A Complete Beginner’s Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough for Brown Dust 2 Beginners

Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG is an awesome game that flows through a beautiful storyline. Once you complete the tutorial phase, you will unlock fascinating features that constantly attract you to the gameplay. When it comes to the battles, which is a major factor that decides how successful the gameplay is, you will see many new features that show how perfectly designed these thrilling battles are. This beginner guide will explain everything a beginner player like you needs to know. So read this guide and be prepared for victories. 

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG

The characters are pretty beautiful and come with different star ranks. When you have the best characters with the highest star ranks, the whole gameplay will be easy. As you are new to the game and still want to know about the Brown Dust 2 release date without knowing that the game is already released, this guide will guide you into the victory step by step, saying what you should do and how to earn the best characters. Ready to battle and conquer all the evil? Then you have to finish reading this guide, and after that, you can start the gameplay as you wish. 

Brown Dust 2 – Adventure RPG Battles

Here you can see turn-based battles, but the battles you will see here are very different compared to the battles you have seen in other games. There are specific techniques you can use in these battles which make them unique. Once you know everything about the battles, it will be easier for you, so get ready with this guide to learn about battles. 

Before entering a battle, you can put your companions’ skills on the queue or change their positions or attack order during the battle preparation phase. When the battle starts, your team will launch their attacks first, and once all of your units in the battle squad finish attacking, the opponents will start attacking. 

Brown Dust 2 - Adventure RPG Battles

Once their attacks come to an end, a turn will be over. This is how turn-based battles work here. In these battles, you need more tactics to win. With more and enough tactics, you can defeat all your opponents. So try to plan your tactics carefully by balancing the offensive and defensive skills of the units you have assigned to the battle team. 

Besides the manual control over the battles, you can use the auto-battle option to let the battles happen automatically. Nothing has to be done by you; everything will happen automatically. So, if you want idle gameplay, you can go with the auto option. 

Draw Heroes After the Tutorial

Here comes your favorite part of the game, which is drawing heroes. With the draw system, you can obtain Brown Dust 2 characters mentioned in the top tiers of the Brown Dust 2 tier list

Draw Heroes After the Tutorial

In the draw system, you can see many banners to pick up your favorite Brown Dust 2 characters and gear items, as this comes as a mixed gacha where you can recruit both characters and gear items. 

The banners included here may be permanent or time-limited. And each banner needs different currencies to summon the heroes for your gameplay. Here you can draw one character or ten characters at once. And each banner gives you a set of probability rates for different character rarities showing you how often the characters with different rarities will appear in the banners. 

Like all other gacha games, the highest rates go to the lowest star-tier characters, while the lowest rates go to the highest. So you need to summon the characters continually from any of the banners given in the game to get your favorite highest-star tier characters. Or you can start rerolling as mentioned in the Brown Dust 2 reroll guide

Property Damage

Every companion or character you recruit in this game comes with a specific property type. Properties play a crucial role in this game to turn the tide of the battles in your favor. Having a favorable property means you can inflict more damage and receive less damage from your opponents. 

Property Damage

The damage you deal is affected by the property damage stat, and the damage you receive is affected by the property resist stat. You can see five properties here: water, wind, fire, light, and darkness. And the property balance is as follows. 

  • Water → Fire → Wind → Water
  • Light ⇆ Darkness

Since you know how the properties work against each other, take maximum advantage of this during the battles to give your opponents a massive defeat.

Improve the Power of Your Companions

The characters must always be improved, regardless of their star tier. Whether you have five-star characters in your gameplay, you must do everything to enhance their powers. When you improve them and develop them, they will be more powerful and untouchable by any enemy. 

So one way to enhance your characters is leveling them up. When you level up your characters using EXP, the stats of your characters will increase, making them powerful enough to deal with any situation. Some of the main stats that are being affected by the leveling up of characters are HP, magic attack, and attack. 

Improve the Power of Your Companions

How to get EXP needed to level up the characters? One way is through battling. When you take your characters to battles, and when they win the battles, they will receive EXP for the victory. Another way to get EXP is through slimes. Slime is an item that helps to level up your characters by boosting their EXP. Before participating in battles, try to level up your characters so you won’t have difficulty winning battles. You can obtain slimes by completing quests. 

The next way to improve the characters is to rank up. The characters have different star ranks, which determine their power capacity. You can rank up the star rank of all the characters, which increases their powers and level caps, giving them a valuable opportunity to achieve a higher level of growth. 


We have mentioned what you need to focus on during your early game phase. Remember, even if the early phase is too easy in this Brown Dust 2 gameplay when you get into higher levels, things won’t be as smooth as you think. So having a strong foundation when you start the game is essential. Thanks to this Brown Dust 2 android gameplay guide, you have excellent knowledge about this game. So using it, build a strong foundation even from the beginning of the game and climb up to success with victories. 

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