A Unique Horror with Roblox Doors – Tips and the Best Tricks

Behind these doors, no one knows what might be there, but as brave as you are, let’s just open doors and enter rooms with guts in this Roblox Doors game. If you are weak in heart, this might not be a suitable game for you. But with a willing soul and a strong mind, you will get through all the doors, stepping into new rooms. Entities might be hidden in these rooms, so you better be careful! You will surely be dead if you are not careful enough to understand the signals you see and hear. Do you want to survive more? Learn the best Roblox Doors tips and tricks through this guide. 

Roblox Doors

You can only have the best experience through this horror game if you use headphones to play this Doors Roblox game. Flashing lights, loud noises, and jumpscares that might scare you to death are included in this unique horror. Not only that, various creepy entities hidden in the dark rooms always keep their eyes on you to grab the opportunity and prey on you. But with these tips and tricks in this Roblox Doors beginner guide, you will survive more doors and unlock great achievements. So dive into this guide and comprehend the best tips to survive. 

Audio Cues are Important

When you play this game, what you need to do first is to use the headphones. It is because the game depends on audio cues. Most of the time, you can survive perfectly if you follow the audio cues you hear from the surroundings when you play the game. Therefore, we heavily recommend playing this game with headphones for the best audio cues. 

Roblox Doors Audio Cues are Important

Since you are a newbie, you don’t understand or recognize the audio cues you hear throughout the gameplay. But when you get used to the gameplay by playing it continually, you will understand and identify audio cues that help you to survive in this game. For example, if you hear a Psst sound when you enter dark rooms, there must be an entity called Screech who tries to kill you in the Doors Roblox gameplay. So always be alerted about the audio cues when you play this game. 

Don’t Forget the Visual Cues

Visual cues are also important, as well as audio cues. When you play the Doors Roblox game, you will pick up visual cues that will help you to survive in each room without getting killed by an entity. Even though you are not attentive enough to catch the visual cues when you start the game, you will get to know visual cues with your perfect practice over the gameplay. When you enter different rooms and open doors, sometimes you will see lights flicker. 

Doors Roblox Don’t Forget the Visual Cues

Be careful when the lights flicker because there might be Rush or Ambush entities looking for you to creep in and kill you. This is just one visual cue you can recognize so easily to know there might be an entity in the room you entered just now. Like this, you can pick up more visual cues by playing the game more. 

So, as you learned that visual cues are important, make sure to follow the visual cues that we mentioned and also which you might find strange so that you can survive more rooms opening many doors. 

Purchase Useful Items

Before entering a specific floor in this game, you must get into an elevator. Once you get into an elevator, you can run through the in-game shop to purchase items that will help you in your Roblox Doors survival. 

Purchase Useful Items Doors

For purchasing items from the pre-run shop, you need knobs, as they are the main currency in this Doors Roblox game. You get knobs depending on the number of rooms you survive by going through opening doors. The higher the doors, the more knobs you earn. When you have more knobs, you can purchase the best items. Here, you can purchase a flashlight with no batteries. 

These flashlights help you to go through dark rooms with good observations all over the rooms. Also, you have a lockpick that might be broken before even use and a lighter as your basic temporary light source. In addition, you can purchase vitamins to boost your speed. You cannot buy all of them here unless you have enough knobs, as these items are expensive. If you run on a budget, you can only purchase the most important items for survival in this game. 

Learn about the Entities and Tricks to Avoid Them

In this game, you will meet many entities living in different rooms when you open doors. If you know every entity’s tricks and how to avoid them, you can open more doors in the Roblox Doors gameplay. In this guide, we will check on the entities and what you need to do to hide from them. 

Learn about the Entities and Tricks to Avoid Them
  • Screech – as we said in this Roblox Doors guide, Screech makes a Psst sound when it closes to you. If you see it, look at it directly, and it will disappear. If not, you will lose a specific amount of HP you have. 
  • Rush – when this entity arrives, the lights are flickering. And once you notice the flickering of lights, hide in a closet until the Rush passes. Remember, this is the only way to protect yourself against Rush in this Roblox Doors game. 
  • Ambush – this is one of the trickiest entities you will meet in this Doors Roblox game. This one works similarly to the Rush, so when the lights flicker, there is a small chance that Ambush may appear instead of Rush. Follow the same trick you use to ignore Rush for this entity. 
  • Eyes – no prior warnings are given to you when Eyes appear in your rooms. But you will see a purple glow as a little sign. If you see Eyes, don’t look at it directly. React fast and look away if you want to survive. 
  • Hide – this entity does not want you to lock yourself in closets for too long. If you do so, you will lose a dozen HP by Hide. 
  • Jack – the only thing Jack does is give you jumpscares when you try to get into the closets, and at the end of them, you can get back in. 
  • Timothy – this entity cannot kill you, and it only takes a small amount of HP you have. 
  • Halt – this is another entity in this Roblox Doors game. When the lights flicker much longer, know that you will meet up with Halt soon. When Halt teleports in front of you, turn in the opposite direction and run as fast as possible to get distant from Halt. 
  • Glitch – this entity only appears when you play the multiplayer mode. So stick together with others, as there is no more info regarding the Glitch in the Roblox Doors game. 

Besides these entities, you will meet Seek and the Figure as the tougher entities in this game. You will meet them when you reach room number fifty or above. 


Roblox Doors is a unique horror game involving doors. The more doors you open, the more prizes you get. As the game includes lots of jumpscares, things might get harder for you here. But from above, you have already found the best tips and tricks for your Doors Roblox game. Using them, have fun opening doors and exploring more rooms while surviving against many entities. Remember to check on the Roblox Doors codes for more amazing rewards!

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