Ace Fishing: Crew Global Guide for Beginners with Tips

Ace Fishing: Crew Global is a game where you can enjoy fishing alone or with your crew members. While fishing with Ace Fishing: Crew Global, you can see the movements of fish underwater, which is an experience you cannot get when you start fishing in real life. Seems like you are a beginner to this gameplay, right? Even though you do not know more about playing this game, read this beginner guide first and understand the tips and tricks useful for gameplay. 

Ace Fishing: Crew Global

Ace Fishing: Crew Global beginner guide includes the best tips and tricks useful for your gameplay. So remember to read this guide carefully and store all these tips in your mind to use them when you play this game. Fishing in this game is amazing; you encounter different kinds of fish according to the spot you use to fish. Are you interested in playing this game? But first, go through this Ace Fishing: Crew Global beginner guide and understand fishing. 

Tap on the Tour and Take Part in Challenges

When you tap on the Tour option, you can see the map, including the locations where you can start fishing. Almost all the spots are locked except the first, available for you. When you go to the first spot open for you, you have a series of challenges to take part in, and you can get rewards when you win them. This is like the game’s campaign mode, where you have to clear first. According to your progression in the campaign mode, every other thing in this game will be decided. 

Tap on the Tour and Take Part in Challenges

As we said already, each fishing spot in the Ace Fishing: Crew Global game has several stages to surpass. When you go higher in the stages, you will get the chance to encounter stronger fish. As we said, when you achieve higher stages, completing the beginner stages, you can accumulate more crew and account EXP. When you go into a fishing spot, you can first check the fishes you will encounter in the relevant spot by the fishing spot info window. 

How to Lure a Fish

When you enter a fishing spot and start fishing as a beginner, you have many things to learn. So the first thing we will let you know is how to lure a fish. Before catching a fish, you just need to lure the fish. You can move your screen to aim at a fish whenever you see a fish. To lure that fish, keep it between the aiming circle for a few seconds. And then the fish will be attracted and caught by the bait you put on. 

Raise the Reel for More Damage

When the fish takes your bait, you need to raise the reel. Every fish has its own time to bite, and when the fish’s bite mark reaches its maximum, you should raise the reel. Doing so deals maximum damage to the fish so you can catch it quickly. After the fish runs out of its HP, you have caught it successfully. But make sure to catch the fish before your crew members’ HP is gone so that you will miss the fish forever. 

Add Crew Members to Start Fishing

Crew members are the ones that help you to catch fish in this Ace Fishing: Crew Global game. Before you depart to a selected spot to start fishing, you should add crew members to your team for your help. There are two roles for crew members: fisher and supporter. When you depart to start fishing, you can add one fisherman and two supporters to your fishing squad. 

Add Crew Members to Start Fishing

When you add crew members to the team, try to add higher-grade ones so that you can increase your fishing strength in the gameplay. Even though the crew members come from higher grades, you should know how to enhance their strength in different methods to catch the fish you encounter within a particular stage. 

Specialty Stat Type

Every crew member has a specialty stat type, and there are three specialty stat types: strength, agility, and HP. When you add crew members to the team to start fishing in different spots, you can take their specialty stat type into account because the specialty stat type of the fish you will encounter in a specific spot and one of your crew members are the same, a bonus will be added when fighting. 

Since this is one of the best tips to be used in Ace Fishing: Crew Global gameplay, make sure to use it and deal more damage to the fish to catch them faster. 

Strengthen the Crew Members

As we said above, you should strengthen the crew members to catch fish you will encounter in different fishing spots. Having a stronger crew helps you catch all kinds of fish easily without even trying so hard. You can level up your crew members to increase their fishing strength and other attributes here. 

Strengthen the Crew Members

And also, you can equip different equipment items for your crew members to make them much stronger. When you enter a personal menu of a crew member, you can tap on the Equip All option to automatically equip the items compatible with the relevant crew member. Ensure to strengthen the crew members by equipping them with the best equipment items available. 


Above are the best tips and strategies we can find for you to play this Ace Fishing: Crew Global game wonderfully. You may doubt playing this game as a beginner because you know nothing. But hear us out; since you have come to this point of the beginner guide reading all the useful tips and tricks, there is no need to doubt your skills in this game because you will be the best angler. When the game is out, just remember these tips and have the best victories catching all kinds of fish. 

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