A Review of Guide to Floodrush: Survive or Sink Gameplay – Tips for New Players

Hey you, we heard you are seeking a new strategy battle royale game. Let us suggest the top game that has become a hot topic everywhere: Floodrush: Survive or Sink. As its name says, you will go on adventures on different islands with your ship; you either sink or survive here. If you want to survive, you need to get stronger. In that case, you might need the help of this guide, as we have included the best tips and tricks for all new players eager to prepare for this unique gameplay. 

Floodrush: Survive or Sink

You will go through a new set of challenges in each battle you enter, so you have to change your strategies from battle to battle to surprise the opponents, giving them the best and hardest challenge. If you adhere to the tactics and guidance provided in this guide, surviving might even be enjoyable. Always be vivid and diverse without sticking to the same set of strategies. Let the challenges come upon you here in this Floodrush: Survive or Sink game, but don’t be afraid, as this guide will ultimately help you win everything. 

Guide to Combat in Floodrush: Survive or Sink

Let this guide help you to understand the combat in this game. When you start to engage in battles here, you may get used to it quickly because, unlike in other games, the battles are not too tough; you can control them with just a simple set of commands. During the journey of the battles, you will find different chests full of treasure. 

Guide to Combat in Floodrush: Survive or Sink

Besides chests, there are some other things, such as barrels you can see in your surroundings that give you Taika bubbles. Don’t forget to open them and collect what is inside them, as they have valuable things to offer you. 

The battles may begin when your seeker and crew get too much closer to the enemies. Until then, you can roam around the area freely. When starting a battle, you need more units to battle your side against the enemies. You can spawn more units for your team during the battles using the Taika bubbles to spawn units with the cards being used. 

If you want to spawn more units for your team using cards, you need to have more and more Taika bubbles because the Taika fuel needs to be consumed to summon units using cards, as we said earlier. It will be simpler for you to win battles if you have more units. So we recommend you summon more units in the battle phase as it is a great push for you to win the battles defeating all the enemies quickly. 

While using different units, such as minions, to battle against enemies, you can use the ultimate skills of your seeker, which is your character in this game. The ultimate skills of the seekers do a lot of damage and have a significant impact. So, use those skills without forgetting them, as they also help you better. 

When you progress in the gameplay, you will find that you can use different items in the battles against foes. Yes, you heard it right, with the help of these special items, you can even inflict more damage on the enemies. 

How to Collect More Cards

In the above, we have said that you can spawn units using cards to deal with opponent players. But how to get more cards during the Floodrush: Survive or Sink battles? Easy enough, as we said in this Floodrush: Survive or Sink guide, all you need to do is explore and open all the chests on your map. 

There are different kinds of chests on the island you are exploring, and each chest includes different cards which let you spawn units and grow your crew bigger. Therefore, to give the opponents a bigger challenge, collect more chests and get more cards to summon the crew, and then you can celebrate victories in a row. 

Upgrade Your Crew Cards

Floodrush: Survive or Sink Crew is your group that helps you to deal with the enemies you find during adventurous battles. When fighting with the opponent players, the crew helps you the most. So, it is up to you to keep your crew upgrading. Upgrading the crew will increase their attributes and power. 

Upgrade Your Crew Cards

So it is really helpful to boost your gameplay massively. How to upgrade your crew in Floodrush: Survive or Sink game? When you get to the card collection, you can see the crew cards and item cards, which you have already found and not found both. 

If you see there is a green color up arrow in any card with the green label called Upgrade, then the game says that the relevant card is ready to upgrade. To upgrade these cards, you need a certain amount of duplicate cards of the card that you want to upgrade. When you have a sufficient quantity, you may upgrade your crew cards. Upgrading crew cards will improve their performance, and it is also an extra help for you to win the battles. 

Daily and Weekly Quests to Guide You

You know this guide has been a good helper for you to play this Floodrush: Survive or Sink game, right? And the daily and weekly quests you can find within the game are also kind of helpers for you because these quests give you a specific goal to accomplish here in this game, and because of that, you never will be confused after the tutorial about what you should do here. 

Daily and Weekly Quests to Guide You

Daily quests must be completed within a day, while the weekly quests have a long week to complete. You can see the exact time amount left for you to complete each quest on its left side. For each quest you accomplish, the game is kind enough to provide you with a lot of goodies. Therefore, without forgetting, try to complete the daily and weekly quests that the Floodrush: Survive or Sink game assigned to you and have more rewards. 


So, what do you think about the game? From what we have read before, you might find it exciting, right? Sure, it is full of fun and excitement because it is not the same as other strategy battle royale games these days. As you have read this guide and found the best strategies and guidance you need to be successful in this game, we wish you to be the best seeker sailing through seas and crossing more boundaries of different adventurous islands. 

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