The Best Shooting Tips for the Salvation – A Beginner’s Guide to ZOZ:Final Hour

When the circumstances and survival conditions are challenging, many of you think it is best to give up and once you start playing the ZOZ:Final Hour game, you will feel the same. But fear not, because we have made this guide including the best tips for salvation to guarantee you will win under any harder situation. Zombies are the main challenge, and then the human mercenaries share the same vision and goal with you. How to overcome all of them? Go deeper in this guide, and you will find out how. 

ZOZ:Final Hour

There are two mercenary elements you can become, and it all will be decided by your actions. You can either continue in the same role you enter the mission or end up in a different role when the mission time is over. Wanna know the tips which are useful in this ZOZ:Final Hour gameplay? Read this guide and satisfy your soul and mind to be victorious with the help we have provided in this guide. 

Humans and Zombies in ZOZ:Final Hour

There are two roles in this game: you can be a human or a zombie. And the role of the mercenary you will become will be determined by your actions. So choose your actions wisely to be the mercenary element you want. 

Humans and Zombies in ZOZ:Final Hour

When you start the gameplay, you will enter it as a human mercenary. As a human mercenary, you are about to enter a vigorous city with lots of danger; the main threat you have to face here is the zombies. As a human mercenary, your main goal is collecting blood crystals. After collecting enough blood crystals, you should evacuate successfully. But it is not as easy as you think. 

Since you know that there are two roles you can be in this game, either a human or a zombie, you may have questioned yourself how to be a zombie. You will become a zombie from a human once your health points become zero. As a zombie, your goal is to prevent humans from collecting enough blood crystals and evacuate successfully. Once you become a zombie, you will gain a new experience and have new skills to be used during the gameplay. 

So your actions will determine whether you continue to be a human in this game and evacuate successfully after collecting enough blood crystals. Or you can be a zombie by your careless actions. Whatever you become, achieve your mission and have the best accomplishments in your ZOZ:Final Hour gameplay. 

Getting Yourself Prepared

Once the matchmaking is successful and the mission starts, you will enter a helicopter with all the other mercenaries to reach the destination. This is the phase where you can prepare for the mission to complete it successfully. During preparation, you can check the map and identify its specific locations. And also, you can equip your character with different gear, weapons and other specific equipment items. 

Getting Yourself Prepared

Don’t worry about the money when you purchase items necessary for your mission during this preparation phase. Make sure to purchase the best items necessary for your mission, as it is going to be very dangerous. And once you are done with all the preparations, you can choose a location to drop off yourself from the helicopter. Before selecting a location, analyze the map perfectly and choose the best location. 

Understand the Enemies

You know that the city you enter is full of danger which is zombies. Therefore you have the free will to shoot any living thing you can see in the city you are in at the gameplay, as all are your enemies. Here the enemies are your zombies mainly, and there are ordinary zombies with normal skills and the special mutants with special skills. The ordinary zombies are easy to deal with, and you can always outsmart them. 

Understand the Enemies

But when it comes to special mutants, they are much stronger than ordinary zombies, so you better get away from them as much as you can. They have special skills that can deal mass damage to you, so you better be careful if you encounter a fight with a special mutant. Besides the ordinary zombies and special mutants, the other human mercenaries are not friends for you because they also want to successfully evacuate from this dangerous city by collecting enough blood crystals. 

Therefore don’t let the other human mercenaries take advantage of you during the gameplay in whatever mode you enter the ZOZ:Final Hour game. As you know all the enemies you must face here, do your best to deal with them correctly. 

How to Collect Blood Crystals

You know that as a human, your main mission in this ZOZ:Final Hour game is to collect enough blood crystals and evacuate successfully. So what methods can you choose to collect them? Since you are a beginner and have no idea about it, let us tell you the two main methods to collect blood crystals. 

How to Collect Blood Crystals

Extract from the incubators

As the first method, you can collect blood crystals from the incubator. The incubator is a crystalized special zombie who is completely dead. While you use this method, you can easily take the blood crystals to your hands, increasing your HP. Still, when you do this, there is a high risk that you will be targeted by other opponent human mercenaries, as the location of each blood crystal is shown in the mini-map provided in the ZOZ:Final Hour game. 

Loot from Other Human Mercenaries

The next method to get blood crystals is looting from other human mercenaries. As the goal of all the human mercenaries is to collect enough blood crystals, you can loot them to get the blood crystals you need. But this requires more practice as you fight against powerful, real-world players. 


Here are the tips and guidelines you should follow when you play this ZOZ:Final Hour game which is very competitive and challenging. With the help of these tips and strategies, you can evacuate successfully while accomplishing the mission you are given. So are you ready to be the winner of the game by collecting enough blood crystals as you know the best tips to follow? Then go and start your gameplay and be the best player in ZOZ:Final Hour game.

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