A Beginner’s Guide and Tips on Roblox Slayers Unleashed

Roblox Slayers Unleashed

Have you heard of The Demon Slayer, a famous anime series? Whether you have heard of it or not, we will tell you one of the top games in Roblox made with its inspiration called Slayers Unleashed. As a slayer, you must wander in a world where danger approaches you inch by inch. This will be challenging for you, especially if you are a beginner to this game, but now that you have this guide, things will be pretty smooth. 

Slayers Unleashed

While reading this guide, you can follow up in Roblox Slayers Unleashed Wiki and Roblox Slayers Unleashed Discord channels for more information regarding this game, such as its updates and newly released codes. With all the information in this guide, you can be the best player in this game with the top techniques for leveling up faster. So let us start reading this guide and feel relieved in this gameplay. 

Quests to Accept

Here the main thing you should do is accept quests. When you start playing the game, you will see many Non Playable Characters available, and reaching them will allow you to begin completing quests. Though you have not reached them, you will get notifications on some available quests. 

Quests to Accept

Completing them is one of the best ways to level up faster in the game. Most of these quests tell you to slay down opponent players or kill down weak villages you can see during the game. As the beginner quests are so much easy, make sure to do them and earn some good progression for your game. 

While you accept normal quests to level up faster, make sure to complete some time-limited quests because they give you so much XP more than you can get from completing them. These time-limited quests are a great way to raise your level much faster, getting more XP from them. They are time-limited, and you have to complete them in the given time to get XP as the reward for completing them. 

Grind on Bosses

Grind on Bosses

Bosses are harder to deal with than the ordinary demons and enemies you have to deal with. Therefore, it is not suitable for beginner players like you to grind on bosses. But when you reach a considerable level in this game by completing quests, you can start grinding on enemy bosses in this game. 

The enemy bosses are the best ones to get more EXP by dealing. Therefore don’t miss the chance and start killing them to get more EXP. Although this is not a thing you can do in the beginner phase, you can follow this tip after you reach a certain level. 

Being a Member of a Faction

Factions are like clans in other games which help you get to know the powerful players who play this game. When you join one of the Roblox Slayers Unleashed clans, you can boost the amount of XP you collect in this game by 10%. Since being a member of a faction or a clan lets you get more XP boosted by 10%, you will be able to level up faster, which is why we suggest you join a faction as soon as possible. 

Being a Member of a Faction

Besides being a member of a clan, you can create a faction as you wish, but you have to spend five hundred Robux for the faction creation. If you are more likely a F2P player, you can join a clan from the Slayers Unleashed all clans available. 

Punch Logs for XP

Punch Logs for XP

Punching logs is one of the basic steps or tips to raise your level by gathering XP in this game. But don’t expect you to get huge XP from punching the logs. Instead, you will collect a few XP for your gameplay. Though it is just a tiny amount, this is a good way to follow up to earn some XP to level up in the beginner phase of the game. As you are a beginner with zero level in the gameplay, punching logs will be one of the best ways to redeem some more XP to level up here. 

Talk to Jack for Fast Travel

In some of the time-limited quests you accept, you have to travel through different locations far or near the area you are in right now. Besides traveling to those places, it is very easy if you have a way to travel fast to those locations, right? In that case, you should talk to the NPC Jack, who is in charge of fast travel, which means teleportation. 

Talk to Jack for Fast Travel

He offers you where he can teleport you when you talk to him. If the place you want to go is on his list, you can let him teleport you to the right destination you want to go to within a few seconds. You need to pay a hundred yen when teleporting, but that is okay as long as you can save time without walking toward the destination. 

Breathings to Help You Out

Here in this game, there is breathing to help you out, and these breathings are the basic skills of the characters to make them more powerful. According to the breathing you choose, you will decide how your character will be built up and how your character’s power will be boosted. Each of these breathings has various rarities that show how powerful they are. So, you should choose breathing according to how you want to build your character. 

How to Get Moon Breathing in Slayers Unleashed

You can unlock this secondary breathing by beating the enemy boss Tsugikuni Kokushibou. If you beat this Tsugikuni, you have an 85% chance of getting it. Or if you beat enemy boss Tokito, you will have a 50% chance to get it. Here you need to be a hybrid character who has surpassed the hundred and fifty level in this game to fight this boss. 

How to Get Sun Breathing in Slayers Unleashed

Like the moon breathing, this is also a secondary breathing in this gameplay. You can unlock this only by beating a stronger enemy boss called Yoriichi. You need to be a human character more than level fifty to fight this boss. 


Here are the best details, tricks, and strategies you should know when playing this game. While using this guide for your help, learn some Roblox Slayers Unleashed codes 2023 to help you out by giving you some free stuff for your gameplay. Through these codes, you may find many Roblox Slayers Unleashed Accessories buffs and other superb free stuff that help you upgrade your play here.

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