A Beginner’s Guide to Clash Mini – Everything to Know

Hey you, if you are obsessed with Clash Royale, but it is too hard for you, you can come to this Clash Mini, which is super cute but has competitive gameplay. Though it is similar to Clash Royale, it is not the same duplicate because of differences. You may wonder how to get Clash Mini on iPhone or other mobiles. As the game is available, it can be downloaded through the app store or google play according to your device. Okay, so let us get into this beginner guide which includes everything you need to know about this gameplay. 

Clash Mini

Clash Mini download can proceed anytime because it is available now. So, stop wondering about the Clash Mini release date US. Instead, you should pay attention to this guide which includes everything you need to know about this gameplay as a beginner. So, are you ready to learn more about the game? Then, hop in. 

Select a Mode You Like

The game allows you to engage in different modes to enjoy yourself here. So, in this guide, we will let you know these game modes first so that you can understand a little bit further about this Clash Mini gameplay. 

Clash Mini Select a Mode You Like

Duel Mode

Here the first mode we explain to you is Duels. This is a 1vs1 game where you will automatically be matched with another opponent and start playing against each other. First, you need to deploy your minis with your heroes according to your elixir. Every mini consumes some elixir when you position them on the battlefield. Until you finish your elixir, you can position the minis. 

After that, you can tap the ready button, and the battle begins. The battle has a specific time, and your hero and minis will battle against the opponent team in the given time. The team who defeats all the units in the other team will be the winner here. This game mode has three rounds, and the team needs to win all three rounds to get complete victory with the best rewards. 

Rumble Mode

This is like a mini tournament of eight players, and all these will be paired with one another. The player who wins one round will be selected for the next round and matched with the one who won the previous round. 

After a few matches, the winner will be the player who defeats all the enemies he faces. This is interesting gameplay. Here also, you should choose the best minis with your hero, and the fight goes the same as the duel mode. Everything will be decided by the minis you choose for your game. 

Besides these modes, you can participate in time limited events. And also, you can take part in chapter stages in the Puzzle tab. These modes also give you precious rewards, so you better participate once you unlock them. 

Gizmos to Place on the Field

When you upgrade one of your minis’ skills up to a certain number of stars, you can get the chance to place these gizmos on your battleground. There are three gizmos, and each helps your team during the battles differently. You need to place the gizmos in the perfect positions according to the buffs they provide for you so that the enemies won’t get a chance to defeat your gizmo. And remember, you only can remember one gizmo at a time. 

Gizmos to Place on the Field
  • Hot Pot – you need a two-star mini to place this on your battlefield. This will boil in seven seconds and summons a mini capable of dealing huge damage. 
  • Pancakes – this needs a two-star mini to place on your battleground. This throws a delicious pancake to the ally who is the most distant with healing skills. 
  • Saint Mirror – a star mini is required to place this gizmo on your field, which reflects damage to each attacker when hit. 

Raid Bosses with Your Clanmates

Raid Bosses with Your Clanmates

Reaching level eight in this game unlocks a new feature: the Clan. With this clan option, you can be more social in the game by meeting with new players after joining a clan. Besides chatting with clanmates, you can raid bosses with your clanmates for rewards. These raids need up to ten players for a match, and each match will be held for twenty-four hours maximum. You and your clanmates must defeat the bosses before the time runs out. 

Heroes for Your Gameplay

Heroes are much more powerful than the minis, and at the beginning of the game, you will be given a hero for free. But besides the beginner hero, there are more heroes which you can get by spending gems or gold coins included in the Clash Mini tier list. Let us say you want to power up your beginner hero in this game. 

Clash Mini  Heroes for Your Gameplay

In that case, you should level up the hero by using hero shards which are essential materials for this process. Every hero has skills that are very useful during battles. So you can level up the hero skills using the necessary materials. Leveling up the skills will increase the skill effects. Using these methods, you should level up your heroes and ensure that you will win the battles no matter how tough they are. 

Upgrade Your Minis

Besides the heroes, Clash Mini all minis are important to battles as they fight alongside your hero against the enemy team units. We know that minis are not as powerful as the heroes, but they must be summoned to the battleground for the best battle victories. Here you can upgrade the minis you have collected in your gameplay. 

Clash Mini Upgrade Your Minis

To upgrade the level of the minis, you need mini shards which can empower your minis. When you upgrade the minis, you can unlock new skills for them. And also, upgrading your minis will increase their attributes. When upgrading minis, you can improve their star tier from one to three. 


At the end of this guide, we want to remind you to be more tactical when you play this game because if you are not smarter than your enemies, how can you win? So build your deck using the best minis and heroes, such as the Clash Mini Archer queen deck, and start playing it with the Clash Mini apk download.

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