A Beginner’s Guide to Punishing: Gray Raven with Best Tips

Hoping to play a fast-paced action role-playing game? Here we have come up with a guide about the best ARPG you can try: the Punishing: Gray Raven. As you are new to the gameplay, and you need to know some essential things about the game before starting playing the game, you can hundred percent rely on this guide as we have included every essential tip and guideline that a newbie like you should know. 

Punishing: Gray Raven

The combat is insane in this game, and you will never see such lightning-fast combat techniques anywhere other than the Punishing: Gray Raven. And there are super cute characters called constructs for you to use in the battles. With the best characters and the right tips, your gameplay will never be messed up. So without taking much time, let us hop into the guide and renew your knowledge about this game with this guide, so you can start playing the game with great energy and playstyle. 

Blast Through the Story Mode

As a beginner to this Punishing: Gray Raven gameplay, you should get through the story mode as soon as possible because when you achieve various player levels, you can unlock various features for your gameplay, such as unlocking locked content. Here in this game, the story is delightful, and you can read and enjoy the story. 

Blast Through the Story Mode Punishing: Gray Raven

That said, you need to skip the story as much as possible to play the story mode. But as this Punishing: Gray Raven guide says, you should try your best to reach at least level five by clearing most of the chapter stages in the story mode to unlock awesome features that make you much more interested in playing this game. 

Join a Guild

Join a Guild Punishing: Gray Raven

Joining a guild is better in this Punishing: Gray Raven gameplay as it provides you with different benefits and facilities throughout the gameplay. When you join a guild in this game, you can engage in three weekly boss fights exclusive for guild members, and also you can get various items from the guild shop as the guild shop is accessible for the guild members. Therefore when you have the chance, make sure to join a guild. 

Max Out Your Main Team

You can get many characters in this game, but you should create your team using the top constructs mentioned in the Punishing: Gray Raven tier list. After creating the best team with the best characters, you can try to max out the main team’s constructs or characters. Though many characters are not assigned to your teams, you only prioritize the characters in your main team to max out. 

Max Out Your Main Team

By using different methods, you can strengthen your character to its maximum. When you max out the characters’ levels in the main team, you will unlock the awakening feature. Before explaining to you about the awakening, let us first see how to strengthen your main team characters, and then let us see about awakening. 

In this game, when you enter a character’s menu, you can see an option called Train. When you tap on it, you will see the methods you can follow to strengthen your character. Here, the basic method to enhance the heroes is leveling up. When you level up the characters, their attributes will be increased with the level boost. 

You can upgrade your characters’ skills to strengthen them as the next method. When you level up the skills, it will cost you skill points and cogs. But once you level up the skills, the effects provided by each skill will be increased. Therefore it is important to level up the skills of your character. 

But when you invest resources in the characters to strengthen them, we recommend you invest in the Punishing: Gray Raven characters in the main team. As suggested in this Punishing: Gray Raven guide, you should focus on leveling up the characters in your main team to level eighty, which you unlock the awakening feature. 

With awakening, you can make your characters much more powerful during the game. When you awaken characters, you should prioritize your team’s attackers. The supporters are less prioritized units when it comes to awakening. As the attackers play much of a role in battles, it is a must to prioritize them when you awaken characters. 

Understand Your Constructs Well

During the game, you can categorize characters into three types: attackers, tanks, and supporters. Understanding the type of characters and their major play styles will help you understand how to use them perfectly during battles. 

Understand Your Constructs Well Punishing: Gray Raven

The attackers are the characters who use an offensive play style and are better at dealing massive damage to the enemies. The tank characters have the best survival abilities, and these characters can absorb mass damage dealt by the enemies. They are like the shield in the battle team that protects all the other characters in the battle team. 

The supporters are the characters who act like healers and buffers in the battles. These supporters support the battle team by providing various buffs and healing the ally characters. Once you understand each character’s role perfectly, you can use them well during the battles, optimizing their skills. 

Research for Constructs and Weapons

When you unlock the R & D option, you can start researching for new constructs to be added to your gameplay. Here this research comes with the pity system that guarantees an A rank or above character in every ten attempts and an S rank construct in every sixty attempts. Using the necessary resources, you can research characters one time or ten times at once. 

Research for Constructs and Weapons Punishing: Gray Raven

Besides the construct research, you can research weapons to equip your characters. And also, other than the permanent banners to research, you can see banners limited to a specific time. In all these banners, you can try harder to get the top-tier characters mentioned in the Punishing: Gray Raven tier list

Combat System

The game has become so popular all over the world because of the fast-paced combat system anyone can see in this game. The combat system is insane, which makes you feel crazier about the game to play it even more. When you enter the battles, you will see how fast your character attacks the enemies and how amazingly they use their skills for the battles. 

Combat System Punishing: Gray Raven

Everything is flashy in the battles, and it takes some time to understand how fast the combat happens in front of your eyes. And also, in this combat system, there is a character switch feature that allows you to switch the main character you control during the game when other characters are ready. Using the skills of each character while controlling them, you can battle against enemies. 


Here we have given you the top tricks and guidance you need as a beginner to this game. All you need to know now is Punishing: Gray Raven codes. When you have the Punishing: Gray Raven codes, you can claim exclusive bonus stuff to your gameplay. While using these tips and tricks in your gameplay, go beyond all the enemies building up a top team using the top-level characters. As you have the required support from this guide, you can never fail but only reign and rule over the gameplay, attracting victories to your side.

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