazer Gameplay

In Aether Gazer, you can go wherever you want and explore different areas, each of which has its own challenges, environments, and people. You can fight a wide range of enemies, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and ways to attack, to improve your fighting skills.

The combat system in Aether Gazer is designed to be immersive and interesting. The real-time and dynamic system lets you control one Modifier at a time, each with its own play style and abilities, and switch between them during battles to suit the situation.

Aether Gazer Gameplay

In addition to basic close-up or long-range attacks, each Modifier has three skills that make up the core of how it works. This lets you change how you fight. Also, each Modifier has a powerful attack called an “Ultimate Skill” that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

But you will not be spamming one skill after another because when you use one, they go into a cooldown; in addition to that, if you want to use some skills, they have SP requirements. If you do not have them, you will have to wait until they regenerate naturally or generate them through other means. 

In Aether Gazer, fighting isn’t just about brute force; you also have to use your brain and plan ahead. Depending on the situation, you can use the environment to your advantage by using platforms, gliding through the air, or hiding behind things. The combo system lets you chain together attacks and skills to do more damage and have more effects. 

This gives you a lot of ways to make battles interesting and fun. You can make your Modifiers more unique by giving them different weapons, outfits, accessories, and skill upgrades. This level of customization gives you the freedom to change how you play and how you feel about the game. 

Aether Gazer Picking Your Character

In Aether Gazer, the characters you select to play with can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Each character has its own unique abilities and strengths that can help you in battle, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of them to maximize your gameplay.

Aether Gazer Picking Your Character

When you first start playing, you’ll encounter characters that belong to one of three classes: S Rank, A Rank, and B Rank. S Rank characters are the strongest, followed by A Rank and then B Rank characters. However, they’re also the rarest and hardest to obtain.

As a new player, you’ll have access to two B Rank characters for free, and they can be useful in clearing early game content. However, you won’t have an abundance of resources to level up all your characters, so it’s best to focus on strengthening your main character until you can obtain an S or A Rank character.

One way to obtain better characters is to reroll. Rerolling involves creating a new account until you obtain the desired character(s). If you’re planning to reroll, it’s recommended to aim for S Rank characters like Tsukuyomi, Buzenbo, or Tengu, as they’re the strongest and will make your gameplay experience easier. 

Leveling Your Aether Gazer Characters

When it comes to leveling up characters, we advise against maxing out a character’s level right away. This is because you also need to “ascend” your Aether Gazer characters, which requires certain materials and a player level that matches or exceeds the character’s level. If you don’t have the necessary materials or level, you may be wasting free experience points by maxing out a character’s level prematurely.

For example, imagine you have a character named Tengu who is currently at level 10. If you decide to max out Tengu’s level to 20 using experience points, but you haven’t yet reached the necessary player level or gathered the required materials to ascend Tengu. 

This means that you have used up valuable experience points without actually making progress toward making Tengu stronger. Overall, our advice is to be strategic about using energy and experience points in the game so that you can progress efficiently and make the most of the resources available to you.

What You Should Know About Energy System

Energy is essential for completing various parts of the Aether Gazer, but losing a match doesn’t use any energy. Therefore, we recommend playing through the story stages as much as possible since every time you level up; you will receive a lot of energy. We find this especially true early on in the Aether Gazer when it’s easier to level up, so because of this reason you may find yourself with an excess of energy.

As you play, you will also discover that you can exchange some of your energy for summoning currency, which can be used to get new characters. You should know that it’s relatively cheap to do this twice per day, but the cost will go up if you do it more often. However, if you don’t want to spend real money on the game, you should avoid exchanging energy for summoning currency after the first two times because it gets pricier after two-time perches.

What You Should Know About Energy System

What Are Emblems

Similar to the game Punishing: Gray Raven, the Emblems system is a memory system where having three of the same type of emblem will give you a set effect. You can obtain a lot of three-star emblems from story stages, but it’s recommended that you don’t raise their level right away. If you disassemble them later, you will only get 70% of the materials back, and all the coins you used won’t be refunded. Instead, just slot them in temporarily until you have extra emblems.

Once you have the two-style and three-style emblems, you can disassemble all of them and buy the four-star emblem from the shop. Every three three-star emblems will give you enough currency to buy one for a character. Each character uses different emblems for maximum potential, so make sure to check the recommended emblems to see which one you should use. It’s pretty accurate most of the time.

You can raise the level of four-star emblems, and once you reach enemy level 40, you can start farming for five-star emblems on Emblem Stage 4-4 to replace the fourth emblem.

In terms of the dupe system, getting duplicates from the gacha will give you a certain amount of certificates, which you can use to rank up your units. The only thing that they do is give some stats, so it’s not too important. You can completely ignore getting dupes in this game. Some of the shops do sell certificates, and it’s usually worth it to buy them because they only cost coins and are very cheap.

One thing to note is the Triple S rank. Achieving this rank will increase all your equipped emblem levels by one, but you cannot have a level 11 emblem. If you know you can achieve Triple S rank, raise your emblem to a maximum level of 9.

Thoughts on Key

same as in Genshin Impact or Punishing: Gray Raven, the Key system is your exclusive weapon. If you want the best one, you have to roll the gacha. Each Key does different things, and some give a huge power level, while others don’t. There are also non-exclusive five-star Keys that you can get from a specific shop, which are a good option if you don’t want to roll the gacha. 

Thoughts on Key

There is also a breakthrough system on the Key, which in our opinion, is something only something a P2W player will consider since it only improves the numbers. You can break through a Key a maximum of five times, so you do need five duplicates for the same Key. You will get a bunch of three-star Keys from summoning characters as well, and you can use them for now until you can buy the five-star Key from the shop or roll the gacha. 


Our Aether Gazer global guide has come to a close, and we hope that the information that we have provided for you during this guide will prove to be helpful and enable you to begin playing the game without delay. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and wish you well.

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