A Beginner Guide with Tips to the Warcraft Arclight Rumble Gameplay

Are you ready to take on a strategic experience with the Warcraft Arclight Rumble? This is the top upcoming strategy action mobile game where you battle against opponents creating decks with the legendary minis. Head-to-head battles will be powered up with strategies you use here. So to control victorious gameplay, you need this beginner guide to help you understand everything about the Warcraft Arclight Rumble gameplay and the strategy. 

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

In this Warcraft Arclight Rumble beginner guide, we will explain the basics of the game and tips. With the knowledge you obtain through this guide, we know you can battle for the best and get victory in all the battles you participate in. Explore the map while continuing the adventure by fighting against enemies and achieving the best accomplishments with the minis you have assigned to your deck. But before that, read this guide for more details about Warcraft Arclight Rumble gameplay

Leaders with Special Abilities

Leaders are the mini heroes in this game that possess special abilities, and with their special abilities, they possess the power to turn the tides of the battles for your good. The leaders are the backbone of this army, so you better play with them well, using them wisely during battles to maximize their use. 

Leaders with Special Abilities

You can find different types of leaders in this game; each leader possesses different abilities and play styles. So don’t get stuck with one leader type; instead, experiment using different leader types, adjusting the tactics according to the role they function. 

  • Alliance Leaders – these are the leaders good at healing, defending, and using stealthy activities. And also, these leaders use spells to support the team. 
  • Horde Leaders – another type of leader in this game that excels in fast attacking the enemy troops while controlling the enemies using the area of effect stuns. And also, when these leaders are in the team, they can earn additional gold for you. 
  • Beast Leaders – the leaders who can disable the enemies’ defense are the beast leaders. These leaders always help the other units to take down the enemies in no time by disabling the defense. 
  • Blackrock Leaders – these leaders are good at dealing with flying troops and searing the elemental magic users to burn down the opponents. 
  • Undead Leaders – these leaders use potent necromancy throughout the battles. These undead leaders can summon endless undead armies to take down their opponents. 

Each mini-leader comes from one of the types mentioned above, and also they have specific roles to perform, such as being a melee type, tank type, ranged, support, etc. When choosing a mini leader for your deck, be wise and choose the best one mentioned in the Warcraft Arclight Rumble tier list

The Warcraft Arclight Rumble tier list includes all the minis you will find here, categorized into different rarities. Choosing the higher tier minis as the leaders and then you will find your gameplay becomes very victorious within a short time. 

Capture and Dominate the Battlefields

During your battles in PvE or PvP content, you will see various landmarks you can capture in the battleground, such as guard towers, meeting stones, etc. Even though you think they are not beneficial, that is not the truth; they are very beneficial. 

Capture and Dominate the Battlefields

Therefore whenever you have the chance, try to capture and dominate the battlefields and their special landmarks to get special advantages. Capturing the specific locations on the battlefield means the map is already under your control which is the main key to victory. 

A Different Way to Obtain Minis

Unlike in other games, this game has no gacha where you will get random minis by performing draws using gacha summoning currency. But here, you can buy minis from the store using gold. You can see a grid with nine tiles when you get to the store tab. Some of these tiles are filled with minis, while some of them are empty. The empty tiles have nothing to offer you, but you can purchase minis from the tiles, including minis spending gold. The minis in different tiles cost differently. 

So you can purchase them when you have enough gold. Once you tap on the tile with a mini, you can see the details of the mini you will purchase. If you are satisfied with the details and the mini shown there, you can purchase it. If not, you can move or pass the opportunity. In this grid, not only do you get mini troop units, but also, sometimes, you get mini leaders. 

How to identify a mini-leader? They are represented using a crown, so when you see a mini with a crown, it will be a mini leader. Mini leaders are quite expensive than mini troop units. But getting them to your gameplay will make things easier and victorious. 

PvP and PvE Gameplay

In this game, you can find both PvP and PvE gaming elements. Because of both gaming elements, you can experience unique gameplay without getting bored after playing for some time. In the PvE mode, you will go through different maps battling against enemies. Each map has a particular set of battles to complete; once you are done with them, you can get to the next map. 

PvP and PvE Gameplay

And also, the PvE consists of different dungeons and raids to participate in. There is no more competition in PvE because you are playing against a computer-operated opponent. But the battles become harder when you complete maps and continue your journey. And then the PvP gameplay, where you can battle against different real-world opponents. 

This PvP mode is very competitive because you are playing against a real player instead of playing against an AI-controlled opponent. Even though the PvP is too competitive, you can win any PvP match using the best strategies. In the PvP matches, you will be matched with a random opponent before participating. 

And you have to battle against the random partner you are matched with. These PvP and PvE game modes have different features, but the game flow is the same. Therefore, enjoy these gaming elements in Warcraft Arclight Rumble gameplay and have fun. 


Above are the details and tips you should understand before playing this game. If you know the right strategies to be used in different situations and how to play situations, then you will win any battle you take part in. Since this guide includes the most essential details about this game, use them and have victories. There is still no confirmed Warcraft Arclight Rumble release date, but according to the developers, the Warcraft Arclight Rumble release date will be somewhere in November 2023; better be ready. 

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