Adventure Guide with Smithing Master – Best Tips and Tricks

Smithing Master is an excellent choice if you want to make your own equipment while exploring a vast world full of challenges and surprises. Smithing Master is an innovative and immersive game because it combines role-playing with crafting. Create your own arsenal of weapons, armor, and accessories from scratch, or acquire pets to help you take on challenges and world bosses in this RPG. You’ll need to use your strategic mind to make your way to the top in Smithing Master.

Smithing Master

But how do you get started with Smithing Master? What are the best tips and tricks to become a master blacksmith? How do you craft the best gear? How do you unlock new features and modes in the game? These are only a few of the questions that will have their answers provided in this guide. 

To ensure that you get the most out of your time spent playing Smithing Master, we will offer you with all of the important information and guidance that you require. This guide will help you improve your gameplay and have more fun with Smithing Master, regardless of how long you’ve been playing the game or if you’re just starting off. So, let’s dive in. 

Crafting Your First Gear

When you first start in Smithing Master, you’ll be provided with 50 mithril tokens, the essential currency for crafting gear. Unlike other games that feature complex crafting mechanics, Smithing Master keeps it simple – all you need are mithril tokens to craft your gear. So, your first task is to spend those tokens and craft some gear for your character.

Crafting Your First Gear

In the equipment crafting window, you’ll see the currently equipped gear in the top half, while the gear you just created will be displayed in the lower half. Keep an eye out for the green arrow next to the gear stats, as it indicates that the newly crafted gear has better stats than your current one. However, don’t rush to replace your equipped gear blindly.

Understanding Gear Stats

Crafting gear with higher stats is crucial, but you must also consider additional effects and extra stats. For example, a gear piece with a life steal will allow your character to stay in battle longer and increase your chances of winning. Spend some time getting acquainted with the various equipment statistics and the abbreviations used to describe them:

HPHealth Points (Basic Attribute) – Indicates the total amount of damage the character can take.
ATKPhysical Attack (Basic Attribute) – Indicates the character’s ability to deal physical damage.
DEFPhysical Defence (Basic Attribute) – Indicates the extent to which the character can reduce physical damage taken.
SPDSpeed – Indicates the order of heroes’ actions in battle.
CMBCombo – Chance to launch Basic ATK again when the character launches Basic ATK.
CMB RESCombo Resistance – Reduces the chance of being launched in Combo.
CTACounter – Chance to launch Basic ATK immediately when attacked.
CTA RESCounter Resistance – Reduces the attacker’s chance of Countering.
StunChance to Stun the target and make them unable to act.
Stun RESStun Resistance – Reduces the chance of being Stunned.
EREvasion Rate – Indicates the chance for the character to successfully evade an attack.
ER RESEvasion Rate Resistance – Reduces the opponent’s ER chance.
CritPhysical Critical Hit – Chance to trigger a critical hit when dealing physical damage.
Crit RESPhysical Critical Hit Resistance – Chance for the character to take a critical hit when taking physical damage.
Crit DMGCritical Damage – Indicates the extra damage the critical hit will deal.
Crit DMG RESPhysical Critical Damage Resistance – Reduces the Crit DMG received.
Block BreakReduces the chance for targets to Block.
BLKBlock – Triggers when attacked to reduce the damage received.
ABArmor Break – Ignores the target’s Defense.
AB RESArmor Break Resistance – Reduces the Armor Break of the targets.
LSPhysical Lifesteal – Indicates the extent to which the character can restore HP after dealing physical damage.
LS RESLifesteal Resistance – Reduces the attacker’s Lifesteal ratio.
DMG AMPDamage Amplification – Increases damage dealt when the character launches Basic ATK.
DMG REDDamage Reduction – Reduces damage dealt to the character when the attacker launches Basic ATK.

Leveling Up and Adventure Mode

As you create and sell gear, your account level will increase, and you’ll earn coins to upgrade your anvil. Reaching player level 3 will unlock the exciting Adventure Mode in the game. Adventure Mode consists of multiple chapters, each with 30 combat nodes. In each combat node, you’ll have to face different monsters, and the difficulty will increase as you progress further.

Leveling Up and Adventure Mode

To succeed in Adventure Mode, you’ll need a well-crafted set of gear for your character. Equip them and join the adventure, fighting until your character faces defeat. Afterward, go back, use your earned mithril, and create more powerful gear to improve your chances in battle. You can watch the battle at 3x speed to gauge your gear’s effectiveness or skip it entirely if you wish with the backward arrow.

Equipment Creation and Anvil Upgrades

The equipment creation process in Smithing Master is random. When you hit the anvil, you’ll receive a random piece of gear, such as headgear, chest armor, weapon, or any other equipment in various grades. Gear rarity ranges from white (common) to cream color (highest level). Keep in mind that hitting the anvil doesn’t always guarantee the highest rarity gear; the output depends on your anvil’s level.

Equipment Creation and Anvil Upgrades

To level up your anvil and increase the likelihood of obtaining better gear, click on the tray with two gold bars and spend the coins you earn from leveling up and selling lower-level gear. Each upgrade takes approximately 30 minutes, but you can reduce the time by using clocks earned from adventures or by watching advertisements. Use the advertisement option whenever possible and save the clocks for when you truly need them, as they are rare.

Managing Time and Utilizing Advertisements

Time management is essential in Smithing Master, especially when it comes to upgrading your anvil. Lowering the upgrade time will help you craft more gear efficiently. Additionally, don’t miss out on the opportunities to collect video rewards from different sections of the game’s shop. These rewards refresh daily and weekly, providing you with valuable resources such as spirit eggs, diamonds, mithril, clocks, and more.

Managing Time and Utilizing Advertisements

Another aspect to keep an eye on is the event section, particularly the “Event Box” on the right side of the screen. Participating in events like the “Battle of Lode” can be rewarding, and you can claim various prizes and progress through stages to earn more rewards.

Solo Arena and PvP Mode

Once you reach player level 10, the thrilling Solo Arena unlocks. In this mode, you can engage in player-versus-player battles. You can select opponents from the challenge list or refresh it if no suitable adversaries are available. Each challenge consumes an “Arena Ticket,” and you have three free challenge opportunities per day.

Earning points in both attacks and defenses is crucial for participating in different Tiers based on your total points. Daily and season rewards are settled at specific times and sent via in-game mail. Be strategic when choosing opponents to fight in the arena. Always consider player levels and rankings, as challenging high-level players might lead to defeat due to their superior gear. Opt for lower-ranking players with lower-level equipment for a higher chance of victory.


The gameplay of Smithing Master, which involves the creation of various pieces of gear, makes for an interesting and enjoyable gaming experience. To advance in the game, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the game’s gear stats, make efficient use of available time, and take part in various events. You will quickly advance to the level of true smithing mastery if you keep these guidelines in mind and focus on becoming proficient in the art of gear crafting.

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