A Guide to Be a Better Thief with Roblox Thief Simulator Tips and Tricks

No one imagines that there are games that simulate being a thief, right? But on the Roblox platform, you have the Roblox Thief Simulator game, one of the best simulation games that let you become a thief and rob. You will start from zero by robbing NPCs, and gradually, you become a better thief with the experience you get here, and then you can rob more premises. In this beginner guide, we help you start your new life as a thief and become the best with the biggest wealth and no failure missions in records. 

Roblox Thief Simulator

Although you all wondered whether there is a Roblox Thief Simulator multiplayer game mode, unfortunately, there has been no such event in this game until now. Maybe we will get the chance to engage in co-op mode in future. It all depends on the developers of this game. And also another question all of you have is about the Roblox Thief Simulator age rating. Many of you measure the game by its name, but there is no violence in this game, so that anyone can play. Since we have shared some basics about the game, let us head to the beginner guide. 

Quests for You

When you enter the game, you are forced to go to the NPC, responsible for assigning quests. Here the quests are two types, diamond and cash. When you complete cash quests, you can get more cash for your game; when you complete diamond quests, you can get more diamonds for your gameplay. 

Quests for You

As both quests give you the most important currencies in this gameplay, we recommend you complete quests in both categories to get more currency from this Roblox Thief Simulator wiki guide. The more you have currency, the smoother the game becomes. So, why don’t you give it a try for both of these quests? 

Roblox Thief Simulator Achievements

From the awards tab, you can see the list of menus on the left side of the game; you can see the achievements you can accomplish here. When you complete these achievements, you get more cash and diamonds, another way to make yourself a rich thief. The bigger the achievement you accomplish, the bigger the reward you earn. Therefore remember to accomplish achievements in the awards tab and earn rewards. 

For each achievement you complete, there is an allocated reward. Once you complete them, you have the total right to claim the rewards. The achievements are fixed, and they don’t have any validity period like the quests. These achievements are valid until the game is going on. So, no need to rush in completing these achievements; when you gain some experience, you can complete these achievements. 

Rob the NPCs First, and Then Small Houses

As you will be a thief here in this game, you must rob others. But since you are new to this game, robbing banks like advanced places might put you in a troublesome situation. Therefore, you have got to start your new life as a thief first by robbing the Non Playable Characters throughout the city you are in. 

When you wander the streets, you can see many Non Playable Characters engage in activities such as running etc. You better chase them and rob them. Once you catch up with an NPC, you can rob them. Robbing Non Playable Characters is the easiest and the most efficient way to start your career as an official thief. 

Rob the NPCs First, and Then Small Houses

After you get some experience in robbing NPCs, you can break into small houses and rob them. When you rob the small houses, remember you only have a specific time limit to rob. If you do not leave the house before the time runs out, you will be busted, and the police will take away everything you stole from the current house. 

Therefore be careful when you rob small dwellings. After you upgrade your thief ranking in this Roblox Thief Simulator game by robbing NPCs and small houses, you can start breaking ATMs and banks to get more cash as a thief with more experience. 

Upgrade Your Skills

Going to the in-game shop, you can upgrade your skills in this game. When you upgrade your skills, you can perform much better than usual. So you should upgrade your skills from the in-game shop. The upgrading skills need more cash; therefore, you can upgrade the skills once you collect enough cash from robberies. The main skills you can upgrade here are as follows. 

  • Stealth – increases the duration you can stay in heists before being busted. 
  • Swipe Speed – improves the speed at which you swipe items when robbing houses and other premises. 
  • Sprint Speed – increases your top sprinting speed. 
  • Intimidation – increases the amount of cash or XP you get from robbing the NPCs. 
  • Strength – improve your tools’ destructive capability. 

A Backpack with More Space

When you rob items from houses or NPCs in Roblox Thief Simulator, everything you get will be stored in your backpack. At the beginning of the game, you can get a basic bag, but it has limited capacity or space. Because of that, you won’t be able to swipe more items when you loot premises such as houses etc., as the backpack is out of space to store items you rob. 

A Backpack with More Space

So the first thing you should do when you have enough money is get a backpack with more space. The more spacious the bag, the higher the cost of it. But regardless of the cost, try to upgrade your backpack gradually with the money you earn through robbing.  


As a beginner, you may not know what this game is before reading this guide. But now that you have read this guide, you know what exactly you need to do in this game. With all these tips in this guide, you should be the top thief with the biggest wealth in this game. Once you become rich, you can purchase your favorite car in this game from the Roblox Thief Simulator all cars shown in the game. And you can get some help from Roblox Thief Simulator codes for more free cash to buy a car. Wanna be that cool thief with a cool car? Then perform well!

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