A Guide and Tips to Snowbreak: Containment Zone – The Way of Becoming a Master

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a sci-fi shooter game still in the development phase. Even though the Snowbreak: Containment Zone release date has not arrived yet, you can pre-register for this game to access it right after its release. The game comes with a story that happens in the future, and everything in this game looks so amazing. The battles have a unique appearance, and the characters come with epic skills and looks. So do you want to see some insights about this game? Then don’t wait; read this beginner guide. 

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The main enemies you will face here are Titans, and you will have thrilling boss battles against these Titans who came to destroy the world. You can take on the story mode first, or you can take on co-op mode, getting connected with the in-game friends you have. The Snowbreak: Containment Zone characters look awesome here. Since everything is unique, let us explain the basics every beginner should know about this game to become a master through this beginner guide. Don’t worry about the Snowbreak: Containment Zone release date; now is your time to learn new things. 

Summon Characters for Your Gameplay

Every RPG gets a gacha summoning system, so in this game, you get a gacha gameplay where you can summon characters. You have the Echo option to summon characters here; in this system, you can see different summoning banners, and each banner has a pity system. The summoning system needs operative recruitment chits to summon characters through these banners. 

Summon Characters for Your Gameplay

You can attempt to summon characters once you have them. As in every other RPG gacha summoning banner, the drop rates are low for higher-tier powerful characters, while the lower-tier characters get higher drop rates. So you should be wise and try your best to get a higher-tier character. Don’t give up on summoning, even if getting your favorite powerful character is hard. 

Shift Members in Combat

In this game, you can assign several characters to the battle team, but you can only control one character at a time. So, when there is a necessity to shift a character, or when the battle is too hard to handle for the current character, you can shift the currently-using character with another character you have assigned in the battles. 

Shift Members in Combat

This battle technique can be named as a better technique that you can use to survive under any critical battle moment. Each of these characters has different skills, so you can shift characters and use their skills at the correct times. So when you need to replace the character you use, you can use this technique to change the main character to another. 

Explosives for High Damage

When many gangs of enemies are trying to attack you, the best way to deal damage to them is by shooting at explosives. Many explosives are available in different places in the battling area. Once you aim these explosives at enemies closer to them, you can take down all of the enemies very quickly. 

Therefore don’t miss a chance to take down a group of enemies at once; instead, always aim for explosives and deal damage. 

Keep Completing Missions

When you are in the beginner phase of the game, missions will be your mango friend because missions tell you the next step you should take here. Each mission guides you to the next phase of the game, and if you follow the missions perfectly, you can level up quickly. 

You will receive a new mission after completing the previous one. Like this, you will get more missions every time you complete another. Therefore complete more missions, improve your gameplay and level up faster. 

Keep Completing Missions

Dodge Attacks and Cover Yourself

During the battles, not only do you attack enemies, but also the enemies attack you. When you get attacked by enemies, your health status will be reduced, making it hard for you to survive until the end of the battles. Therefore what you need to do here is, cover yourself using various items that act as shields. 

Dodge Attacks and Cover Yourself

While covering yourself and attacking enemies, try to dodge the enemies’ attacks by being out of the attack range of the enemies. When enemies attack you, you can assume the enemy attack range or see where the attack will be launched. You can survive more when you dodge the enemy attacks using covers and by being out of the range of enemy attacks. So this is one of the best tips you can follow to have better gameplay. 

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Story Mode

The game’s story mode is the first one you’ll be able to access, and it holds the key to extending your gameplay. So, as a beginner, your priority must be the story mode. Complete more chapters by clearing their stages and unlock more content in Snowbreak: Containment Zone gameplay. In every chapter, there are normal and hard stages. You can unlock the hard stages only when you have reached a certain chapter level in this game. 

Every stage in a chapter has a specific mission to acquire. So enter a stage, finish the mission, and then on to the following stage. You can proceed to the following chapter after finishing all the stages in the current one. When you complete these stages, you can get rewards after completing them. So try to upgrade your gameplay by completing the chapters in the story mode. 


Snowbreak: Containment Zone gameplay gives you a unique vibe of battling and every other thing. The characters and the battles are major factors that decide how amazing the game is. Now that you know everything is super cool here with a unique theme, you should remember to use what you have learned in this guide when it is released on the set Snowbreak: Containment Zone release date.

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