A Beginner’s Guide to The Division Resurgence – The Best Shooting Tips and Tricks

The Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence mobile download is not yet accessible to you, but with this guide, you can see amazing facts, tips, and tricks related to the gameplay that you need to follow when you play the game for the first time. This third-person tactical shooter gameplay happens in a massive world where you can interact with many players in PvP content and different kinds of missions to complete in PvE content. Are you curious to know more about The Division Resurgence gameplay? Then you can continue reading this guide and find awesome facts. 

The Division Resurgence

This beginner guide has all the details about the PvP and PvE activities you can perform here. So when the game is available, you can make The Division Resurgence gameplay better with the help of these details and tips we have mentioned here. So keep reading The Division Resurgence beginner guide and understand the gameplay elements to succeed. 

Dark Zone in The Division Resurgence Gameplay

A dark zone is a perilous place locked down and isolated due to high contamination levels. And this open-world area is so risky that many players try to avoid it. Since it is dangerous, risky, and challenging, we thought to give a great idea about this dark zone through this guide. Let us see what this is and what will happen to you in the dark zone. 

This open-world area belongs to both PvE and PvP gameplay content, and this is about finding contaminated loot while defeating the enemies you encounter here. What are contaminated loot items? They are items with higher values, and you can find these contaminated loot items by defeating enemies in different locations, opening loot crates, etc. Even though this dark zone is about finding contaminated loot, don’t underestimate it because things will be rough here, especially if you are unprepared to deal with the worst. 

Dark Zone in The Division Resurgence Gameplay

Once you enter a session in a dark zone, you have only twenty minutes left, as a session lasts only twenty minutes. And with you, nineteen other players will enter the zone to get loot. So the maximum number of players that take part in one session of the dark zone is twenty. 

Before the given time limit, you need to extract yourself and the contaminated loot you gathered from the dark zone to be a winner. If you are incapable, you will be defeated, and all the loot you gathered will be lost to you. So you must try to get yourself and the loot you have piled out of this dark zone to have an awesome victory. 

Remember, you enter the dark zone with three other players as a team of a maximum of four players. Since entering this zone as a lone wolf is very challenging, this is one of the best things the game has set up for you to ease this challenge. So, try to ignore this challenge; instead, be brave and enter the dark zone after The Division Resurgence mobile download

PvP Activities in The Division Resurgence Gameplay

PvP content is one of the best things in this game; besides challenging AI-controlled enemies, it is better to prepare yourself and challenge real-world opponents. Doing that will help you catch new tricks and tips, and you can improve yourself by sharpening your fighting skills through the PvP activities. 

As well as the PvE, PvP content is great and is so much fun. But the PvP content is more competitive compared with the PvE content and is more challenging too. Are you ready to take on challenges against other agents after The Division Resurgence mobile download

Conflict Domination

Conflict Domination

This is one of the PvP contents you can try out in this game. With this challenge, you can challenge the other agents or real-world players who play this game. Here this challenge comes with several rules. You need to follow the rules to maintain balanced and fair gameplay. The two teams, including four players, will battle face-to-face in a closed area in this challenge. This challenge has a particular set of objectives, and the game asks you to complete them by both teams. 

When your team completes one objective, your team receives one point, and to win this challenge, you need to collect a hundred points first because the first team that collects a hundred points will win the challenge. 

Rogue Agents in Dark Zone

We have already explained to you what the dark zone is. As we stated above, it includes elements of both PvE and PvP. You know you can enter the dark zone with a group of teammates, but if you want, you can enter as a lone wolf. Most players who enter the dark zone alone want to become rogue agents and go wild while killing the other agents. 

If you encounter this situation, you have to first deal with the rogue agents and kill them, keeping all other objectives to accomplish aside. This is another PvP activity you can perform during this gameplay. 

Open World Activities

From the above, we discussed the PvP contents in this game with you. And now, we will let you know about the open-world PvE activities. As well as the PvP content, these open-world activities give you unique gameplay. 

Open World Activities


Explorations are the first open-world activity you are going to do here. You are given a bigger area to explore as you wish. In the Manhattan streets, you will only see the danger. But as an agent, you must explore these areas without being terrified of the danger. You will fight with the enemy factions during these explorations to accomplish various missions. 

Collect Essential Supplies

Living in such a hazardous area makes it difficult to be self-sufficient with all you need. Therefore you have to go out and find essential supplies roaming around every corner of the area available to explore. But the supply missions are dangerous, as well as the other missions, so you have to be very cautious when engaging in supply runs. 

Rescue Missions

This is another open-world activity you have to keep doing in this gameplay. Many civilians have been held hostage, so when you get such kind of information, you have to go to them and rescue the civilians held hostage. But these rescue missions are not simple as they have a bigger process. 


Here are the best tips and tricks you should follow when you start playing this game. Although The Division Resurgence release date is not confirmed yet, knowing about the gameplay well is another amazing thing that improves your player experience while enjoying the gameplay to the maximum. We know you are curious about the gameplay with or without a confirmed The Division Resurgence release date. Since this game gives you the best details about the game, we hope you will achieve greater things after the release.

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